Charlie Chaplin – DIY Kids Halloween Costume

gwg-97Are you looking for a Halloween Costume for your kid that is a little out of the box? Something artsy and cool, that every other kid on the block won’t already be? A bonus for this costume is that you might have most of the pieces already in your closet. Even if you don’t have all of the items of clothing, they are pieces that you could wear for the upcoming holidays. Say hello to Charlie Chaplin and your excuse to buy a new suit for your son.

I love having themes for Halloween. One year we had a circus theme, another time we all dressed as Disney Characters. This year we went with a Hollywood Halloween. Brooke dressed up as Grace Kelly, I dressed up as Audrey Hepburn. For my little guys, I picked two of my favorite Hollywood legends (check the last slide to see what my little Phoenix was dressed as!). The old Hollywood glamour just can’t be beat.

Because of Rockwell’s keen sense of humor and charm, we transformed him into silent film star Charlie Chaplin. Too bad we couldn’t get him to go along with the silent part! Just kidding, just kidding, but seriously, Here’s the list of things you need, along with links on where you could buy the pieces, to transform your little guy (or girl) into Charlie Chaplin this Halloween.

If you want to see more about our Girls With Glasses Halloween party this year, watch our video here. We share all our tips to have your very own Hollywood Halloween.

Photo Credit: Chika Okazumi



  • Suit Jacket 1 of 9

    Start with suit. The more classic black or grey suit the better, tails would even be fine. Charlie has worn a few different suits in his movies, so anything classic and dark will work perfectly.

    Purchase this suit jacket from Janie and Jacks for $119. 

  • Dress Pants 2 of 9

    Suit pants can be found at pretty much any children's store, even a thrift store.

    Purchase these at Janie And Jack for $69.

  • Black Shoes 3 of 9

    Another basic, that you probably already have in your little's closet is a pair of black shoes.

    Purchase at Zappos for $55.95 

  • White Dress Shirt 4 of 9

    A classic white shirt finishes off the basics.

    Purchase this shirt at Baby Gap for $19.95.

  • Bowler Hat 5 of 9

    We were running around before the shoot and actually found a little girls hat at Target and just ribbed off the bow that was on it. If we were organized and prepared ahead, we would of got this adorable one. The hat is probably the most important piece of this outfit. Without it he could get mistaken for Hitler, and nobody wants Hitler at their Halloween party, or any party for that matter.

    Purchase at Zappos for $30.

  • Bow Tie 6 of 9

    This bow tie is straight out of City Lights. If you can only find a long tie, just get more inspiration from The Kid or Gold Rush. The tie that Rockwell is wearing was a vintage silk bow tie I found at a vintage store.

    Purchase at Southern Sweet Co on Estsy for $21

  • Mustache and Cane 7 of 9

    I first tried the stick on mustaches, but he didn't want to keep them on, so I ended up drawing it on with black eyeliner. You could even darken the brows if you wanted to. We couldn't find a cane at any of the Halloween stores, so we ended up just getting a piece of wood at the hardware store and covering it with black duck tape.

    Photo Credit: Chika Okazumi

  • Charlie Chaplin 8 of 9

    The costume is complete. To help your tot connect with the character, get a copy of The Kid, or look up some clips online. Check out the next slide to see what Phoenix dressed up as.

    Photo Credit: Chika Okazumi

  • Hollywood Halloween 9 of 9

    Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, and James Dean! 

     Photo Credit: Chika Okazumi



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