DIY Infinity Scarf (That Doubles as a Nursing Cover)

Like many of you, scarves of any kind are my favorite cooler weather accessory. The extra-long jersey infinity scarf is everywhere right now and although they usually only cost about $20, I knew I could make one in five minutes for $5, so here we are! Not only could I make it for a fraction of the cost, but I could also choose my own color/print and customize the dimensions. I made mine extra wide so it could double as a nursing cover come December! I’ve yet to see a nursing cover that I like and if I’m already wearing this scarf almost everyday, it might as well serve another function also right? I’m all about having less baby gear to keep track of, so this was perfect for me! So whether you just want a comfy year-round jersey scarf or you also need a nursing cover, I hope you’ll make one like this! It could not get any easier!

  • Infinity Jersey Scarf 1 of 8

    Click through to see how to make this! 

  • Cut Fabric 2 of 8

    Cut a piece of jersey fabric 60" x 36" 

    (Most jersey fabric is sold at 60" wide, so if you buy a yard you won't even have to cut anything. Make sure before buying though, since you want it at least 60" long)

  • Fold 3 of 8

    Fold in half so that the right sides of the fabric are facing each other and sew a straight seam along the raw edge.

  • Seam 4 of 8

    No need to worry about the raw edge of the seam, it will curl over (like shown above) and make a perfectly neat inside seam. Which means you're done! I told you it was easy. 

  • Infinity scarf option #1 5 of 8

    You can wear it long and drapey, this is a great way if it's still not too cold out yet.

  • Infinity scarf option #2 6 of 8

    Wrap it around twice for a neater look that also keeps you warmer! This is my favorite way. 

  • Nursing cover option #1 7 of 8

    As a nursing cover you can pull the excess to the back and wear it diagonally across your chest so you're adequately covered but also free to move. 

  • Nursing cover option #2 8 of 8

    Another nursing cover option is to wear it opened up across your shoulders (like a shawl) and crossing each side over. Experiment with it and what is most comfortable for you! 

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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