These Moms Are Helping Families Conquer Disneyland — Fashionably and Stress-Free!

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Magic Kingdom Mamas Disneyland
image source: julie mooney

There are few things in life that excite a child more than a trip to a Disney Park. However, all of this fun isn’t without some degree of stress — planning out the perfect day with your family. That’s where bloggers (and sisters) Julie and Emily from Magic Kingdom Mamas come in to save the day! With their blog and social accounts, they are determined to offer the best advice for tackling a day at the Parks — one post at a time.

“[For parents], a visit to the happiest place on earth can be downright exhausting. Expectations are so high — making it very easy to be disappointed by weather, crowds, lines, amount of money spent, and so on,” Julie and Emily tell Babble. “We started the Magic Kingdom Mamas to help families navigate the Parks and destress their visit, so that they can keep their focus on special family moments and memories!”

Along with providing some guidance, they also frequently share their favorite memories from their Disneyland adventures with their four kids.

While at the Parks, Julie and Emily can be spotted reliving their ’90s childhood styled in overalls, straw hats, and dry shampoo to help their hair get through the day. They also have a set of Disneyland fashion essentials for the little ones.

The best Park essential [is] a pair of classic, black Mickey ears. [Aside from that], we choose clothes that they can comfortably explore the Parks in while standing up to lots of washing — a necessity for adventurous kids!” says Julie and Emily. “We love shoes that allow our kids to run freely, safely, and without blisters since we do a lot of walking and dancing around [the] Disneyland Resort!” 

Magic Kingdom Mamas Disneyland with kids
image source: julie mooney

With all of their Disneyland expertise, we had to work with them (and Julie’s daughter Lucie) to create the ultimate kids fall look — fit for the Parks! This outfit, that’s part of our Instagram series #TinyLittleKidClothes, features a comfy dress inspired by Minnie Mouse’s classic daisy hat, a denim jacket for Disney pins, sneakers durable enough for running around, and a beloved pair of Mickey ears to top it all off.

Who wouldn’t want to spend the day at Disneyland with these kids and their mamas?

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