10 Stylish Outfits Inspired by Our Favorite Books

Today is National Book Lovers Day! I’ve never even heard of it until this year (sad) but I’ve been a passionate reader for as long as I can remember. As difficult as it can be to find “me time” as a mom, I always make time for books. As Pinterest likes to tell me,  my favorite books are adventures, escapes, therapists, best friends, inspiration for my clothes and so much more!

In honor of the holiday, I’ve asked some of my fellow bibliophile clothes-loving bloggers to put together an outfit inspired by a favorite book or character. Two people even sent me TWO different outfits (one because she couldn’t decide and one because her book has a character in disguise). These are my people, I tell you.

Are you a reader too? What character would you love to channel for National Book Lovers Day?

  • Clothes for Book Lovers 1 of 20
    Clothes for Book Lovers

    Love books? And clothes? Click on through!

  • Erica | Laura Ingalls Wilder 2 of 20
    Erica channels Laura Ingalls Wilder

    "Since the age of 7, I have LOVED the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I have read them more times than I can count, and I still become enraptured by the world of Laura, Mary, Ma, and Pa. Because I too was the very energetic and always-in-trouble second oldest in a family of girls, I thought I was Laura Ingalls Wilder, but with indoor plumping, electricity, and all that jazz. So when I picked up that floral chambray shirt recently, I knew I just had to do a modern take on Little House on the Prairie. My decision may or may not have also been influenced by my recent love affair with the crown braid. Maybe. "

    Find Erica at North Meets South

  • Little House Books 3 of 20

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    • Floral Chambray from ASOS for $25.46 (on sale)
    • Orange Maxi Skirt from Target for $19.99
    • Brown Booties from Macy's for $64.96
    • Crown Braid Tutorial from Little Miss Momma
  • Grace | Nancy Drew 4 of 20
    Grace as Nancy Drew

    "I loved reading Nancy Drew books when I was little and not so little and while I know she was a lady and wore skirts and dresses galore I'm certain she had to bust out her denim on occasion if only for the utilization of pockets. Where else was she going to hide her sixth sense and her magnifying glass?"

    Find Grace at Camp Patton

  • Nancy Drew 5 of 20
    Nancy Drew Shop It

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    Shop the Look

    • Plaid Shirt from Old Navy for $10 (on sale)
    • Dark skinnies from Gap for $69.95
    • Clogs from Moheda for $82
    • Cashmere sweater from Farfetch for $253.42 (on sale)
    • Bow Headband from Forever 21 for $2.80
  • RA | Kat 6 of 20
    RA as Kat

    "This story is driven by a quest that involves a mysterious book store, the love of libraries, and nerd power. Kat is a super-smart data visualization specialist, and she figures as the quest's "wizard," gathering information and people to help the hero's cause. I interpreted her look toward the end of the book, which is sort of a semi-corporate geek girl. My main inspiration came from this line:

    "She'll have her picture printed in Wired, a whole glossy half page, standing under the huge data visualization screens, hands on her hips, blazer hanging loosely over her bright red BAM! t-shirt."

    Find RA at Definitely RA

  • Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore 7 of 20
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    • Red Jeans from Amazon for $50 (on sale)
    • Nerd Tee from Busted Tees for $24
    • Leopard Flats from Target for $10.48
    • Black blazer from H&M for $49.95

    From RA: "I don't have a red graphic tee, so I wore bright red jeans instead, plus a full-out nerd tee. I cuffed the sleeves on my blazer and wore glasses, even though the book never mentioned them. I just felt like Kat would have worn glasses, at least at some point. On a whim, I added leopard flats because, well, her name is Kat!"

  • RA | Puck 8 of 20
    RA as Puck

    "This was my favorite book of the year until Mr. Penumbra swooped in, but I still really love it. Even just flipping through the book for this post made me want to read it again. Anyway, Kate "Puck" Connolly is a plucky girl who's just trying to scrape by with her two brothers after their parents pass away. Oh, and then she decides to try to win money by entering her island's annual horse race, which happens to take place on flesh-eating water horses, OMG. (PSA: the audio book pronounces the water horse species as "KAPP-uhl ISH-kuh," FYI.) At any rate, Puck's wardrobe is not super exciting. The Connollys are poor, and she's usually in riding boots and woolly sweaters. I aimed for an equestrian-esque look, inspired by this line (edited to remove spoilers):

    "My mother always told me that you should wear your best clothing when you are angry, because it would scare people. I'm not angry, but I'm in the mood to be terrifying. [...] I find a collared shirt and put on a pair of breeches and my boots after I polish all of the beach that was caked on them. I borrow her coral bracelet and her matching coral necklace."

