5 Must-Haves for Comfortable (and Stylish!) Travel

As we all pack up our travel bags to head out of town to spend the holidays with family and friends, I thought it would be a great time to share comfy wardrobe essentials. After all, you’re already dealing with cranky kids and too many hours in a car or airplane, so the least of your worries should be uncomfortable pants or forgetting to bring that extra sweater with you. Below, I’ve rounded up my five must-haves for making it through the stressful holiday travels in comfort and style.

1. Scarf


Scarf from FashionABLE ,$48 / Necklace from Shine Project, $60 

Not only are scarves cute, but they’re a great layering item for any weather. While traveling, you can also use this whimsical accessory for a pillow, blanket, or hoodie to keep your hair dry from rain or snow.

2. Flattering Flats


Flats from Boden, $134 / Jeans from Madewell, $135

Ballet flats or a cute pointed toe pair are ideal. I personally like to stay away from boots because they’re hard to get on and off in the security line or in the car. I also recommend wearing socks; no one wants their bare feet on the airport floor.

3. Cozy Cardigan


Cardigan from Boden, $58.80 / T-shirt from & Apparel, $14.50 

When traveling, layers are essential. They’re easy to take off if you get hot or put on if you get cold. My hubby likes
to keep the air conditioning kicking, no matter how hot or cold it is outside; if I didn’t have an extra layer to put on, I would freeze. Most airplanes are the same, so be prepared.

4. Maxi Dress


Maxi dress from Lula Roe, $55 

Jeans and a tee are my second choice, but they can’t compete with a maxi dress in the comfort department. It’s soft, it doesn’t have a waistband or legs that are riding up — I might as well be in my pajamas.

5. The Weekender Bag


Weekender bag from Nena and Co., $338 

When traveling via plane, you can only carry on so many bags. I personally have a purse, a laptop, a camera, snacks, an iPad in case of emergency for the kids, my makeup bag (I don’t trust that to go underneath!), and even more essentials. Most airlines only allow you to bring on two personal items, so that’s why I put everything that doesn’t fit in my roll-on bag into my weekender bag. I can throw it under the seat in front of me and have easy access to anything I might need during the flight. (Yes, I’m talking about my Godiva chocolate bar and latest Vogue magazine.)

Happy Traveling everyone, and Happy Holidays!

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