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They say “beauty is pain.” Haven’t we all sacrificed a good pinky toe or two to wear those gorgeous, tall, strappy heels of death? Or literally squeezed our middle guts out for that tiny-wasted pencil skirt? How about stuffing our buns and thighs into skinny jeans? I don’t know about you, but trying to put on my skinny jeans has turned into an awkward dance, the “skinny jean jig” I call it. All of this self-inflicted torture in the name of fashion! We all want to look good, and the usual consensus would likely be that looking great is gonna be painful. We stumble around the party like we’ve broken all the bones in our feet, but hey, the shoes look sexy… so sexy it hurts, literally. We’ve stopped breathing when we took that last deep inhale to zip up that dress and just might pass out from a lack of oxygen because the lungs within our constricted ribcage can’t expand, or we literally can’t feel our legs anymore as the spanx have cut off our circulation, but hey girl! We look good.

On the other end of the extreme, “comfortable” has a reputation of its own. Other synonyms commonly related with the word “comfortable” could be frumpy, dumpy, shapeless, baggy, boring, and granola. If your “comfortable” look resembles some of my comfortable looks, then it’s bordering on publicly unacceptable. I’ll confess that there are those days that I just throw on my old crazy sweats with my worn out pair of Fuggs (Fake Uggs) and the fleece pullover that I got for Christmas in the eighth grade (seriously), throw a random hat of my husband’s on my head, and roll out the door. Then, as I am approaching the entrance of the store, I’ll see my reflection in the automatic doors and think, “Wow, that lady looks crazy!” and then I realize, uh oh. That crazy lady is me. And that she clearly didn’t even consider checking herself out in the mirror before leaving the house.

Of course, on these types of days, my 18-month-old daughter is also in similar shape in a mismatched ensemble of 6-month size leggings that she has outgrown and a pajama top that has “green bean pea and pear” squeezie goop all over it. Likely she is barefoot, and her hair has congregated into one giant knot in the back of her head and most definitely, we get a couple observant looks from passerbys. But it is what it is, right? This is what comfortable looks like right? Wrong!

I am here to proclaim to all the ladies of the land that the days of “beauty is pain” are GONE. Say so long to the Frumpster of yore, no excuses, because now dear pal, now we really can have it all. I am here to tell you that comfort and chic can exist in the same room, on the very same body. With just a little effort, we can look more than publicly acceptable and feel cozy simultaneously. Yes, all of your dreams are coming true right here in this very blog post. Designers and retailers are catching on ’cause we’re not gonna take, NO, we ain’t gonna take it… we’re not gonna take it, anymore!’  It’s all about cozy textures, well crafted shapes that fit, colors that flatter, prints that scream style, and the one single word that can change lives… STRETCH. Yes, stretch is good for me and it’s good for you.  Are you ready? ‘Cause it’s time to get extremely comfy while still looking like every gal’s favorite four letter word… CUTE.

Here are 7 looks for each day of the week inspired by my favorite comfy and cozy statement pieces that I have been wearing lately, and that you can try too!

  • Comfy Chic 7 Days a Week 1 of 15
    Comfy Chic 7 Days a week

    Stay cute. Stay comfortable.

  • Monday Inspiration: Herringbone Leggings 2 of 15
    COMFY CHIC herringbone legging

    A super stylish friend of mine  (creator of the Blue Closet blog) was wearing these pants at a Christmas craft night that I went to last week and right away they caught my attention. She raved about how comfortable they were and insisted I try them on for myself. So I headed to Nordstrom, tried them on, and was equally impressed. With the herringbone texture and panel detailing, I could hardly believe that they were leggings! They have two perfect slit pockets on the bum that are ultra flattering. These pants can be paired with any kind of shoe. I love them with my black running shoes. And it appears I rolled up the right leg, and forgot to roll up the left, you'll have to forgive me... it is Monday : )

    Purchase Herringbone Leggings from Nordstrom $39.00

  • Manic Monday 3 of 15
    COMFY CHIC  riding pant

    This is the ideal multi-purpose look for a Manic Monday. 

    Monday is the day of the week that hits all of us like a mac truck, so we need something that can take whatever the day will throw your way. The Nike Airs keep your feet quick and comfy as you are running errands. The little black blazer keeps the sporty look classy for a breakfast meeting with a friend or client. The grey herringbone legging looks ultra stylish while giving you the stretch you need to work on your tree pose in Yoga class.  The lightweight scarf will add a punch of color and keep your neck warm without getting too hot or irritated. Monday is your oyster in this ensemble, there isn't much that this look can't do. 


