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Back in January my oldest son turned 5, which means we now find ourselves swept up in back to school preparations. He will be starting kindergarten in less than two weeks, despite my frantic attempts to prolong our summer. Our late nights followed by lazy mornings will vanish in a swirl of bed times, early-morning alarms, breakfast before school and the frantic scramble for shoes/homework/pencils/backpack.

I am rather conflicted about sending my baby off to school. Half of me is so relieved (seven hours without him sassing me or bossing his brother!) and the other half is in deep mourning (we are going to miss him!). I have found a lot of comfort in the familiar ritual of back to school shopping. It’s been a while since my mom took me to the store to pick out new tennis shoes and a backpack, but it’s just as thrilling for me now as it was then!

Pottery Barn Kids recently released their Fall 2013 collection and it’s chock full of things I want to scoop up for my skinny, newly-minted kindergartner! I love that their website breaks the collection down so that you can shop for your preschooler, kindergartner, or grade schooler and find stuff perfect for where your little scholar is in life.

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    Back to School Gear for Kids

    Click through for some great back to school gear options!

  • Dino Backpacks 2 of 10
    Dino Back Pack

    My son would absolutely keel over in excitement if he saw one of these dino backpacks. I love that Pottery Barn Kids offers their Mackenzie backpack in a TON of different patterns as well as 4 different sizes-- and includes a handy chart for figuring out what size would best fit your child. This way, you can be sure your kiddo won't be squished under a too-large pack.

    Find the Mackenzie Blue Dino Backpack at Pottery Barn Kids for $29.50 and up

  • Shark Backpack 3 of 10
    Shark Backpack

    I actually kind of want this for myself. If you have a budding ichthyologist on your hands, give this uber-cool shark pack a try!

    Find this shark backpack at Pottery Barn Kids for $34.50

  • Sweet Backpacks for Girls 4 of 10
    Girl Back Packs

    I don't have a girl yet (hopehopehope) but these sweetly feminine backpacks slay me. I love the owl option for a preschooler or kindergartner and the bird satchel for older girls who are ready for something a bit more sophisticated.

    Find the Owl backpack at Pottery Barn for $34.50

    Find the Brea White Bird backpack at Pottery Barn starting at $29.50

  • Water Bottles 5 of 10
    Water Bottles

    "Water bottle" inevitably makes the school supply list when you live somewhere hot like we do. These BPA- and lead-free options are perfect for sliding into a backpack pocket.

    Find these waterbottles at Pottery Barn Kids for $19.50

  • Even More Water Bottles 6 of 10
    Boy Water Bottles

    If your kiddo's taste runs more toward Darth Vader and dinos than polka dots and ponies then there are some great options available! Plus, if his water bottle is cool looking, my 5-year-old is far more likely to actually use it.

    Find these water bottles at Pottery Barn Kids for $19.50

  • Lunch time! 7 of 10
    Lunch Box

    I'll be honest, the thing that MOST worries me about kindergarten is packing my son a lunch. I'm not sure why it's so intimidating, but thinking about it makes my hands clammy. A slick compartmentalized lunch box and bag might help make it a smidge less scary. PLUS, minimal extra waste, which is important to me.

    Find the Blue Shark Planet Lunch Box at Pottery Barn Kids for $69.50

  • Lunch Bags 8 of 10
    Mackenzie Plum Butterfly Lunch Bag

    Different bags for different lunchtime needs. Plus, how darling is that butterfly print?

    Find it at Pottery Barn Kids starting at $19.50

  • Cute Ice Packs 9 of 10
    Ice Packs

    Cute ice packs? Why not! What a fun way to make lunch time extra special.

    Find them at Pottery Barn Kids starting at $6.99 (on sale!)

  • Pencil Case 10 of 10
    Pencil Case

    Nothing says "I am ready to ROCK this school year!" quite like a new pencil case. And it certainly doesn't hurt things if that pencil case is polka dotted and personalized!

    Find it at Pottery Barn Kids for $9.50

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