9 Tips to Stylishly Survive the Winter

Although I live in California now where the winters have a low of forty degrees, I lived in Utah for 8 years before the move. So trust me when I say that I know my winters. I know they can be brutal. I also know that there are ways to still be stylish even when you’re bundled up in the freezing cold.

There’s no need to wear a snowsuit everywhere you go try a few of these tricks to keep warm in the winter while still looking fabulous!

  • Which One? 1 of 14

    Which one would you choose?

  • Ditch the Snow Suits 2 of 14

    Look, there's certainly a place for snow suits, puffy coats, and big waterproof boots. But most of the time when you live in a location where temperatures drop below freezing, you're not actually in those freezing cold temperatures much of the time you're probably going from your front door to your car, from your car to the store, or maybe from one store to another. 

    It's obviously important to stay warm, but there's a way to do it much more stylishly. Click through for 9 tips on staying warm in the cold temperatures (and less incriminating photos of me!).

  • Layering! 3 of 14

    During the winter, layering is key. I'm sure you know this already. If you're outside in the snow, you obviously want all the layers on. But as you go inside to various places that are heated, you'll be glad to be able to shed a layer (or two or three). 

    I'm wearing a thin short sleeve tee, a thin long sleeved tee, a loose cable knit sweater, a thick leather jacket, and an oversized scarf. Layers can get bulky, so choose thinner layers together, which will provide warmth, without making you look like you gained twenty pounds. 

    Also, if you are going to layer, make it obvious! Have a patterned shirt peeking out from underneath, like I did. Then any extra bulk is obviously your clothes, not your body. 

    Jacket: c/o Sheinside // sweater: c/o lulu*s // striped top from Forever 21 // scarf from DownEast

  • Layer Your Jackets 4 of 14

    Try layering your jackets for extra warmth! I chose a black leather jacket and a black and white wool coat. Keeping them in the same color palette makes it look purposeful and provides interesting layers. 

    Leather Jacket: c/o Choies // Wool coat: c/o Sheinside

  • Even More Jacket Layering 5 of 14

    A denim jacket goes with everything, and it adds a fun, interesting layer to this bright red coat while providing extra warmth. My coat is collarless, and I love how the the denim jacket collar shows through. (Although if your coat has a collar, a doubled up collar would be pretty fabulous too.)

    Also, the denim jacket is a perfect neutral piece to compliment the bold red. 

    Denim Jacket: Macy's // Red Coat: c/o Persunmall 

  • Layer with Vests! 6 of 14

    Puffer vests are huge right now, and we layer them over all sorts of shirts, so why not a jacket too? Here I paired mine with an army green utility vest for a casual look. 

    Vest: c/o Joules // jacket: c/o chicwish

  • More Vest Layering! 7 of 14

    Or, instead of a longer jacket like the utility one, try a shorter jacket. I love that it creates a unified contrast-sleeve coat look! 

    Jacket: c/o persunmall 

  • Zip It Up 8 of 14

    It might be an obvious piece of advice, but zipping or buttoning up your jackets is a great way to stay warm! Sometimes I'm so caught up in the layering that I forget that my coat can close and create extra warmth! If your jacket doesn't cover your neck it's when zipped, add a scarf too to stay toasty.

  • Hats 9 of 14

    Don't lose that heat through your head or let those ears get frostbite! There are so many fabulous hats out there right now (my favorite are the pompom beanies), so play around with this accessory option. When you're all bundled up, a colorful or patterned hat can really help make an outfit stand out. 

    Hat from DownEast // coat from Abercrombie & Fitch

  • More Hats! 10 of 14

    If you're not the beanie type, try a  wide brimmed felt floppy hat. It will protect your face from the snow, keep your head warm, and keep you looking fabulous! 

    Hat from DownEast

  • Head Wraps 11 of 14

    Those head wraps aren't just for summer wear them all winter long to keep those ears nice and warm! Of course, extra warm knitted ones are everywhere, but don't think you HAVE to have one of those to get the same effect. (Plus, a basic fabric wrap is less bulky on your head!)

    Head wrap from She Does Justice // Scarf c/o Gussy Sews

  • Socks 12 of 14

    Keep those tootsies warm! Socks with booties are popular right now, so take advantage and keep those feet bundled! I wore a bright colored pair here, but I have another pair underneath for extra warmth.

    Socks from Old Navy // Boots from Forever 21 (similar at Kohls for 23.99)

  • Leg Warmers 13 of 14

    You might be wearing long underwear underneath your clothes to keep you warm, but try another layer on top of your jeans for extra warmth -- leg warmers! They come in so many fun varieties: patterns, colors, lace, etc. They're a warm and stylish accessory!

    DIY leg warmers (made from the sleeves of an old sweater)

  • Gloves 14 of 14

    Don't forget about the most important cold weather accessory of all gloves! I wear these leather ones that are lined with fur and love that they're slim and allow mobility. But there are also so many cute knitted mittens that will keep your fingers toasty warm!

    Gloves: gift // Coat: H&M // Scarf: c/o Gussy Sews 

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