Book Lovers Unite! 20 Cool Tees and Accessories from Out of Print Clothing

I am a passionate, lifelong reader, as well as a dedicated style blogger. As a result, literary-inspired clothing totally does it for me. It’s a perfect marriage of my two favorite things! Out of Print Clothing is my go-to stop for literary-inspired clothes and accessories. (Apparently Emma Watson agrees. Further proof that we should be best friends.)

A few years ago, as I was finishing up nursing my son, I realized I had almost NO T-shirts. I owned button-ups galore (a nursing essential), but somehow over the course of pregnancy and nursing, any and all tees had disappeared from my closet into the ether. I never wanted to see my button-ups again, so I went on a crazy T-shirt buying rampage. I stumbled upon Out of Print Clothing and promptly snapped up several tees for myself. And thus a fabulous long-term relationship was born.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite tees and accessories from Out of Print for this post. Because I am a crazy person, I feel like I need to apologize to the books that didn’t get chosen. I’m sorry, Other Books! I still love you!

  • Out of Print Clothing 1 of 21
    Out of Print Clothing

    Click through for some seriously awesome tees and accessories inspired by your fave books.

  • Great Gatsby Tee 2 of 21
    Great Gatsby Tee

    I recently reread The Great Gatsby (my copy even has this cover!). I had forgotten what a fantastic book it is. I have never forgotten, however, that Daisy's voice is full of money. That F. Scott, man. His words sure stick.

    Out of Print, $28

  • Pride and Prejudice Tee 3 of 21
    Pride and Prejudice Tee

    This is one of those shirts that wins you instant friends in the grocery store line. Old women love to talk to me about Pride and Prejudice!

    Out of Print, $28

  • A Punny Pouch 4 of 21
    Poe-ka Dots

    You guys. They're Poe-ka dots.

    Out of Print, $12

  • Goodnight Moon Tee 5 of 21
    Goodnight Moon Tee

    Doesn't it just make you feel kind of warm and fuzzy and sort of sleepy just looking at the cover? I want to get this one for my son's preschool teacher!

    Out of Print, $28

  • Catch 22 Tee 6 of 21
    Catch 22 Tee

    One of my all-time favorite books! My brain has never felt so twisty.

    Out of Print, $28

  • Banned Books Tote 7 of 21
    Banned Books Tote

    Banned Books Week was only a few weeks ago, so I have banned books on the brain! This tote makes a great statement with the blacked out titles.

    Out of Print, $18

  • Wrinkle in Time Tee 8 of 21
    Wrinkle in Time Tee

    I can think of 8 people off the top of my head to whom I could give this one as a gift. It's one of those books that resonates.

    Out of Print, $28

  • Wuthering Heights Tee 9 of 21
    Wuthering Heights Tee

    I have such conflicted feelings about this book (they're both so unlikeable) but I think this shirt is gorgeous.

    Out of Print, $28

  • Library Card Pouch 10 of 21
    Library Card Pouch

    I haven't seen a library card in YEARS, which makes this pouch all the more wonderfully nostalgic.

    Out of Print, $12

  • Charlotte’s Web Tee 11 of 21
    Charlottes Web Tee

    I own this one. It was one of the first books I remember bawling over.

    Out of Print, $28

  • Sherlock Tee 12 of 21
    Sherlock Tee

    For Christmas last year I got my brother The Complete Sherlock Holmes. A couple weeks later, I saw it laying on the table and started reading it. I never gave it back. Sherlock is fantastic on both the screen and the page. Well played, A. Conan Doyle.

    Out of Print, $28

  • Moby Dick Tote 13 of 21
    Moby Dick Tote

    I'll be honest, I hated Moby Dick. But the design on this tote is killer!

    Out of Print, $18

  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Tee 14 of 21
    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Tee

    Did anyone else take a look at this book and just think, "Oh heavens, this is going to take a while." And then 13 hours later you're like, "Noooo why is it over?!?"

    Out of Print, $28

  • Wizard of Oz Tee 15 of 21
    Wizard of Oz Tee

    Another one that has found its way to my closet. How fantastic is that lion?

    Out of Print, $28

  • Slaughterhouse Five eBook Cover 16 of 21
    Slaughterhouse Five eBook Cover

    If I had an eReader, I would absolutely get one of these fantastic covers. They're made by an old bookbindery, so they look and feel like a real book but they've got great cushioning inside to protect your device. Awesome.

    Out of Print, $45

  • Friday Night Lights Tee 17 of 21
    Friday Night Lights

    I'll have to admit to never having read this one (it's on my list!) but I AM an ardent Tim Riggins fan. Plus, 10% of your purchase of this tee goes to helping aspiring writers.

    Out of Print, $32

  • Jane Eyre Long Sleeve 18 of 21
    Jane Eyre Sweatshirt

    Did you know that Jane Eyre was originally published as an "autobiography?" You have to imagine that most readers would get to the part about the crazy wife locked in the attic and think, "OK, SOMEONE is embellishing a bit here..."

    Out of Print, $40

  • Alice in Wonderland Phone Case 19 of 21
    Alice in Wonderland Phone Case

    The Mad Hatter: "Have I gone Mad?"
    Alice: "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are."

    Out of Print, $25

  • Hamlet Sweatshirt 20 of 21
    Hamlet Sweatshirt

    If I were to wear this, I wonder how many "clever" people I'd get coming up to me reciting "To be, or not to be..."

    Out of Print, $42

  • Pigeon Onesie 21 of 21
    Pigeon Onesie

    If we have another kid, we are totally getting this onesie. My boys are huge Mo Willems fans and they'd get such a kick out of it! Check out all the other darling onesies right here.

    Out of Print, $22

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