Black Friday Secrets From a Stylist

Suzi_GrgurichI’ll be honest. I don’t like Black Friday. I hate crowds, I’m always looking for good deals, but not sure if it’s worth the hassle. So this year I brought in the big guns to tell me about this event and how to make the most of it. And by big guns, I mean hot shot fashion stylist Suzi Grgurich (follow her on Instagram here). Suzi has worked as the lead stylist for Style Network, NBA players, and a bunch of celebrities including Dianna Agron, Steve Martin, and Melissa McCarthy. For my benefit and yours, Suzi answers some important questions about this crazy shopping day.

What are your thoughts on Black Friday?

Black Friday has become an annual tradition of sorts to many people. When I think of this day, not only do I recall buying and purchasing amazing deals, but am also reminded that it is something that I look forward to. It seems as though retailers are starting their push for the holidays earlier each year, and with all of the online and discount sites, it is easy to think that Black Friday is not just a single day. For most of us, we really don’t think about our gifts and shopping until the day after Thanksgiving, so for the masses Black Friday is still the day to begin the festivities. I feel like Black Friday is the day to kick off the holidays in spirit!

How do you prepare?

The best way to prepare for this event is to know what you are shopping and looking for. Are you shopping for yourself, or beginning your holiday gift buying? I usually make a detailed list the week before, and have a clear idea of my budget and what I would like to purchase. Once I have done this, I try to categorize my items so that I can plan out the day. Preparation is key. Also, I like to look at my closet and decide what I need, as it is easy to fall into the trap of buying sale items that we do not need. Last, the day of, make sure to eat a good breakfast, and really stop and think before you buy. I always say if you can put things on hold, do so, shop some more, stop for lunch, and regroup. This way, you don’t end up with several bags of useless items.

How do you know where to shop?

The best way to find deals is to look at emails that you receive and the newspaper. Also, I find it really easy to utilize my computer’s search engines for Black Friday sales and see what pops up. Again, when preparing your list above, think about the stores that would have the items you are looking for, and then go about researching their deals, times they open, and where you are going to receive the best discounts. Again, if you are an online shopper, you will be receiving several updates on deals. For instance, if you are shopping for home gift items, make sure to research what is online versus in-store.

What are your tips to getting the best deals?

Plan, plan, plan! Every store is offering major deals, and I always say stick to what you know. I don’t believe it is good to take the steepest discount on an appliance, piece of clothing, beauty item, or furniture if you do not know the brand. I am a believer in brand loyalty and taking the time to see if the things you love and use are on sale. I have purchased shoes that don’t fit, appliances that don’t stand up to their name, and gifts that are just outdated. Once again, be prepared to spend an hour or two looking at your list of items to buy, and taking a look at what brands you know are offering the best deals. If you shop frequently at one department store, utilize their discounts.

What is the best thing you have ever gotten shopping on Black Friday?

A beautiful camel coat! I had my eye on one for about a year, and the prices were always so steep. I found three that I really loved, and once the sales rolled out, I found the one that was the best discount. I still wear the coat today, and it has lasted years because I knew the brand was amazing. Again, I am willing to buy something that is 25% off rather then 40% if the brand will last longer. I love beauty products, and these are another deal I always get. I am a fan of stores such as The Body Shop and Bath and Body Works, so I love to hoard products and gift sets that can be used all year.

Do you shop for yourself or check off your gifting list?

I utilize Black Friday more for myself, as it is a tradition that my mother and I have together. We love to shop with one another, get our first pumpkin lattes of the year, and enjoy the beginning of the holidays. It is this time that I like to find something really unique for myself that doesn’t exist in my wardrobe or home. If I come across some great gifts along the way, I am excited, but for me Black Friday is usually about the hunt of the stylist!

Do you know exactly what you are looking for or do you shop more “organically?”

If I have a few gifts in mind, I go to those stores exactly, but for myself, I usually have one key item I have researched and then shop a bit more organically. All of my most amazing fashion finds have been when I am sifting and just browsing the crazy sales and come across a gem in the pile of racks!

Thanks to Suzi for giving us her unique perspective. It looks like I might have to venture out this year and start a fun tradition with some friends. If you are planning on heading out, you can also check out this guide to all the best deals! Happy Hunting!



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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