    Purchase similar blazer at Anthropologie $49.95

    Purchase Similar Nike Air Running Shoe at Nordstrom $110.00

    Purchase Scarf at Express $20.94

    Purchase  Similar T-shirt at J.Crew $49.50

    Purchase Red Glasses from Blink Bazaar $98

  • Tuesday Inspiration: Jersey Lounge Pant 4 of 15
    COMFY CHIC lounge pant

    While Black Friday shopping with my sister, I wasn't necessarily looking for black pants, but when I felt them in my hands I was wooed by the buttery softness of the material. I tried them on and couldn't believe how flattering they were for such a lightweight jersey pant. I knew they would be mine, and they were fifty percent off! I love these because, as comfortable as they are to wear, they look really sleek and classy. I would wear these over a stiff pair of black trousers any day of the week, and actually, I do.

    Purchase Pure Body Lounge Pant from Gap Body in-store only. Purchase similar online at Nordstrom $58

  • Tuesday with Tots 5 of 15
    comfy chic loung pant

     This look will be perfect for playgroup with the little kiddos. It is easy and practical enough to chase after toddlers, while stylish enough for a grown-up conversation with the other parents. Pair the sleek jersey bootcut pant with a long line white button down blouse and layer with a cozy graphic sweater for a pattern punch. Go ahead and wear those leopard flats, always a sure bet when it comes to comfort and style. No time to fix the hair before getting to the playdate? No problem, throw a tan hat on that wild mess and you're ready.


    Original Sweater from Gap last year. Purchase Similar from Forever 21 

    Purchase White Button Down from Urban Outfitters $59

    Purchase Similar Flats from Nordstrom $49.95

    Purchase Similar Turquoise Ring from Nordstrom $78 

    Purchase similar hat from Zappo's $44.99

  • Wednesday Inspiration: Wide Leg Floral Pant 6 of 15
    COMFY CHIC  wide leg pant

     My friend and The Girls with Glasses stylist Suzi Grgurich found these beautiful pants and knew that I would be all over them. I love anything loose, light, and airy. That describes these pants to a tee. They feel like a dream to wear and have such a rich and vibrant pattern.

    Purchase Wayf Wide Leg Pants from Nordstrom $24.97

  • Wednesday Meetings 7 of 15
    Comfy Chic Wide leg

    This look is perfect for your Wednesday meeting, whether it's at the office, a lunch with your girlfriends or a parent-teacher conference.


    The floral pattern on these wide leg pants offers bold colors and loads of upscale style, while the silky material leaves you feeling like you could be wearing your favorite pajamas. They look dressy and yet, they're not over the top. I paired them with a cozy tan DIY statement sweatshirt with jewels around the collar, as it complimented the color pallet of the pants. These pants are on the longer side, so I went for a nice comfortable heel by Kork-ease. Easily some of the most comfortable heels I own.

    DIY bejeweled statement sweatshirt by Reachel Bagley coming soon on The Girls with Glasses

    Purchase Kork Ease shoes in similar Style at Nordstrom $113.86

  • Thursday Inspiration: Graphic Maxi Skirt 8 of 15
    Comfy Chic Maxi

    I scored this incredible native maxi skirt from LulaRoe at the beginning of the fall season, and have been known to wear it about three times a week. The fabric is stretchy without losing its shape and has a slickness to it. I love the way it hangs on the body, and I especially love it for traveling. The waistband doesn't have elastic, so it is comfortable, and the length works perfectly as a built-in blanket for cozying up in my seat, whether I'm in an airplane or the car. But what I love most about this skirt is how graphically pleasing it is, the print is bold and offers a range of colors to pair with accessories. 

    Purchase a similar skirt from LulaRoe for $38

  • Thursday Farmers Market 9 of 15
    COMFY CHIC maxi look

    This is the look I wear to my local Farmer's Market. Also perfect for band practice or going to a festival. 

    If you follow me on Instagram then you've seen this look more than once in my feed. I love to wear this skirt with a graphic t-shirt, usually my grey Eagle's Hotel California tee, but it was in the hamper. As it's getting colder, I wear it with a lot of warm, chunky sweaters so it looks great and keeps me warm. This time it was a bit hotter out, so I went with an olive t-shirt and tied it in a little knot off the side. I then put my classic, worn-in denim jacket over the top. If it's still a bit chilly out, I swapped out my usual sandals for the leopard flats again. Most times when I am wearing this skirt, I am also wearing a hat. Also great for lazy days when you don't feel like doing your hair... or make that everyday. Again, this look looks like I tried, and yet I feel so easy-breezy in it. 

    Purchase denim jacket from H&M $29.95

    Purchase similar hat from Zappo's $44.99

    Purchase Similar Turquoise Ring from Nordstrom $78 


  • Friday Inspiration: Sequin Track Pant 10 of 15
    Comfy Chic: Sequin Track Pant

    We have all seen a plethora of fancy track pants out there this season. From silky to floral, to this sparkly number right here. I tell you they are as fast and easy as throwing on my gnarly old sweats... AND the insides are ultra soft and cozy. There are a lot of sequin pants on the market, from H&M to Anthropologie, but they'll cost you a pretty penny. However, to my excitement I saw these on the rack at Nordstrom and was so happy to find them for $68. Honestly, this is still a bit of a splurge for me. However, I have been wearing them nonstop, and have probably been asked about a hundred times where I got them. A comfy chic investment worth its weight in shimmery sequins of gold.

