A Husband Reacts to Fall Fashion Trends — and It’s Hilarious

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My husband works from home in suburbia and thus has little exposure to anything but the most basic women’s fashion. He wears basketball shorts every day, bless his heart, and thinks I am dressed to the nines if I happen to be wearing lipstick and shoes that aren’t rubber flip flops. I’m a bit more sartorially open-minded than he is, so we rarely agree, but it’s fun to compare our thoughts!

This summer it became apparent that my husband is easily swayed by a pretty model and also that he cannot wrap his head around the idea of a romper. When I showed him 10 fall fashion trends, the results were equally hilarious and eye-opening. As it turns out, he equates florals with Tom Selleck and thinks capes belong in a J.K. Rowling book.

Click through to see what both of us think about fall fashion trends!

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