    Find more RA at Definitely RA

  • The Scorpio Races 9 of 20
    RA as Puck

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    • Skinny jeans from Gap for $69.95
    • Riding boots from Amazon for $100
    • Chambray Shirt from Old Navy for $10.48
    • Green plaid blazer from 6PM for $149.99

    From RA: Of course, I started with skinny jeans, riding boots, and a chambray shirt. I even have a coral bracelet! Then I deviated from tomboy Puck and added a green plaid blazer, a gold belt, and a flower pin. In another line from the section where I got that quote, Puck says that she pinned up her hair to look like her mother, so I twisted my hair back into --- what else? --- a ponytail. No ribbon or embellishment there, though; Puck does not suffer frippery.

  • Stephanie | Orleana Price 10 of 20
    Stephanie | Orleana Price
    "In 1959, Orleanna Price followed her husband deep into the heart of the Congo. I think she might have worn something similar to this- a full-skirted, lightweight dress. I imagine she would have kept her hair pulled back, out of her face, and off her sweaty neck, just like I do during our Arizona summers. She would have tried to keep herself looking respectable, and up to the standards she was used to at home in the South, even in the midst of her new life in such unfamiliar surrounds. In the beginning of the story, Orleanna is just a passive follower of her overzealous husband, but she is much stronger than we think she is. Eventually she is able to remove her family from their devastating circumstances. I find her admirable because even though it took the death of a daughter to awaken her resolve, she succeeded in following the path she knew was best for her family when it was very, very difficult for her to do so.
    Next month, my little sister will also find herself in the heart of the Congo (not by following an overzealous husband, but for a work assignment). And you know what? This is just the kind of something that she would wear."
    Find Stephanie at Barefoot in the Kitchen
  • The Poisonwood Bible 11 of 20
    Poisonwood Shop It

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  • Janssen | Viola Swamp | Miss Nelson 12 of 20
    "When I was an elementary school librarian, I covered two schools and switched off weeks with the computer technology teacher. One of the principals joked that we were like Miss Nelson and Viola Swamp - never in the same place at the same time.

    Since then, I've loved the idea of this as a costume. Plus, Miss Nelson is Missing has long been one of my favorite picture books."

    Find Janssen at Everyday Reading

  • Miss Nelson is Missing (Viola Swamp) 13 of 20
    Miss Nelson Shop It

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    Shop the Look

    • Black Midi Dress from ASOS for $30.55
    • Striped Leggings from Forever 21 for $10.80
    • Mary Janes from Zappos for $49.99
  • Miss Nelson is Missing (Miss Nelson) 14 of 20
    Miss Nelson Shop It

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    Shop the Look

  • Katie | Scout Finch 15 of 20
    Katie Hawkes - scout

    "I themed my outfit around Jean Louise "Scout" Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. The moccasins and overalls for the rough-and-tumble country kid she is at heart, the curled and pinned hair for the lady she ponders (and dreads) growing into, and the blazer for the sharp, intelligent adult her dad, Atticus, is teaching her to become."

    Find Katie at Katilda

  • To Kill a Mockingbird 16 of 20
    Mocking bird Shop It

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  • Preethi | Anne Shirley 17 of 20
    Preethi as Anne Shirley

    "My outfit is inspired by the indomitable Anne Shirley, better known as Anne of Green Gables.  I've always loved Anne for her spunk, depth of feeling, and ability to know and adopt kindred spirits.  I took a cue from the lace, puffed sleeves, and silky fabric of her beloved dress given her by Matthew to create a modern-day occasion outfit.  And while I don't have red hair, what kind of Anne-outfit would this be without some pigtail braids?"

    Find Preethi at Lace, Etc.

  • Anne of Green Gables 18 of 20
    Anne Shop It

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    Shop the Look

    • Silk Puffed Sleeve Blouse from Cusp for $198
    • Teal Lace Necklace from Etsy for $28
    • Skirt from LOFT for $44.88
    • T-strap heels from Zappos for $47.99 (on sale)
  • Kayla | Professor Trelawney 19 of 20
    Kayla as Prof Trelawney

    "I was late to the Harry Potter bandwagon (discovered it between the release of the 5th and 6th books) but I fell hard. As an adult I've reread the series almost every summer and usually find myself getting emotional as I read the first few chapers. It's like being reunited with dear friends and finding out they're just as wonderful as when you last saw them."

    Find Kayla at Freckles in April

  • Harry Potter 20 of 20
    HP Shop It

    Shop the Book | Find Harry Potter on Amazon

    Shop the Look that I WANTED to Wear

    • Gryffindor School Robes from Amazon for $125.92
    • Luna's Spectra Specs from Amazon for $9.72
    • Sorting hat from Amazon for $44.88
    • Hogwarts acceptance letter from Etsy for $14

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