DIY Adult Tinker Bell Costume

Tinker Bell is both sweet and sassy… NOW! But the early Tinker Bell wasn’t so sweet, in fact, she was a jealous little thing! I’ve taken a little inspiration from the original Tink as well as from some of the newer interpretations for this DIY costume, which is really fun and cute to wear. It’s an easy costume if you have a dress as a base, but if not, finding a similar silhouette isn’t difficult at all. I opted to skip the wings because they’re bulky and annoying to wear {in my opinion} and the costume is enough to know you’re Tink!

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    Flip through the steps that follow to learn how to make this cute Tinker Bell costume including shoe poufs and hair and makeup tutorials... but not including wings!


    Find amazing Custom Tinker Bell Fairy Wings here

  • Let’s Start with the Dress! 2 of 23

    I began with a green dress that had a ruched waist. First I cut off the top/chest and straps ABOVE the waist elastic. You'll need to keep the elastic in tact for this to work. Then I pulled the dress up and over my chest/strapless bra and cinched the center with my fingers, keeping it in place with a safety pin. While wearing the dress, I pinched up sections of the hem and safety pinned them in place beneath the dress. This made it shorter and cuter, and created a leaf-like effect.

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    Technically, I could have just worn the dress as it was, but I wanted to add a little more dimension so I grabbed some green tulle, scissors, and a needle and thread.

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    First I cut a long piece that would become my waist band. I made it double the length it needed to be, just to be safe.


    Next I cut about 10 pieces of tulle about 15 inches in length.


    If your tulle is in yards vs on a roll like mine, the width is 6inches.

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    Fold your waist band in half and lay it on top of your "leaf" with enough left over on top to fold over. Fold the top over and stitch it to your waist band. I created a leafy type of stitching, but ended up folding the waist over one more time once I finally put it on.

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    Overlap the edges and continue all the way around the skirt. If you want more dimension, overlap more in varying "greens".

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    Trim the edges up to look like leaves.

  • And Tie it on! 8 of 23

    Simply tie your skirt on like an apron over your dress. Again, I ended up folding the waist band over so you couldn't see any of the stitches anyway, but more leaves would have been even cuter!

  • From the Front! 9 of 23

    Even though the dress would have been enough, I liked the added leafy skirt for a little more fairy feel. And even more leaves may have made it even better.

  • Now for the POUFS! 10 of 23

    Tinker Bell has big poufs on her shoes that are just adorable! You could also use feathers from a maribou boa, but I went with yarn...

  • DIY Big Yarn Poufs! 11 of 23

    To make your poufs you'll need yarn, scissors, and something about 3-4inches in width and at least one inch high. I used a stack of note cards.

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    Begin by cutting a piece of yarn about a foot long and setting it to the side.

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    Begin wrapping your yarn around your note stack. Wrap it tightly enough to stay, but so that you can also remove it easily as well. I wrapped about 160 times for my poufs. If your yarn is thicker than mine, you may need less.

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    Carefully remove your wrapped yarn and set it on top of the single string you cut earlier.


    Then tie a tight knot in the center, cinching it together.

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    Slip your scissors through the loops and cut them!

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    Now attach them to your shoes! I used shoe clips I found on ebay but I'm sure you can find them at a craft store as well. If you have holes in the tops of your shoes, you can simply use the longer piece of yarn you used to tie the center knot, to slip them through and tie onto your shoes.

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    I simply slipped my shoe clip under the center knot and then clipped them onto my shoes and they stayed fine without any glue.

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    Once you put your poufs on your shoes, you'll see varying lengths of yarns. Simply trim them away.

  • Voila! 19 of 23

    Tinker Bell Shoes! I chose heels because they were the only green-ish shoes I had but ballet flats would be just as adorable. And in actuality, Tink's were darker green.

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    I used a wood chopstick for a wand, but skipped the wings.

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    And here's the back...

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    Don't forget her coy poses!

  • Tinker Bell Hair & Makeup 23 of 23

    Click through Tinker Bell Hair & Makeup Tutorial to see my step by step photos on how to get the look for the full costume!

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