A Beginner’s Guide to Color Blocking

Color blocking is a fun trend that I love to incorporate into an outfit every once in a while. It’s so perfect and bold for summer, but can also easily be transitioned with your coats and scarves during the fall and winter. But since it’s hot outside and bright island-inspired colors are so on-trend right now, it’s a great time to try out this trend.

A few years ago, color-blocked tops — where half the shirt was one color and the other half was another color — were really popular, but I personally like to try this trend with pieces I already have in my closet.

First up, what colors should you choose? Color blocking can really be done with ANY colors, but the key to stunning combinations is choosing colors that work well together. Try either complimentary colors (colors that are opposite on the color wheel like yellow and purple, red, and green, or blue and orange), or analogous colors (colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, like yellow and green, purple and blue, etc). You’ll see that I didn’t do any of these exact color combinations, but I did colors that contrasted each other (like yellow and blue) and colors that blended well (like red and purple). Really, any color combination will work — the bolder, the better!

And now, five ways to wear color-blocked outfits:

1. Layer Your Brightly Colored Tops

Choose your two brightest tops and put them together to make a gorgeous color-blocked combo.

Tip: Use one long top and one shorter top to create a good balance and really show off both colors. And if you don’t have a shorter top, grab a safety pin and just tuck and pin it up underneath. 

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2. Color Block with Your Dress and Shoes

Brightly colored shoes are so popular right now and add such a fun pop of color at your feet. Try pairing them with a solid colored dress, tunic, or top for a great color-blocked look!




3. One Color on Top, One Color on Bottom

You can achieve this with a solid colored denim on the bottom or a skirt, but whatever the color combination, it really makes a statement when you have two brightly colored pieces paired together like this.




4. Color Block with a Dress and Bag 

Another easy way to color block is to pair a brightly colored dress and bag. It’s a great way to try out a trend without fully committing (since you can always put your purse down if you’re feeling a little too bold and bright).




5. Ready-Made Color Blocking

Like I mentioned at the beginning, you can always purchase color-blocked pieces, like this black, white, and blue dress. If you’re nervous about trying to come up with color combinations on your own, this is a good solution — you just buy the dress or top and it’s ready to go!


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