9 Ways to Mix and Match Your Wardrobe Staples


Sweater from Boden, $32 / Tee from Olive Lane, $24 / Similar blazer from L.L. Bean, $139Skinnies from Madewell, $135 / Skirt from Shabby Apple, $88

Our closets and drawers are filled with clothes, but we still have those days that we throw our hands in the air and claim to have nothing to wear. This article is for that early morning struggle.

I surveyed a handful of my friends, and we agreed most women have all five of these items already in their closets: a sweater, skinny jeans, a blazer, a T-shirt, and a statement skirt. Your classic sweater might be a crew neck or V-neck, it might be a simple tan or black, or it may be patterned like mine is above. As for your blazer, you might have it for work, or you might already work it into your daily life. There are many different cuts, styles, and possible colors; the one I’m featuring is a brown tweed one. Skinny jeans are comfy, stylish, and they can go with a ton of things. And finally, to round off the five items, I went with a statement skirt. Skirts that fit into this category include tulle, ruffled, sparkly, fringed, or just full and colorful ones.

Now that you know which items we’re working with, we can move onto how to inventively style them.

Starting with the simplest of the pieces, the T-shirt can sometimes be banished to the workout drawer, but I suggest letting it see the light of day in more unexpected ways. You can throw that tee on with a dressy skirt and a statement necklace to head to church or a fun party. You can also pair it with a blazer to create a comfortable work outfit or something to wear to an important lunch. And then who can forget the classic T-shirt and jeans look?
When you live in cold places, the sweater is an intricate piece of your wardrobe. It keeps you warm and can be really versatile. With jeans, it can still look pulled together. With a statement skirt, it can take that outfit to the next level. And under a blazer, it can give you another look that you might not have tried. Plus, added layers are always a bonus in those cold winter months. sweater
I have a couple of items in my closet that I only wear a few times of year because they’re dramatic, and I tend to wear them in only one way. The statement skirt is one of them. I tend to wear it mostly as seen in the middle shot below — with flats and a T-shirt to balance out the frill. But pairing it with this sweater created a new look that I had never tried. It reminded me a little of Grace Kelly with the pearls and heels, and it would be perfect for a wedding or going to the ballet. Adding the blazer into the mix, I appreciated the warmth of the outfit. But remember: when adding so many layers, you have to be careful it doesn’t make your waist area too bulky. To fix that problem, I synced the waist with a brown belt.

I wear jeans 90% of the time, so it’s important to mix it up and not just rock it with a tee. You can pair them with heels and a sweater to dress them up, or boots and a blazer to add sophistication.

Hopefully these pictures and tips will get you out of your I-have-nothing-to-wear rut. Remember, you don’t always have to buy something new to feel fresh and pulled together.
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