DIY and Dye: The 25 Best Fashion DIYs with Dye

Turn any ol’ piece of clothing into something completely new with a packet of dye. Create the galaxy on your shoes, add color to jean shorts, and ombre a plain colored tank. Tie-dye has been making a statement this summer, but now you can hop on the trend without spending a fortune. Who knows, you might just dye your hair next.

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    25 Fashion DIYs with Dye

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  • Dip-Dye Dress 2 of 26

    Give a simple white dress a touch of color with dye.
    Spotted at Clones N Clowns.

  • T-shirt Bracelet 3 of 26

    Cut up an old T-shirt, dye it fun colors, and wear it as a bracelet.
    Find out more at I Love to Create.

  • Dip-Dye Tank 4 of 26

    Turn a drab tank top into a stylish ombre one.
    Find out more at The Wonder Forest.

  • Dyed Scarves 5 of 26

    Dress up any outfit with a burst of color from a dyed scarf.
    Find out more at Henry Happened.

  • Hair Ties 6 of 26

    Use elastic to make your own hair ties and dye them to change them up with fun colors.
    Find out more at Oh So Pretty.

  • Dyed Pants 7 of 26

    Turn a pair of white pants into bright colored ones.
    Spotted at Dress Corilynn.

  • Dyed Sneakers 8 of 26

    Grab a pair of dirty sneakers and give them a new look with dye.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.

  • Scrunch Dye 9 of 26

    Check out this scrunch effect used to make this summer top.
    Spotted at I Love to Create.

  • Tie-Dye Tote 10 of 26

    Sport a new back on the beach with this cute tote.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Galaxy Shoes 11 of 26

    Paint the galaxy directly onto your shoes with dye.
    Find out more at Swell Mayde.

  • Dyed Sundress 12 of 26

    Use rich colors to make sure your new sundress gets noticed.
    Spotted at Brit.

  • Dip-Dyed Skirt 13 of 26

    Pick up a white pleated skirt and dip it in a soft color you can wear all year.
    Find out more at Runway DIY.

  • Dyed Swimsuit 14 of 26

    If you're feeling risky, try out this dyed swimsuit.
    Find out more at Rook No 17.

  • Colorful Flats 15 of 26

    Use a few different colors of dye to get this ombre effect on flats.
    Find out more at State of Unique.

  • Upcycled Skirt 16 of 26

    A plain skirt at a thrift store might not look like much, but with a little dye it can turn into something super cute.
    Spotted at Sweet Verbena.

  • Dyed Nylons 17 of 26

    Dress up an evening outfit with dyed nylons.
    Find out more at Sock Dreams.

  • Dyed Denim Jeans 18 of 26

    Turn a pair of plain jeans into this work of art.
    Find out more at State of Unique.

  • Swimsuit Coverup 19 of 26

    Head out to the beach with a pop of fun colors.
    Spotted at Adventures of a Middle Sister.

  • Ombre Necklace 20 of 26

    Don't forget to treat yourself to a new necklace while you still have your dye out.
    Spotted at Refinery 29.

  • Dyed Collar 21 of 26

    Instead of dyeing the bottom of your shirt, go for the collar at the top.
    Find out more at Refinery 29.

  • Fringe Tanks 22 of 26

    Refashion old tank tops with fringe and new colors.
    Find out more at NYPN Daily.

  • Jean Shorts 23 of 26

    Tie-dye jean shorts are popping up in stores, but you can make them yourself.
    Get the tutorial at College Fashion.

  • Drip Dye 24 of 26

    Learn this unique drip dye effect to do on your clothes.
    Find out more at Free People.

  • Colorblock Top 25 of 26

    Pick your favorite colors to use for dyeing a colorblock top.
    Find out more at Wobisobi.

  • Dyed Stripes 26 of 26

    Give any piece of clothing you have a new look with dyed stripes.
    Find out more at Daily Work It.

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