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Since becoming “The Girls with Glasses,” the two questions we get asked the most are: “Do you really wear glasses?” and “How do I find the right pair of glasses for my face shape?”

The answer to the first question is of course, YES! We really are girls with glasses. However, we also wear contact lenses half the time, but the other half of the time we are wearing our glasses, and we love them. Over the years, we have accumulated several pairs of cute, quirky, funky, classic, vintage, fun, and fashionable frames. What’s a girl to do with so many choices? So many glasses, so little time! We hope that at this point we’ve learned a thing or two about choosing the right frames, leading us to creating a whole mini-series on the subject, which leads us to the answer of question number two.

Check out our slideshow below to get started on finding the best frames for you! We’ve found 25 fabulous pairs, lenses included, all for under $200. You may have been skeptical about buying your spectacles online, but like dating, you just might be able to find your match on the Internet! With glasses becoming our most functional and fashionable accessory, the online glasses business is booming and providing incredible options for extraordinary prices right from the comfort of your office chair. Worried about being able to try them on first? Most of these retailers offer 3-5 at-home try-on pairs for you to see for yourself before you make your perfect selection. So open your eyes to a whole new world of pretty, well-priced possibilities!


    First, you must begin with face shape! Knowing your face shape can provide a shortcut in knowing what to look for and what to avoid. Most faces can be generally categorized by one of the following 4 shapes:


    OVAL - Lucky you, you've been blessed with balanced proportions! Your chin is more narrow than your forehead, and your face is longer than wide. When it comes to glasses, the world is your oyster. You can do just about anything, but depending on the size of your face, be careful to choose something that isn't too large for your features! Your faceshape twin is Julia Roberts.


    ROUND- The shape of your face resembles more of a circle, the length is about the same as the width. You have lovely full cheeks and softer features. Look for rectangular shapes to add angles to your curves — also, more horizontally narrow shapes can be flattering. However, steer clear of circular frames: no Harry Potter, Where's Waldo, or John Lennon! Leave those to the squares! Your face shape twin is Kirstin Dunst.


    SQUARE-  You, on the other hand, are a face of angles, with a strong  jaw line and forehead that are the same width. But it's hip to be square! Look for curves to add to your prominent cheek and jaw lines. Those round frames are for you! Also, cat-eye or butterfly shapes work beautifully on you! As for rectangular and angular glasses, walk away. Your face shape twin is Demi Moore.


    HEART- Just the sweetest shape, as you have a broad forehead, prominent cheeks, and a darling little narrow chin that resembles a heart with eyes! If those eyes need glasses, then flutter towards the butterfly shape, adding a bit more width beneath the eye to add balance. Rimless frames also work for you, as well as certain cat-eye shapes. You may, however, want to avoid anything too top heavy! You're face shape twin is Reese Witherspoon. 


    NOTE: That being said, it's possible to be a hybrid ... i.e. a square heart.


    1. Center: When you try on your glasses, you want to find a frame that centers your eyes! Notice when your eye is not centered it starts to look off balance and a little funky. 


    2. Uplift! Look for frames that have even a subtle lift. Even if you don't, avoid anything that gives you droopy, tired eyes.


    3. Follow the brow! A pair that follows the shape of the brows will likely be flattering and the right size and less likely to overpower your face. Not in every case, but generally. 


    4. Color: Look for colors that will flatter your skin tone and hair color. Classic colors like black, tortoise shell, and honey shades will give you the most versatility. Pay attention to contrast: sometimes it's not enough, sometimes it's too much. If you go for a striking, fun color, it is likely not your everyday pair, but for these affordable prices why not get something a little out of the box?!


    5. Proportion and Balance: Now that you know your face shape, determine the size. Are you narrow or petite? Choose smaller, sleeker frames that are feminine and not overwhelming to your dainty features. Most fall in the medium width category, in which you have the most options. For wider widths, you can pull off weightier looks with bold lines. In any size, it is best that the width of the glasses matches the widest points of your face.


    6. Personal Style: Are you a business professional? An artist? An on-the-go mom? A writer? A rocker? What you do and your lifestyle should be factored into your decision. From large and in charge to understated, there are a million options to suit your soul. If you plan to wear glasses daily, these will play a big part in your look and presentation — make sure that it emulates your personality and spirit! If they play more as an occasional accessory, then have a little fun! 


    Now let's find you some glasses... 

  • Warby Parker: Sinclair 3 of 27
    Warby Parker Sinclair

    Warby Parker: Sinclair $95

    FACE SHAPE: Universally flattering for all face shapes, hooray!

    SIZE: Best for medium sized faces


    Let's start with a universally flattering frame! This is a classic and modern spectacle, you can't go wrong! These will never go out of style. Also, you can feel good about going with Warby Parker. As you buy a pair of glasses, they will give a pair to someone in need. We actually interviewed the founders when they first started — they've really been the pioneers in the online glasses movement. Good company, beautiful glasses, great price!

