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Flipping through the August issue of Marie Claire Magazine the other day, I came across this gorgeous Black Flower Headband {Camellia Beehive Headband with Floral Veil} by Jennifer Behr for $950, made exclusively for the Moda Operandi Punk Shop. Unfortunately it’s sold out, but the $950 price tag got me thinking about this DIY Black Flower Statement Necklace I made a few years ago and how perfectly it would also work as a headband or head crown. Since pretty punk looks are hugely trending for fall, I’ve refined the tutorial and for less than $10 demonstrated below how you can make your own and look like a pretty punk princess in no time at all! Here’s how…

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    Click through this step-by-step photo tutorial and make a pretty punk black floral head crown, headband, or statement necklace all in one for under $10.


    To see more photos of this look, go to Pretty Punk Princess DIY Black Flowers Head Crown

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    What You'll Need...


    1. A variety of sizes of black faux flowers

    2. Ribbon {for a crown} A hard headband will work if you're planning on wearing it as such.

    3. Lace {black for backing}

    4. Needle and thread

    5. D-rings {optional}

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    Fold your lace in half and cut out a bib shape.  If you're planning on being able to wear this as a necklace follow the photo steps exactly, if you'd like to simply make a head crown, you can easily cut a long rectangle of doubled lace that measures on your head from ear to ear.

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    Remove plastic flower stems and inserts and hand-stitch them together with your needle and thread. Create the same upright flower shapes by pinching sections as you go.

  • DIY Pretty Punk Floral Head Crown {Step 3} 5 of 12

    Begin building your crown by stitching your flowers onto your lace {and together} in varying sizes. Again, if you're just creating the head piece NOT to also wear as a necklace, you can do this in a straight line, but vary the flowers as you go for a natural look, and place them so close together they're almost "squished".

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    Continue stitching your flowers on until you reach about 2 inches from the edges. Make sure you end with your smaller flowers.  Cut out the excess lace material, if also creating a necklace.

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    Stitch your D-rings around the ends of your lace. You can skip this step and simply stitch your ribbons to the lace as well.

  • DIY Pretty Punk Floral Head Crown {Step 6} 8 of 12

    Cut out two ribbons long enough to tie in a bow or knot around your head or neck, and stitch one around each of the D-rings or directly to your lace edges.


    I also added a pretty sparkly rhinestone brooch to one side and random chiffon pieces with raw edges in between the flowers for texture. You can learn how to create the chiffon petals in this DIY Petal Puff Sleeve Top tutorial.


    I also added a few black feathers and beads to the centers of a few flowers. You can see more in my original DIY Flower Necklace by following the link.

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    Tie it on and become a pretty punk princess! 

  • The Back 10 of 12

    The back will look something like this unless you use a headband, which will of course, fit over the top of your head rather than around it.

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    To see more photos of this look, go to Pretty Punk Princess DIY Black Flowers Head Crown

  • As a Necklace 12 of 12

    Here's a closeup image of it worn as a statement necklace. You can see how it looks in person in this outfit post when I wore it to work.

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