8 Ways to Style a Rock T-Shirt

Summer_tee shirts-1 webEveryone likes music, and everyone wants to look cool. Rock t-shirts are a great way to show the world what music turns you on and with my tips, look great doing it. Whether you love The Rolling Stones or Bon Iver you can find a tee that rocks. If there is a specific band that you’re looking to represent, start at their website. Most bands have a shop that you can buy directly from them. You can also check out Forever 21 and Target, both have great offerings right now.

Now that you have your shirt, what do you do with it? A t-shirt and jeans is a classic look, but can you get creative with it?  Well, glad you asked. Really, the sky’s the limit with possibilities. You can dress it up, dress it down, you can put a skirt with it, you can wear leggings with it, you can put a shirt under it, you can put a jacket over it. Pictures speak louder then words! Below are 8 ways to style a t-shirt. I hope these looks inspire you to think outside the boom box when wearing your favorite rock tee.

 Photos courtesy of Michelle Herrick

  • Put a Shirt Under It 1 of 16

    Even if your rock tee is grey or black (so many of them are!), it doesn't mean that you can't add splashes of color. For fall, layer a dressy blouse under it. The bright kelly green of the shirt and the hot pink in the shoes, gives this rock tee a punch.

  • Bob Dylan 2 of 16

    If you want to use pops of color, a grey shirt is the perfect neutral counterpart. Oh Bobby, play that harmonica.

    Purchase this Dylan tee at target.com for $9.08

  • Dress It Up 3 of 16

    Even though the Format isn't together anymore, you can still live in the glory days with this adorable dotted tee. With all the colors of this shirt, it's easy to pull out the pink and dress it up with heels and a hat.

  • The Format 4 of 16

    You don't have to connect the dots to fall in love with this simply designed tee, but you will have a lot of fun wearing it.

    Purchase this The Format tee at hellomerch.com for $18

  • Dress It Down 5 of 16

    Rock tees are generally thought of as casual, so keep it casual with some ankle boots and a comfy cardigan. John Lennon will add a little inspiration even to the everyday errands.

  • John Lennon 6 of 16

    Lennon is one of the most iconic faces in music. This is a great pick for every dreamer out there.

    Purchase this John Lennon tee at Target.com for $12.99

  • Work It Out 7 of 16

    Rock tees don't have to stay in night clubs and dark alleys, bring that tee to work. Paired with a pencil skirt, cardigan and necklace, you could wear this to your 9-5. 

    P.S. Brooke bought this pencil skirt for me from a thrift store. What a find and what a thoughtful friend!

  • Giraffes? Giraffes! 8 of 16

    Some rock tees designed for girls try a little too hard for me. I like the simple lines and the simple images. This allows me to be creative in what I pair with it.

    Purchase this Giraffes? Giraffes! shirt at hellomerch.com for $15

  • Add Patterns 9 of 16

    Simple rock t-shirts are the perfect canvas to get crazy with patterns. I added a floral blazer and animal print slip-ons for a versatile, but effortless look.

  • Sam Means 10 of 16

    I heart Sam Means. He just has a little bit of yeah, yeah, If you know what I mean. It takes a real man to put pink on his rock tee.

    Purchase this Sam Means shirt at hellomerch.com for $15

  • Add Some Attitude 11 of 16

    I haven't listened to Wu-Tang since I dated a guy in high school who was obsessed, but Wu-Tand Forever, right? A shirt like this deserves to be paired with some tough boots and a cool leather jacket, but I kept it soft with this delicate gold skirt. The Soft/Hard trend works great with rock tees.

  • Wu-Tang Forever Tee 12 of 16

    Do you have to call it a rap tee, instead of a rock tee? Either way, anyone can wear this T-shirt, but parental guidances suggested for the music.

    Purchase at Target.com for $12.99

  • Put a Blazer Over It 13 of 16

    I love Nirvana, but their tee didn't match this amazing plaid blazer, so Foo Fighters it is. Can we talk about how talented Dave Grohl is? Oh wait, back to fashion. When it comes to wearing rock t-shirts, I always think it's better to find cool shirts from bands you actually like and know who they are. It's not a hard rule, but at least do some research if you're rocking it. 

  • Foo Fighter Tee 14 of 16

    Look for t-shirts that have colors that you already wear a lot of. Red is one color that I have a ton of accessories and clothing items, so this would fit perfect in my wardrobe.

    Purchase this Foo Fighters tee at target.com for $12.99

  • Wear With a Maxi 15 of 16

    A long skirt and statement necklace can transform any tee into a pulled together look. A lot of these tees were found in the mens section. They have so many more band options! And the designs are usually kept a lot more simple, which is easier to accessorize around.

  • Bob Marley 16 of 16

    Who knew Bob Marley was so sporty? I like this shirt because you can give homage to the legend sans any foliage you might not want to promote. 

    Purchase this Bob Marley tee at target.com for $12.99

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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