  • Rivet & Sway: Punchline 4 of 27
    Rivet and Sway: Punchline

    Rivet & Sway: Punchline $199

    FACE SHAPE: Universally flattering to all face shapes!

    SIZE: Great for petite to medium faces


    I never thought I'd like this color combo, but I actually own these and absolutely love them, and strangers always ask me: "Where did you get those glasses?!" You will notice I've chosen quite a few pairs from Rivet & Sway, because of all of the glasses I own, they are the most comfortable! They specialize in frames just for women, and the proportions and size are a bit more dainty and feminine. They are lightweight on the face, and easy on the eyes, literally. The lens in these glasses are just different from the others. I can see clearly and never get a headache when wearing these spectacles. They are a bit pricier than most online brands, but the quality is a visible difference. Also, they offer you a personal stylist to help you choose, a complimentary service!

  • Bonlook: J’adore 5 of 27
    Bonlook J'adore Tortoise

    Bonlook: Jadore $99

    FACE SHAPE: Square, Oval, Heart

    SIZE: Small to medium faces


    Another classic style and shape. A more rounded look, perfect for softening an angular face. For someone looking for a plastic frame that isn't too trendy or overwhelming. The thin tortoise shell frame is just right.

  • Lookmatic: Marilyn 6 of 27
    Lookmatic Marilyn

    Lookmatic: Marilyn $95

    FACE SHAPES: Round, Oval, Heart

    SIZE: Medium size


    A more narrow frame suited to faces that are a bit shorter — ideal for round faces! Light and sleek with a very professional look.

  • Warby Parker: Holcomb 7 of 27
    Rivet and Sway

    Warby Parker: Holcomb $145

    FACE SHAPE: Oval, Round

    SIZE: Medium face


    Classic twist on the cat-eye. The tortoise shell on top adds style, and the rimless bottom keeps them light!

  • BonLook: Selfie 8 of 27
    Bonlook Selfie

    Bonlook: Selfie $99

    FACE SHAPE: Oval, Square, Heart, Round ... could work for just about anyone!

    SIZE: Medium face


    Put a sparkle in your selfie with these fun black frames with a touch of glitter on the edges! Fun and fabulous!

  • Mezzmer: The Host 9 of 27
    Mezzmer The Host $69

    Mezzmer: The Host $69

    FACE SHAPE: Works for all medium face shapes!

    SIZE: Medium size; may be overwhelming for petite faces


    The classic "nerd" frame. Still on trend, still in style. Bold, playful, and smart! I own these and they're always a hit!

  • Rivet and Sway: Blueprint 10 of 27
    Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 9.05.16 PM

    Rivet and Sway: Blueprint $199

    FACE SHAPE: Oval and Square

    SIZE: Narrow face widths


    Love this light wire frame with a plastic design approach. Perfect for those that are looking for something conservative yet stylish. A punch of color keeps it fun. I'd bet these are lighter than a feather and ultra comfortable. 

  • Lookmatic: Dane 11 of 27
    Lookmatic Dane

    Lookmatic: Dane $95

    FACE SHAPE: Oval, Round

    SIZE: Medium


    This very rectangular pair will add angles to any round face. While the black frame is bold, they are narrow and don't weigh the face down.

  • LUPO: 5601 12 of 27
    LUPO 5601 Black  $96

    Glasses USA Lupo: 5601 $96

    FACE SHAPE: Oval, Square, Heart

    SIZE: Medium, perhaps small


    I want these to be my next pair of glasses. I find these wonderful and fun and different! I love the gold nose bridge and the gold touches on the arms. These feel both vintage and modern and would be a flattering and fashionable option! I give these 5 stars!

  • Bonlook: Photobomber 13 of 27
    Bonlook Photobomber $99

    Bonlook: Photobomber $99

    FACE SHAPE: Oval, Square

    SIZE: Medium face


    These are for the quirky woman with a sense of humor and a serious sense of style. Another frame in the cat-eye family, with a more pronounced corner and top. How much fun are these specs?

  • Mezzmer: Bueller 14 of 27
    Mezzmer Bueller $69

    Mezzmer: Bueller $69

    FACESHAPE: Oval, Round, Square

    SIZE: Medium to wide 


    Bold like Bueller! This plastic frame makes these a strong statement! For an artsy yet versatile look, these fit the bill!

  • Rivet and Sway: All Who Wander 15 of 27
    Rivet & Sway: All who wander $199

    Rivet and Sway: All Who Wander $199

    FACESHAPE: Oval, Heart

    SIZE: Petite/narrow to medium


    Not all who wander are lost, especially those wearing these glasses. A classic plastic frame with just enough style. Understated and not overwhelming. 

