Birkenstocks and…

You’ve all probably heard by now, but Birkenstocks are back. In a big, huge, really fat way. High fashion, street fashion, hippie fashion, anti-fashion, everywhere! I for one couldn’t be more excited about this. Back in 2008, when I was living in a very granola town in Idaho, I bought my first pair of Birks and I quickly fell in love. They are stupidly comfortable, ugly as all get out, and really, really rad. They lend such an air of “oh, this old thing?” to every outfit you pair them with. And best of all, they’re really, really good for your feet and back.

The trendiest Birk (this feels so weird to type) is by far the Arizona, but the Gizeh are a good ice breaker if you’re feeling timid. (Did you know they come in kids sizes too?!) There are a lot of colors to choose from, but you can never go wrong with basic black. The suede styles seem to fit larger – buyer be warned.

While we’re on the subject of the sizing of Birkenstocks, here’s this: It is always best to size down. I normally wear a size 6 (or 36 in UK sizing), but in Birks I am a solid 35 Narrow. (Birkenstocks come in narrow, regular, and wide. Truly, you can’t not find a Birk that fits). The footbed of the shoe should come flush with your toes at the front, and flush with your heel in the back. The straps should be snug, but not terrifying. As you wear them, they’ll conform to your foot, these are truly shoes that get better over time, and worth the investment.

And dudes, wearing socks with your Birks will send you over the edge of trendy into straight up nirvana territory (and I do mean that like the band, too).

But they can be a rather intimidating shoe to a first-time user, so here are a few examples of how to wear your Birks. Enjoy! And happy feet for all!

  • . . . Track Pants 1 of 11

    Why not? The very nature of Birkenstocks means that they look good with just about anything, because the truth is, they look good with absolutely nothing! It's the Universal Law of Ugly Things. The uglier something gets, the more it swings back into amazing. This rule applies to lots of stuff. Most especially to dogs.

    Image via Chictopia

  • . . . Casual Wear 2 of 11

    Most of the Birkenstocks you'll see floating around Pinterest belong to the feet of the highly fashionable, but that doesn't mean they aren't equally as fabulous on your very most comfortable weekend wear. Shorts and a tee? Yes. Her shirt should probably say "CRUNCHY" for it to really work. 

    Image via Chictopia

  • . . . Contrasting Leather 3 of 11

    This especially applies to the black Birks. The black leather of the strap, plus the cork of the sole (it's called Birkoflor), means these puppies are made for mixing leathers. Brown and black, brown and black, nothing better than brown and black. (This is a song I'm working on. It has promise.)

    Image via Chictopia

  • . . . Boyfriend Jeans 4 of 11

    Literally there is nothing in this world that doesn't go with boyfriend jeans. Whoever pioneered the boyfriend jeans trend, I want to kiss you on the mouth. 

    Image via ASOS

  • . . . Skirts! 5 of 11

    You know how there are some flats that are a total no-go with skirts? Well, Birkenstocks are never a no-go, in that they are always a no-go, and so. We covered this already. Here we have a mini skirt, but Birks are equally as good with a midi or maxi. Live it up! So comfortable!

    Image via Chictopia

  • . . . Suits 6 of 11

    I can't get over how sleek yet casual this looks. 

    Image via Artyfilles

  • . . . Blazers 7 of 11

    In case you don't want to commit to a full suit. This works because of the insanely huge contrast between structured blazer and crunchy footwear (and football jersey?). The crazier the contrast, the better. 

    Image via Chictopia

  • . . . All Black 8 of 11

    Here we have an example of the Gizeh. The Gizeh is especially great for those feeling reticent to commit, in that they're infinitely more wearable and a whole lot less Big Foot than the Arizona. Only thing is, the Gizeh do NOT mix with socks (no, the camel-toe-sock-with-sandals look is not coming into our good graces anytime soon, one would hope) and the best part about the Birkenstock is how very stupidly good they're going to look with a nice pair of wool socks.

    Image via Chictopia

  • . . . Pattern Mixing 9 of 11

    And here we have another example of the ever-important Birk contrast. Dress, plus overly slouchy sweater, plus Birks. Dreamy. Bonus points for that anklet.

    Image via Stylonylon

  • . . . All White 10 of 11

    All hail the mighty Man Repeller for nailing the all-white Birk look. White Birkenstocks are how you know you're really serious about things. 

    Image via Man Repeller

  • . . . A Really Great Hat 11 of 11

    Wear all the trends at once, it's cool.

    Image via Just Another Fashion Blog

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