8 Essentials for Heading to the Beach — Post-Baby

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It’s (almost) officially summer and I am so ready to head down to the beach with my 4-year-old and my 4-month-old in tow. I’m always making sure my kids have everything they need and I tend to forget about myself, so this summer, I’m taking just a little more time to make sure I look and feel great, as well. Sometimes, something as simple as a new lipstick is a good enough pick-me-up, but I just had a baby so it was going to take a little more than that. This time, I  opted for an entire getup for my trip to the beach to make me feel fabulous. Here are a few must-haves for my trip to the beach — and why you need them, too.

1. A Nautical-Inspired Dress

This striped dress by Buckley K ( $128) is classic and chic — perfect to wear on a trip to the beach or anywhere for that matter. This flirty, drop-waist dress has more of an everyday style that could be worn to the beach, on date night, or even while running errands.

2. The Travel-Sized Ironing Board

After lounging out all day with your dress stuffed in your tote, you realized just how wrinkled it all got. This travel-sized wrinkle releaser spray from Downy is the perfect savior. Just spray your dress, pull gently, and wipe away the wrinkles. Suddenly, your dress (or any article of clothing) smells and looks like it just came from that neatly folded pile in your laundry room. You’re welcome.

3. Chic Shades

The Brownie & Madam is a California-based optical company that, after growing frustrated by how expensive quality glasses were, decided to create high-end eyewear at more reasonable prices. The result? I fell in love with a pair of Sadie sunglasses that start at $150, less than I would’ve spent on a pair of designer frames, that would be a great push present for myself.

4. A Summer Hat

A fun hat for the summer is just what I need to keep my curls under wraps. This straw-like fedora ($150) is chic, sassy, and very Miami — just the thing I need to make me feel ready for the beach.

5. Not-So-Standard Flip Flops

I’m not a fan of rubber flip flops. I’ve seen too many women wear them out while running errands and while they do look comfortable, they can also look sloppy. This macrame style from Reef ($40) still has that casual California girl vibe without looking undone so I wouldn’t even mind running errands in these. But first, the beach.

6. Beach Tote

Emilie M. makes some fun everyday bags, but this summer try one of their fabulous totes. The Aimee beach tote (on sale for $39.99)  features a palm print on canvas and leather straps in four colors, but the white would have to be my favorite. Also note that 5 percent of the proceeds goes toward Every Mother Counts, an organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. Now that is something I can really get behind.

7. A Bright Colored Watch

I’ve worn a watch almost daily for the past few years. It’s the only thing that can keep me organized or at least feeling somewhat in control. This fun time piece from Baby-G comes in a variety of colors, and this poppy coral works well not only with the swimsuit but it’s also a great contrast to my new nautical dress.

8. The Bikini and the Cover-Up

A bikini after having a baby? I must be insane … and I am, but I’ve noticed a few things at the beach. No one cares. That is right, there are women in bikinis that do not have toned abs and they are comfortable in their skin. In fact, no one even acknowledged it. I did and I was jealous that I didn’t have that amazing confidence. I think as women, we are our own worst critics so if you feel like wearing a bikini, then go ahead and wear it. The only one worried about it is you. Meanwhile, my postpartum body and I will be wearing this Candie’s midkini from Kohls ($32). And the coverup, from Kohls as well ($40), isn’t really to cover-up because I’ll be comfortable in my skin, but I love the color so much I’ll wear it anyway.

So mom what are you  going to wearing to the beach this summer?

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