The Simpsons + Converse Sneakers Collection

It only took 25 years, but Converse is finally launching a Chuck Taylor sneaker collection featuring The Simpsons.

(First of all, 25 YEARS? I was a toddler during The Simpson’s first season, and they’re still going strong, churning out more episodes. Bananas.)

The shoes will be available tomorrow and come in all sizes — for kids, teens, and grown adults who unapologetically love Bart and the gang.

Take a look at The Simpsons Chuck Taylor All Star collection:

  • The Simpsons Chuck Taylor All Star Collection 1 of 7

    The Converse collection features custom iconic graphics in a variety of styles...

  • The Bart Sneaker: Part 1 2 of 7

    The Bart Sneaker will be available in children and adult sizes, featuring Bart's writing scrawled across the chalkboard-like background: "I will not waste chalk. I will not waste chalk. I will not waste chalk..."

  • The Bart Sneaker: Part 2 3 of 7

    Of course this is in reference to the infamous Springfield Elementary School chalkboard, where Bart has been writing for 25 years now.

  • The Homer Sneaker: Part 1 4 of 7

    The Homer Sneaker is exclusively for men, featuring one of the most famous dads in television history.

  • The Homer Sneaker: Part 2 5 of 7

    And, of course, it features Homer's catchphrase: D'OH!

  • The Family Sneaker: Part 1 6 of 7

    And this design features the family we've all come to love — Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie — plus graphics of favorite guest characters in the background. 

  • The Family Sneaker: Part 2 7 of 7

    The Simpsons collection will be available at Journeys and TOMORROW (June 15, 2013), selling for $37 to $65.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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