  • Lookmatic: Kitty 16 of 27
    Lookmatic Kitty

    Lookmatic: Kitty $95

    FACESHAPE: Oval, Square

    SIZE: Medium


    I had to throw these in. They are loud and large and in charge. These are for the risk takers and the crazy ladies with an artsy fartsy fashion-y flair. Perhaps not your everyday look, but you sure would stand out! I love 'em. How about you?

  • Rivet and Sway: Spitfire 17 of 27
    Rivet and Sway Spitfire

    Rivet and Sway: Spitfire $199

    FACESHAPES: Oval, Heart, Square

    SIZE: Wide shapes


    This is the classic cat-eye. Summer Bellessa wears these frames and looks feminine and chic. For the spitfire woman with a bold spirit and confidence. Flattering on most faces because the upturned corners uplift the face! 

  • Warby Parker: Duckworth 18 of 27
    Warby Parker Duckworth

    Warby Parker: Duckworth $95

    FACE SHAPES: Oval, Round, Square

    SIZE: Medium Faces


    I own this very pair and absolutely love the vintage vibe and the beautiful blue. They are available in three sizes. They are artsy and bold yet not overpowering. 

  • Rivet & Sway: Checkpoint 19 of 27
    Rivet & Sway Checkpoint $199

    Rivet and Sway: Checkpoint $199

    FACE SHAPE: Oval, Round, Heart ... I bet these would still work for square as well

    SIZE: Narrow to medium


    For the understated woman. These are universally flattering, for the gal that doesn't want her frames to overpower her or her face. These are business chic, sensible and classy. The wire and plastic combo is a nice look. I don't own a wire pair, but if I did, these would probably be the ones. 

  • Elle: EL13318 20 of 27 Elle frames $78

    Elle: EL13318 $78 (frames) plus lenses $59

    FACE SHAPES: Oval, Round, Heart

    SIZE: Medium to wide


    I love these square frames. The honey color keeps them light and feminine but the shape would add a modern edge to a soft face. This pair is timeless and would be a versatile option with many looks. 

  • Lookmatic: Andy 21 of 27
    Lookmatic Andy

    Lookmatic: Andy $95

    FACE SHAPE: Oval, Rectangle

    SIZE: Medium faces

    Fashion forward frame! Love the clear style — though bold, it is still classic and versatile! These are also on my wish-list.

  • Rivet & Sway: Tusk 22 of 27
    Rivet & Sway TUSK $199

    Rivet and Sway: Tusk $199

    FACE SHAPE: Heart, Round

    SIZE: Petite faceshapes/features


    This is a classic "butterfly"shape with the shape emulating the wings of a butterfly. Notice that the extension on the corners come out of the midline of the frame. This has an upsweeping effect! Great for petite faces, particularly sweet petite hearts.

  • Tortoise & Blonde: Francesca 23 of 27
    Tortoise and Blonde Francesca

    Tortoise and Blonde: Francesca $137 

    FACE SHAPES: Universally flattering! All shapes included!

    SIZE: Medium to wide


    Another honey-colored pair, but an artsy touch of light natural color on the upper corners give this pair a unique look. The frame is light and feminine yet still makes a statement. Very interesting look, I love these. 

  • Warby Parker: Begley 24 of 27
    Warby Parker Begley $95

    Warby Parker: Begley $95

    FACESHAPES: Oval, Square

    SIZE: Medium size faces


    A nod to Where's Waldo? and a throw back to the 1930s with the round shape. I requested these as an at-home try-on and was pleasantly surprised with how classy and cute they were. I now own them and wear them regularly. 

  • Glasses USA: Reece Jacob 25 of 27
    Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 10.51.25 AM

    Glasses USA: Reece Jakob $34.80

    FACE SHAPE: Heart, Round, Oval

    SIZE: Narrow, medium


    I like this idea of a white frame. These would pop off your face in a subtle way. A lightweight, slender frame with a subtle uplift of the corners for a petite face.

  • Rivet & Sway: Layer Cake 26 of 27
    Rivet & Sway Layered Cake

    Rivet & Sway: Layer Cake $199

    FACE SHAPES: Oval, Heart, Square

    SIZE: Narrow widths, petite, medium


    Black-to-clear fade is stylish yet subtle. Love the corner ornamentation! They look lightweight and comfortable!

  • Blink Bazaar: Walden 27 of 27
    Blink Bazaar Walden

    Blink Bazaar: Walden $98

    FACESHAPE: Round, Oval

    SIZE: Medium face shapes


    I love this red pair from Blink Bazaar! I have them and call them my "holiday glasses." They are perfect for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and the 4th of July! Red is a power color, and these glasses sure add punch to your look.

For more great tips on picking glasses, watch our video HERE!


We’re The Girls with Glasses and we thank you for taking a look! Come watch, read or chat with us HERE!



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