    Purchase at Nordstrom for $68

  • Friday Fun 11 of 15
    Comfy Chic trackpant

    Hooray, it's Friday! And that calls for a little bit of fun — so how about some sparkles? I love this outfit for band practice during the day, and then date night Friday in the evening with my guy. It's easy and fresh, modern and on trend.


    I have been so pleased with the versatility of these pants. Sparkle works like a bold neutral. They go from casual day to dressy night with a simple change of a cardigan to a blazer. They pair well with cozy sweaters or a graphic sweatshirt, button downs in denim, or plaid. For this look I tucked in a blous-y, soft grey t-shirt, and then threw my black oversized cardigan over it. I love nothing more than to have large pockets to rest my hands in. Since I am going for comfort, I stuck with my trusty leopard flats to keep it snazzy, but still allow me to be quick on my feet so that I can chase after my toddler. (Note: Leopard print has also been officially deemed a neutral by Jenna Lyons.) Add a long necklace and you're ready to go. It's crazy how comfortable this look is, and yet it is still so style conscious.

    Find similar from Nordstrom $49.95

    Purchase T-shirt from Cotton On $9.95

    Purchase Necklace from Fischer Street $89.00



  • Saturday Inspiration: Puffer Vest & Workout Leggings 12 of 15
    COMFY CHIC puffer vest & work out legging

    While I was Black Friday shopping with my sister at Old Navy, I found these two pieces and they haven't really left my body since. Puffer vests seem to always turn up around this time of year, and this season we're seeing them everywhere. I opted for this olive/khaki green option, as it will go with just about anything. Stay tuned for a post about all the different ways to style this highly versatile piece. But then, what to my wandering eyes I did appear, but these incredibly rad workout leggings. The boldness of the geometric print in the blacks, blues, and grays is as flattering, as it is comfortable. If you are going to spend all day in workout pants, then go with something interesting and bold. Black leggings are a classic, but these up the style ante. 

    Purchase in navy Old Navy for $25

    Purchase leggings at Old Navy for $24

    Purchase Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut $154.95


  • Project Saturday 13 of 15
    Comfy Chic Puffer Vest

    I feel this outfit works for Saturday at home with the family. Whether you are headed to your kid's game, or doing projects around the house.


    To implement the inspiration pieces, I quite simply added a comfy, long-sleeved, grey t-shirt beneath the vest. Then, to give this look a punch of color, I went with these red hunter riding boots that I scored on clearance during Black Friday at Nordstrom. It's always a good idea to add a bold color like red to an otherwise dark or neutral, a quick style shortcut. This ensemble is sporty but put together. The leggings are so flattering and slimming, but not uncomfortably tight. The puffer vest I love for the high collar to keep my neck nice and warm. 

    Purchase a similar grey longsleeve shirt from Alternative Apparel $26.00

    Bessy Hunter Boots no longer in stock 

    Purchase Necklace from Forever 21 $3.80

  • Sunday Inspiration: Knit Pencil Skirt 14 of 15
    Comfy Chic Knit pencil skirt

    Most pencil skirts are quite restricting in their fabric options and fits. However, there are also a lot of jersey options that are a bit too thin, see-through, or clingy. This one that I found from Target has a nice stretch to it without being too tight. I love this skirt because it can be worn to the office or to church, and yet still looks professional, or dressy. 

    Also, I must note these incredible ankle booties that I found on I have been looking for an ankle bootie with a heel that offers comfort and looks good, and look what I found! The first two wears hurt a little bit, but the leather is stretching so nicely and it is soft as well. They offer support and height all at once. This color is versatile and I wear them with everything, from skirts to jeans and dresses, and they are so easy to run around in. They're a rare find. 


    Purchase Pencil Skirt from Target $19.99

    Purchase Ankle Bootie from Nordstrom  $139.00

  • Sunday Sabbath 15 of 15
    Comfy Chic pencil skirt

    We have church first thing in the morning. Getting the family ready, out the door, and to the church on time can be stressful. I need a look that will be quick and cozy and effortless.


    I added a cream cable knit sweater that pairs nicely with the grey heather knit on the skirt. I didn't do much accessorizing, but you could certainly add a nice texture tight, especially for cold days. With my brown leather ankle booties, I get a little height but I am comfortable and able to be on my feet chasing my baby down the halls of the church.


    Purchase Similar Sweater from Target $24.99

    Purchase Similar Turquoise Ring from Nordstrom $78 




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