80s Fashion Trends You Can Rock Today

80s fashion trends have been slowly making their way back into stores. Fortunately, they are arriving with updated silhouettes and details to keep things fresh and interesting! That being said, it still caught me off guard to see stirrup pants available for sale again, even if they did have leather accents.

Today marks the 32nd anniversary of MTV’s first music video, Video Killed the Radio Star. The 1979 hit by The Buggles aired at 12:01am on August 1st, 1981 and ushered in a new era of music, television and fashion. (Who else remembers sitting around all afternoon watching music videos and wondering if they could convince their mom to buy them fingerless gloves?) MTV introduced the world to parachute pants, big hair, leg warmers, and all those wonderful 80s fashion bits that we love to make fun of today.

In honor of this momentous anniversary, here are some 80s fashion trends you can still rock today (permed hair optional).

  • These Trends Came Back! 1 of 17
    80s Fashion

    The 80s are back! Click through to see some of the trends you can still pull off today.

    "Fashion models on the beach," © 1984 Deborah Thomas, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license

  • Members Only 2 of 17
    Members Only Classic Jacket

    Yup, Members Only is still around! Their classic jackets have stood the test of time pretty well. The updated versions are chic and functional.

    Find it at Urban Outfitters for $78

  • Members Only Goes Vegan 3 of 17
    Members Only Vegan Leather Jacket

    Members Only didn't rest on their laurels, however. They've branched out into super cool vegan leather jackets that any millenial would be happy to wear.

    Find it at Urban Outfitters for $99

  • Mini Skirt 4 of 17
    Mini Skirt

    Despite the fact that it's not particularly flattering on women over the age of 19, the mini skirt has had serious staying power. After its rise to popularity in the 80s it never actually went anywhere. In the 90s it often showed up in crushed velvet and today you'll find lots of leather and metallic details.

    Find it at ASOS for $37.33

  • Neon 5 of 17
    Neon Tee

    Today's super-trend is a total 80s throwback. Probably because we've all remembered that neon makes us look super tan. My favorite way to wear neon this summer is a simple v-neck with jeans and a long necklace. When your summer tan starts to fade, go for accessories instead!

    Find it at Gap for $5.99 (on sale)

  • Puffy Vests 6 of 17
    Puffy Vest

    Marty McFly would approve.

    Find it at Land's End for $32.99 (on sale)

  • Fanny Packs 7 of 17
    Fanny Pack

    If Lara Croft were to wear a fanny pack, it would probably look like this.

    Find it on Etsy for $269

  • Graphic Tees 8 of 17
    Graphic Tee

    These got their start in the 80s, but they definitely didn't stay there! Every decade has it's own updated versions and pop-culture references to offer.

    Find this one at Target for $12.74

  • Reebok 9 of 17
    Reebok Sneaks

    Just because you CAN still buy these doesn't necessarily mean you SHOULD. But let's all take a moment and enjoy a moment of nostalgia.

    Find them at Zappos for $64.99

  • Jordache 10 of 17
    Jordache Jeans

    Still here! Still making jeans! And now they've got Heidi Klum modeling for them!

    Find them at WalMart for $16.44

  • Animal Print 11 of 17
    Leopard Print

    It shows up about every other decade, so we were about due. I love it as an accent, like with these super-comfy flats.

    Find them at Target for $16.99


  • Jean Jacket 12 of 17
    Denim Jacket

    The classic is back in force! You've got tons of shapes, details and washes (yes, I've even seen acid wash) to choose from. The spiked shoulders on this option are super fun.

    Find it at Forever 21 for $27.80

  • RayBan Wayfarers 13 of 17

    All the lifeguards at our community pool this summer have been rocking the Wayfarers. They've got that Tom-Cruise-movie-star appeal.

    Find these at RayBan for $150

  • Wayfarers on a Budget 14 of 17
    Wayfarers for cheap

    If the $150 price tag for RayBan wayfarers has you choking, you can get the retro-classic look with a much more wallet friendly price tag at Forever 21. They won't last you nearly as long but they come in lots of fun prints and colors!

    Find these at Forever21 for $5.80

  • Leggings 15 of 17
    In the 80s these usually came in bright solids or twee florals. Now you can find them in trendy tribals or with edgy cutouts. Find these at Charlotte Russe for $12.99
  • Sperry Topsiders 16 of 17
    Sperry Topsiders

    The iconic boat shoes recently enjoyed a huge come-back, showing up on the feet of fashion bloggers everywhere. Most of those girls are too young to remember that topsiders were trendy in the 80s first!

    Find them at Zappos for $60

  • Ripped Jeans 17 of 17
    Ripped Jeans

    Fashion just can't seem to stay away from destroyed denim. It's back in all its hole-y glory!

    Find these at A&F for $52.80 (on sale)

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