Disneyland and Two Stylish Moms Show Us How to Dress for Happiness


On Brooke (left): Jacket from Kate Spade / Pants from Zara, $59.90 / Shirt and pink shoes are vintage 
On Summer (right): Skirt from Shabby Apple, $88 / Shirt from Joe Fresh / Cardigan from Kate Spade / Heels from Via Spiga, $250

Ever since I can remember, I thought it would be amazing to do a photo shoot at Disneyland. Brooke also has a deep love for all things Disney and even dreamed about being a Disney animator when she was young. There’s something special about this place. Maybe it’s because of magical childhood memories or because every inch is covered with fascinating details. Whatever the reason, there’s a palpable magic in the air. It’s easy to be happy here, and that’s why we thought it would be the perfect place to shoot the clothes that make us feel happy in the happiest place on Earth. Where else could we make the connection that what you wear can have an effect on how you feel? We aren’t saying clothes are going to solve your problems. We know they won’t. What we are saying is to pick things to wear that bring you happiness. Come along with us as we share a few outfits and styles that make us happy!

Floral Prints …


On Summer (left): Dress from Kate Spade, $698 
On Brooke (right): Pants from Kate Spade, $398 / Blazer from Kate Spade, $548 / Necklace from Zara, $39.90

Brooke joked that this floral suit was “camouflage” when your terrain is Disneyland. Doesn’t this ice blue dress remind you of a modern-day Cinderella?


Dress from Top Shop, $135 / Necklace from Shop Priceless, $14.97 / Mickey gloves from the Disney Store, $22.95

You might not wear these gloves out and about in your real life, but stripes and red lipstick are always appropriate. And framing your face with flower blossoms is a sure way to start the day with happiness.


Polka Dots …


Skirt from Shabby Apple, $95 / Kate Spade top from Nordstrom, $199 / Necklace from Shop Priceless, $14,97 / Jerome C. Rousseau shoes from Gilt, $249

Bright colors and endless polka dots will spark happiness wherever you go. Hanging with Dumbo does the trick, too.


Bright Colors …


On Brooke (right): Jacket by Daring / Skirt from Kate Spade, $528 / Shoes from Aldo, $90 
On Summer (left): Jacket from Ann Taylor Loft / Shoes from Casadei, $690

You don’t have to know your future to see that it’ll be bright when you’re wearing pops of color and poppy prints. (Side note: These shoes are not recommended for walking around Disneyland.)


Dresses …


Dress from Kate Spade, $238 / Similar cardigan from ASOS, $38.09 / Shoes from Nordstrom, $89.95

For me, dresses are a go-to happiness item. I can feel lousy wearing sweat pants, but when I put on a dress, it’s easier for happiness to find me.


Vintage Disney Tees …


Jacket from Kate Spade / Pants from Zara, $59.90 / Shirt and shoes are vintage

There is so much happiness in this outfit. From the fantastical pale pink feather jacket and vintage Mickey and Minnie tee all the way down to the hot pink pumps. Minnie would totally borrow those shoes, don’t you think?


Silly Sunglasses …


On Brooke (left): Dress is vintage / Gloves from Kate Spade / Jerome C. Rousseau shoes from Gilt, $249 / Sunglasses from Ditto, $510
On Summer (right): Tee from Forever 21 / Skirt is vintage / Shoes from Madewell, $118 / Jacket from Kate Spade for Topshop / Sunglasses from Ditto, $510

Sometimes you just want to wear something silly. These silly and wonderful glasses were mood-changing. Go ahead, wear that outfit in your closet that you haven’t dared to yet. You only live once!


Clothes with Simple Cuts …


Mickey ears from the Disney Store, $13.95 / Dress from Jean Fares Couture / Quay sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, $40

Flowers have been a theme throughout this shoot, but it doesn’t have to be about an overload of color. Happiness can also be found in simple cuts and elegant lines.



Faux leather leggings from Zara, $59.90 / Hat from Nordstrom, $28 / Shirt is vintage Blazer from Ann Taylor Loft, $128 / Similar shoes from Nordstrom, $29.95 / Mickey ears from the Disney Store, $13.95

Happiness for you might be different than what it is for us. It might be the perfect black blazer that goes with everything or it might be a pair of sparkly shoes. When you wear things for yourself, because they make you smile, there’s a strength that comes from that. It doesn’t matter what celebrities are wearing or what’s on the runways. You don’t need other people’s approval to feel good about yourself. We hope these pictures brought a smile to your face, and that the next time you’re choosing something to wear, you remember to just do you. Maybe that means wearing Mickey ears. They go with everything.

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Photography: Angela + Ithyle / Stylist: Sadie Sapphire / Hair: Sienree Du / Makeup: Gia Harris / All-Around Rockstar: Priscilla Chang


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