Fall Wardrobe Staple: 30-Minute DIY Pencil Skirt

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Pencil skirts are a total essential in my closet. I love wearing them casually or dressed up, and when they’re made of stretchy material, they’re hard to beat for comfort. Tube skirts are the easiest ways to make a pencil skirt. Seriously, you could throw this together in 30 minutes. Oh, and I made mine midi length, but you could use this same tutorial to make it a longer midi, knee-length, or even mini. It’s so easy AND versatile!


– 1 yard of stretchy knit fabric
– matching thread
– 1″ wide elastic


Step 1:

First you need to measure so you can cut your pieces.

Measure your waist, and then cut your elastic to that length.

Multiply your waist measurement by 1.2, and then cut your waistband to that length and 3 inches wide. Make sure the stretch of the fabric is going across your waistband.

Measure your hips, and then cut your skirt that wide, and as long as you desire.


Step 2:

Now it’s time to make the tube skirt actually fit your body. Fold it in half and cut the long side (opposite the fold) into a curve to fit your body. I made the very top of the skirt the same width as my waistband, then curved out to my hip width, and then back in to be more snug around my knees.


Step 3:

Fold your elastic in half and sew the two ends together to form a loop. Then fold the waistband in half (with right sides of the fabric together) and sew the short raw edges together to also form a loop.


Step 4:

Place your loop of elastic inside your waistband, and pin around the waistband, evenly distributing the extra fabric between the pins.


Step 5:

Using a zigzag stitch, sew around the entire waistband, securing the elastic inside. Sew as close to the elastic as you can (without sewing on it) so it doesn’t move or flip around.


Step 6:

With right sides together, sew the back of the skirt up with a straight stitch.


Step 7:

With right sides together, pin the waistband to the skirt, matching up the seams at the back. If the opening of your skirt is larger than the waistband, distribute the extra fabric evenly between pins. Sew around the entire waistband with a very small zigzag stitch, attaching the waistband to the skirt. Stretch slightly as you sew.


Make sure you sew right below your original zigzag seam — my original one is gray and the final one is gold (see below).


Step 8:

Trim the seam allowance on your waistband and then fold the waistband up and press it smooth and flat.


Step 9:

Lastly, it’s time to hem the skirt. Fold the bottom of the skirt up twice and sew around it with a wide straight stitch.


Step 10: 

Press flat and you’re done!


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