9 Practical (And Unique!) Gifts for Women with Kids

Every year, I loathe the thought of my husband getting me a vacuum for Christmas because I do most of the house cleaning. Or worse, a washing machine and dryer combo the horror! Merry Christmas honey, do your chores… even better than before! Gifts should be practical, but they should also be something the recipient would actually like and enjoy. Even if it seems she has everything, chances are she doesn’t, especially when she has kids.

When you’re a mother, you do this silly thing and you always put your needs on the back burner. Little things, like continually wearing your maternity coat even though you’ve been out of maternity wear for months… maybe even years. Or you go to buy yourself a pair of boots after wearing them down to a hole, and all of the sudden you get lost in the kids section; your personal purchase put off yet again. It happens, and we all do it. But this holiday season, let’s focus on gift that are practical, pretty, and just what mom wants. FOR HERSELF!

Here are 9 Practical and Unique Gifts for Women with Kids!

  • The Cross Bag 1 of 9

    I'll file this under super-not obvious. She'll probably think you just have amazing taste, and want her to have a hearty, and well-made bag. But, you're also keeping in mind that a woman with a child or children carries around a lot! Shoulder bags for moms are a thing of the past, as they tend to be more of an issue when picking up strollers, changing diapers etc. This bag can fit a change of clothing, diapers, wipes, food, snacks, basically everything a mom needs to survive a day with the littles. Basically, doing the job while staying down right beautiful... sound familiar? ūüėȬ†

    Shelter Protects bag for $179

  • Keeping Her Polished 2 of 9

    This might sound cheesy, but there is nothing that says you've been paying attention or listening than knowing her favorite beauty products. Make-up can send the wrong message. But her favorite nail polish? That's a win. Especially, if you do some digging and find out her favorite colors, or the colors that are "in" this season. 

    Essie nail polish: $8.50 each

  • Does She Borrow Your Socks? 3 of 9

    I am a true sock borrower. I have many, but the design of my husband's socks have always been something that I'm drawn too. If the woman in your life loves the idea of men's socks (but never takes the time to purchase a pair), then these are a go. 

    Socks for woman inspired by menswear. 

    Available at Madewell for $10.50 a pair

  • Simple Jewels 4 of 9

    Jewelry becomes an issue when you become a mother. In the beginning, babies want to put everything and anything in their mouths. When they're a bit older and you've almost given up on wearing jewelry all together, you will notice that large pieces just get in the way and no longer fit into your active-toddler lifestyle. There's a solution, and a practical one at that simple jewelry. It gives a woman what she needs without being overpowering or cumbersome. Also, what woman doesn't want a little sparkle for the holidays?

    Simple stacking rings from Another Feather: 5 for $78 

  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside 5 of 9

    And that it is! With temperatures dropping, we need layers, and practical easy layers at that. Gifting a neutral chunky and chic turtle neck is the perfect gift for the mama who's always out weathering the storm. 

    Available at Zara for $79.90


  • Tights 6 of 9

    Do you find her getting ready for work or a date and complaining that she has no tights? Or, running to work only to find a huge hole in her tights? This definitely goes on the to-do list with the note, "Oops, I forgot to pick them up when I was running a million errands." The little things get lost so easily. Tights come in all shades, patterns, and designs, so I'm sure you'll find a few pair that will fit her personality!

    Available at Madewell for $17.50

  • Sunny Days 7 of 9

    My friend has this habit of going through bunches of cheap sunglasses like underwear. Sometimes she'll leave them out at the park, or other times at the counter when paying for something, occasionally they'll be lost in taxis. Here's my thought process: when you have something worth freaking out about, chances are you won't lose it. Like an iPhone, most of my friends have yet to lose theirs. Because... hello, they would freak out! So, if she's a lover of sunglasses, dig a little deeper and buy her a pair she won't lose. She'll look fantastic too. 

    Original Wayfarer/Ray-Ban: $150


  • A New Coat 8 of 9

    I feel like my life's goal is to ban maternity coat wearing post pregnancy, unless you still have to baby wear and fit a little one under the coat. So many of us moms, we forgot to treat ourselves. And a little thing, like a well fitted, warm coat, gets brushed off until next year. Not this holiday season! Sneak around, find her size, and purchase something that she won't take the time to purchase for herself. 

    Available at Uniqlo:$69.90

  • Practical and cute shoe 9 of 9

    We can never have enough shoes... well, maybe we can. Chances are we feel like we don't. If you're looking to buy her a pair of new shoes, think easy, comfortable, and versatile. A shoe that has enough height to be considered a sexy date night shoe, with a small enough heel to be safe with the kids.  These black boots encompass all the aspects of being a woman and a mother.

    Available at Madewell for:$228

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