Choosing the Right Necklace for Your Neckline

One of the things that I think a lot of people struggle with when getting dressed is choosing their accessories. For me, accessories make or break an outfit, and if you don’t know which ones work with your outfit, then a great outfit can fall flat.

But before you spend forever trying necklace after necklace with your outfit, try this little guide for choosing the right necklace for your neckline. It’s the best necklaces, in my opinion, to wear with the most common necklines! Click through to see them all, along with a little advice for styling each one!

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    Click through for a view of each neckline and which necklace you should choose for it!

  • Collared 2 of 7

    There are two types of necklaces that work well with a collared neckline ... either really big or really small. Small will obviously hide under the collar for the most part, so if you want your necklace to show at all, go for a big statement one. 


    You can button your top all the way up and wear the necklace under the collar, or leave it unbuttoned two buttons and still wear it under the collar. Either way, always tuck that necklace under the collar! 

  • Crew 3 of 7

    Crew necklines are great because you can play around with them, like I'm showing here. Try a faux collar for a fancy look! If you don't own anything like this, a statement necklace also works, as does most other necklace styles! 

  • Scoop 4 of 7

    A wide scoop neckline is great for your longer styles of necklaces, since your top won't get in the way of the long chain. Try long pendant necklaces, like this one, or smaller necklaces that fit completely in the neckline opening (don't let the bottom of the necklace bump into the neckline of your shirt!).

  • Turtleneck 5 of 7

    Turtlenecks are a little tricky since necklaces worn with them can look a little matronly. Very delicate chains and pendants are the biggest culprit of that, I think, so stick to chunkier chains with a low scoop.

  • Boatneck 6 of 7

    The best necklaces for a boatneck neckline are chunky, long ones. This particular one only has one strand, but styles with several strands are okay too. 

  • V-Neck 7 of 7

    V-neck tops are best with delicate necklaces, in my opinion. If you're going to go with something bigger and bolder, make sure it fits into the neckline opening without touching the edges of the neckline, just like we talked about with the scoop neckline. Longer pendant necklaces also work with this neckline!


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