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We put the sparkle in our sequin monogram sweater, now I’m going to show you how to make a classic letterman cardigan! Whether you want to choose the letter inspired by your favorite team, or your own initial, it’s up to you! That is the beauty of making one yourself! I opted for my last name initial this time.

Maybe you have a little guy that plays pop warner football or a tiny gal on the T-ball team, how awesome and supportive would you be wearing their initial on your cardi at their game?! If there was a proud mom trophy, you would win!

Personally, I don’t have an athletic bone in my body, after 10 years of marriage my super sporty husband is still holding out hope that “we just haven’t found it yet.” If you too struggle to find your inner sporty spice, you can still be the most darling little poser in this personalized letterman cardigan. No shame in this game…

  • What You Need: 1 of 10
    what you need

    1. Cardigan: I found my navy blue one at Target for $11.99


    2. Felt Fabric: A quarter of a yard is plenty. I chose gray and bought mine at Joann's


    3. Plaid Fabric: Also found at Joann's. Feel free to pick whatever plaid or fabric you desire. Could also be cute with a floral or stripe. 


    4. Iron-On Adhesive Tape: I keep using the EZ steam II that you can  purchase at Walmart 


    5. Type and Print Letter Templates: If you have photoshop, that is the best option, otherwise you can just use Word, etc.  You can do it two ways as explained below. I printed two letters, and trimmed my second layer down in order to have more of a border with the backing layer.

    6. Sewing Machine: Break out the sewing machine to sew the letter to the cardigan. I am not a strong sewer, so if I can do this, you can too!

  • Step 1: Create Your Letter Templates 2 of 10

    For this monogram, you will need to create two templates for your letter. There are many free font sites, such as that offer Varsity/Sporty looking fonts like the one I used for my sweater. I used photoshop and created two letters, however you can use Word or any other word processing program. I was able to fit both letters on one page. Create both letters so that they are the same size. Depending on your preference, or the style and size of your cardigan, the letter should be 4-6 inches tall. However, when you cut them out, the top layer template will become a tad smaller as you'll see in the following steps.

  • Step 2: Cut Out Your Template 3 of 10

    Carefully use a pair of good scissors to cut out the printed out letters. The base letter can be cut around precisely at the edge of the letter. The second letter print should be the same size. However, make sure to cut on the inside edge of the letter, to cut the size down, so that when the letter is layered on top, there is a border beneath. 

    Alternate Route: Or, you can cut just one letter out for the second plaid layer. Then you will add the plaid letter to a piece of felt and then carefully cut a small even border around the plaid piece, so that the grey felt creates a clean layered border that you can see.

  • Step 3: Pin and Cut Larger Letter 4 of 10

    Pin your larger letter template to the felt, then cut it out (cue Uncle Joey). Felt is great to get clean precise cuts and edges. 

  • Step 4: Pin and Cut Smaller Letter 5 of 10

    As mentioned previously, make sure that your templates are working together, size-wise and in position with the paper, before pinning cutting your fabric. (Or you could go the second route as I explained in Step 2.) Otherwise, pin the smaller letter to your fabric and cut out your smaller letter for layering.

  • Step 5: Add Iron-On Adhesive Tape 6 of 10

    Get out your trusty iron-on adhesive tape and tape up the back of the smaller plaid letter. Use the warm iron to heat the tape, THEN peel the paper off of the tape. 

  • Step 6: Place and Iron 7 of 10

    Then carefully place the sticky side down onto the larger felt piece, paying attention to centering it so that there is an even border of felt around the letter. Once you have the plaid layer in place, use the iron to heat the adhesive and seal the layers together. 

    Or if you went with the alternate route, iron the plaid letter to the piece of felt, then cut the felt around the edge of the letter leaving a small border of felt. 

  • Step 7: Tape and Position Letter On Your Sweater 8 of 10

    Once you have the two letter layers put together, tape up the back of the letter with the iron-on adhesive, then remove paper strip and stick the letter onto the sweater where it looks balanced and positioned. I chose the upper left side, with the top of the letter starting just at the bottom V of the neckline as seen in the photo above. 

  • Step 8: Sew! 9 of 10

    The last step is to sew the letter to the cardigan. Sew around the edges of both the felt layer and the fabric layer for a more finished look and durable sweater design. Sew slowly so that you have more control around the twists and turns of your letter. 


    Note: If may also be easier for you to first sew the smaller letter to the felt first. Then you can add the letter to the sweater and finish off by only sewing the felt border to the sweater. 

  • Done! 10 of 10

    And there you have it!

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