8 Stylish Women Share Something Special from Their Wardrobe

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on the great things we’ve already got rather than the list of things we wish we had. In honor of this month of gratitude, I asked some super stylish women to contribute pictures where they’re wearing special clothes or accessories — an item that means something to them. The results are wonderfully sweet and inspiring!

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    8 Stylish Women Share Something Special From Their Wardrobe
  • Summer in Her Mother’s Striped Zigzag Dress 2 of 9

    "I have loved fashion since I was born, maybe earlier. My mom always encouraged me to look my best and express my individuality through my clothes, but through her example, I knew that clothes were not the most important thing in the world, people are. I love her focus on her family and service to people in our community. I remember her wearing this zigzagged dress when I was very young. I have great memories of celebrating Christmas and taking pictures as a little family. Now I'm wearing the same dress getting ready to celebrate the holidays with my little ones. If I ever have any daughters I will have to pass it on to them!"

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  • Kayla in a Coral Skirt from Versailles 3 of 9

    "Earlier this year my mom surprised my sister and I with an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris. It was a once in a lifetime trip and we savored every second of it! Since we were flying standby and I knew I'd be hauling my bag through the streets of Paris to our hotel, I packed super light in a tiny bag. This left very little room for souvenirs! When I found this coral skirt at a street market in Versailles, though, I knew I'd find the room somewhere. Wearing it reminds me of my fantastic four days in Paris with my mom and sister."

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  • Grace in Her Grandpa’s Burberry Scarf 4 of 9

    "When my grandpa passed away my grandma gave me his Burberry scarf. She has a matching scarf and I love wearing it because it reminds me of him and all of the places he traveled while wearing said accessory. I had a knockoff with the same design that I bought in Prague during college so it's kind of fun to have the real deal with quite a bit of sentimental value attached."

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  • Erica in Boots She Was Finally Able to Afford 5 of 9
    Erica of North Meets South
    "I don't generally attached emotions to physical items, especially clothes. In fact, I throw out or give away clothes more often than I buy them. These boots, however, will never get chopped because to me, they signify my economic independence. For the first few years of my marriage, my husband and I were poor. We lived (and still live) in the most expensive city in the country while he attended the most expensive law school in the country. I was so incredibly blessed to find a good job about a month after moving to New York. It was my first job post-college, and my boss hired me in spite of my lack of work experience. I was so happy to be able to pay our rent! Still, my husband's tuition was more than my salary, pre-tax even! I did zero clothes shopping that first year, and the only time we ate out was $1 pizza. It was hard to be as absurdly thrifty as we were (seriously, buying sour cream at the grocery store was a treat), but we did it so we wouldn't go into any debt for our living expenses. 
    After a year or so, I was promoted and received a higher salary and a bonus at work, both of which went to pay tuition. We loosened our wallets a bit, and I started shopping once in a while on the half-off days at the local Salvation Army. I was so happy to buy new (to me) clothes again, haha! But what I really wanted was a pair of nice leather boots. I had gotten a cheap pair for Christmas, but because I walk everywhere, those things fell apart after 3 months. I wished for a sturdy, fashionable pair that would stand the test of time and of my hard gait. Sadly, this just wasn't in the budget. Then! I got another, special bonus from work in the form of shares in my company, which comes with quarterly dividend checks. These weren't very high, and unsurprisingly, usually went to savings or to pay for things like our inner-city move, but the very first dividend check I received went towards something special - these boots. I'm deeply grateful for all that these boots represent - my ability to provide for my family, my job and all that I've learned there, my budgeting skills, and my freedom from debt. I learned many things those difficult, lean years, and I will always be thankful for those lessons."
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  • RA in Her Husband’s Grandmother’s Thanksgiving Apron 6 of 9

    "My husband's grandmother, Mimi, passed away in October 2011, and she was one of the greatest women I will probably ever know. After the funeral, my mother-in-law found and set aside Mimi's Thanksgiving apron for me, and I love it so much. If I could distill Mimi into one tangible item, it would have been that apron. The first time I met her was at Thanksgiving the year that my husband and I got engaged. I was all nervous about meeting the family, but Mimi put me at ease right away. She offered me a chocolate chip cookie as soon as I walked through the door, and my picture was already on the fridge with the rest of the grandchildren's. Mimi's house was always warm and comfortable, but especially at Thanksgiving, when she presided over her kitchen like a queen with that apron as her robe. And, let's face it, the apron is hilarious. Have YOU hugged a Presbyterian today?"

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  • Nikki Wearing a Diamond Ring from Her Husband 7 of 9

    "I have worn a right hand ring on and off for years, but they were usually cheap fake ones that turned my finger green. My husband decided I needed a real, nice ring. So, for our 5th wedding anniversary, he bought me a beautiful diamond ring for my right hand. I have worn it every day since."

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  • Dana Wearing Her Grandmother’s Ring 8 of 9

    "My grandma (from my mother's side), passed away two years ago. Upon her passing, my uncle showed me some of her rings and asked if there were any that I liked and wanted. I saw this one, her graduation ring, I knew it would be the best way for me to remember her. This ring was one of the few things I have from my grandma passing and I wear it every day."

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  • Janssen Wearing a Necklace from Her Father 9 of 9
    Janssen of Everyday Reading

    "My mom has always been the gift giver in our family (and she's amazing at it!), while my dad has usually been un-involved in the choosing of gifts for us. This necklace is really special to me because a couple of years ago, my parents gave it to me for my birthday and my mom commented afterward that my dad has picked it out himself, saying, 'I think Janssen would love this necklace.' And he was right."

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