Make Your Own Aztec Statement Shoulders!

Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY


I’ve been on a serious DIY kick this season and I’ve found ridiculous amounts of satisfaction in jazzin’ up each and every sweatshirt that I can get my hands on. (All while listening to Carpenters Christmas, of course.) I don’t know, it just feels awesome to wear something that you made and since I am not the worlds best seamstress or sewer, I like to keep things simple. Take this aztec statement shoulders DIY for example. This is a relatively low effort project with a high impact result. I break it down into a lot of very basic steps so that the process is very clear and easy to understand. I have probably made four of these bad boys since Thanksgiving for all the gals in my life. My mom, my sister, friends… we’re all rocking the aztec shoulders, and you can too! Here we go, follow along…

  • What You Need: 1 of 16
    Aztec statements shoulders diy what you need

    1. Sweatshirt I actually found these decent grey Hanes sweatshirts at Target for $5. Go for the scoop crew neck. Also take note of the hems on the arms, this is the style that you need to look for.


    2. Aztec Fabric Found this great fabric at JoAnn's. I bought a half a yard just in case I messed up.


    3. Fabric Spray Adhesive To hold the fabric in place. I found Spray n' Bond at JoAnn's too.


    4. Tissue Paper I just used the gift wrap tissue paper to make the template.


    5. Scissors


    6. Iron To seal the adhesive.


    7. Sewing Machine To sew the fabric to the sweatshirt.

  • Step 1: Trace The Template 2 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 1

    Lie the sweatshirt flat, then fold the tissue paper over the shoulder at an angle as seen above. Trace around the arm and the neck line. Flip over the back and do the same around the back side, about 3-4 inches below the shoulder. This will be your template.

  • Step 2: Cut The Template 3 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 2

    Cut out the template from the tissue. You only need to do one side.

  • Step 3: Make Adjustments 4 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 3

    Once you cut it out, lay the template on the sweatshirt and made any adjustments to make it fit correctly.

  • Step 4: Adjust Your Fabric And Pin Your Template 5 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 4

    Lay the template on your fabric. Choose a section of the design that you want to feature. Be aware of how it will lay on the sweatshirt. I placed my template along the base line of the design, this is important for symmetry. Pin your template into place.

  • Step 5: Cut It Out 6 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 5

    Once pinned, cut the fabric.


  • Step 6: Measure and Trim 7 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 6

    Once you have cut the first piece of fabric for the first size, lay it on the sweatshirt just to check it out. Flip it over, and trim any excess fabric that goes beyond the sleeve and neckline. You want it to stretch the length of the sleeve to neckline diagonally.

  • Step 7: 8 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 7

    Once you have the perfect shape cut out to fit the shoulder, flip your first piece over and layer it on top of another piece of the fabric. Again making sure it centers your chosen design and is placed at a diagonal along the base line of the aztec print. Pin and then cut the second piece.

    NOTE: Just in case, give yourself a little extra width around the fabric when cutting the other side, as your sweatshirt might not be perfectly symmetrical on both sides. Mine wasn't! 

  • Step 8: Lay Your Fabric Out On Both Sides 9 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 8

    Now that you have both sides cut, lay them on the sweatshirt shoulders to check where you will place them.

    Note: Again, sometimes the sweatshirts aren't perfectly symmetrical on both sides, that was the case with this sweatshirt. If need be, once placed, trim it accordingly. Think of it as a puzzle fitting between both sides. Also, I wanted my diagonal to hit the center of the arm seam, and about 2.5-3 inches on the neckline down from the shoulder. 

  • Step 9: Spray Adhesive 10 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 9

    Flip your fabric pieces over onto a piece of tissue to spray an even layer of adhesive on the back side of the fabric pieces. 

  • Step 10: Apply Adhesive to Sweatshirt 11 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 10

    Next, flip the pieces over and place the pieces on the sweatshirt, one carefully placed exactly where you want them, apply pressure so the pieces will stick.

  • Check the Back 12 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 10b

    Flip the sweatshirt over and do the same on the back side.

  • Step 11: Trim, Just One More Time! 13 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 11

    Take out the scissors and trim any excess fabric very carefully for a precise fit.

  • Step 12: Iron To Seal 14 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 12

    Get out the iron and run the iron over the pieces to seal them into place.

  • Step 13: 15 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY 13

    Last but not least, set your sewing machine on a basic stitch and sew the fabric to the sweatshirt. Get close to the edge, but be careful not to go outside of the edge. Also be aware not to sew the sweatshirt together. 



  • Done! 16 of 16
    Aztec Statement Shoulders DIY final

    Now pull the sweatshirt over your head, roll up the sleeves and you are ready to rock your aztec shoulders! 

Brooke’s Photo’s by Priscilla Chang

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