DIY – Add a Bow Ankle Strap to your Shoes

IMG_3092These simple nude heels have been a go-to item in my closet. They’re classic and simple, so they get a lot of use, but simple can sometimes feel boring. We are always looking for great ways to spruce up what we already have in our closet, instead of always buying new stuff. When you can repurpose materials, and revive a clothing staple, it’s a win in my book. This DIY bow ankle strap tutorial is for anyone who likes darling details. Pick shoes that are a simple shape, without any bells or whistles. A bow can be really dramatic, so you want it to be center stage. It looks more stylish if it doesn’t have to compete with other elements. Color is also really important. If you can find a ribbon that matches the shoe exactly, it will look like it was made with your new detail, but a complimentary color can make more of a statement. Choose which one you want, or switch out different ribbon colors depending on what your wearing.

Another thing that’s great about this project, is that it adds versatility to the shoe, and still allows you to wear the shoe without the bow, if you’d like.

  • What You Need 1 of 8

    1. Grab the heels or flats of your choice.

    2. A ribbon that matches or compliments the shoe color.

    3. Scissors

    4. A hot glue gun 

  • Cut Ribbon 2 of 8

    Cut two small pieces and two long pieces. Figure out exactly where you want the ribbon to wrap around your foot, measure how far it would need to come up and double it. Tie the ribbon around your ankle to see exactly how long it needs to be for your desired look.

  • A drop of glue 3 of 8

    Put a drop of glue at the bottom of the two smaller strips.

  • Make Loops 4 of 8

    Fold them over to create two loops. 

  • Another Drop of Glue 5 of 8

    Place another bead of glue on the bottom of the loop. 

  • Attach to Shoe 6 of 8

    Attach the loop to the inside of the shoe.

  • Lace Ribbon Through Loop 7 of 8

    Run the long piece of ribbon through the shoe. 

  • Enjoy! 8 of 8

    Now go find somewhere fabulous to wear these gems.

Check out this video if you want to see more ways to upgrade basic shoes to fabulous showstoppers.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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