9 Fashion Trends I’m Seriously Thankful for as a Mom

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’re all thinking about the things we’re grateful for. I’m sure your list starts with: family, friends, a roof over your head, food on your table, etc. But just because you have all the important ones covered, doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Clothes are something that I’m really grateful for, and not just because it’s cold today, and I’d get frost bite if I walked around naked. Below are my top 9 fashion trends I’m seriously thankful for:

1. The Fanny Pack

A purse where you can still have both hands free? The inventor must’ve had toddlers!

2. Harem Pants

The fashion statement that blurred the lines of wearing your pajama pants in public. I actually wore my PJs out and about before it was cool. #trendsetter


3. Jersey Dresses

The one-piece wonder that allows you to look like you tried (while you secretly only spent 30 seconds getting dressed). Now I can use that extra time to catch up on Nashville.

4. Yoga Pants

“I’m going to try to go to the gym this afternoon. Well, I might not be able to fit it in today, but I’ll wear them tomorrow too, just in case. Okay, I admit it, they’re soft like butter and I just can’t take them off.”


5. Tag-less Shirts

Why would any company have regular tags when they could have a screen-printed one that’s never itchy or uncomfortable? I guess the real question is who invented the traditional tag. Seems like he’s the masochist.

6. The Zipper

I took this invention for granted until I did enough 3 AM diaper changes. Snaps in the dark? No, thank you.

7. The Hat

No other accessory can let you stretch out your hair washing days as long as the hat. Throw it on with virtually any outfit and wait for the compliments to start coming in. No one has to know the real reason … dirty hair, don’t care.


8. The Onesie

Yes, please! Could you imagine having a baby and not owning a onesie? Think about how many times you would have to tuck that shirt in or pull it down from around your little one’s neck. Don’t you wish they made them in our size, too? Oh wait, it’s called a body suit.

9. The Push-Up Bra

I don’t think I really have to explain this one, but after nursing two kids, things aren’t the same size or in the same places that they once were. Thank goodness you can throw a push-up bra on and feel secure and supported. Push it, push it real good.

All kidding aside, these things do make my life easier and happier. I’m grateful for the inventive minds that create such helpful products.

Are there any items you would add to this list? I can’t wait to hear all about them!

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