DIY Printed Onesie

Adorable printed onesies—or any baby items for that matter— are popping up everywhere these days, especially in geometric patterns and shapes! I’ll admit I’m totally a sucker for all of it, but it can all can add up to a hefty fee, which is not ideal when babies are so small, since realistically they’ll only wear it a few times. So when I found a huge pile of plain white onesies at a Goodwill, I bought them all and thought I’d try a budget-friendly but still adorable DIY version of the printed onesie. It was so easy I almost feel silly telling you how to do it but I love the finished product so I wanted to share! Check out the super easy steps below to make your own DIY printed onesie:

  • DIY printed triangle onesie 1 of 7

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  • Supplies 2 of 7

    You'll need:

    A plain onesie

    Fabric paint

    A small paint brush

    A knife

    A potato

  • Cut shape 3 of 7

    Figure out what shape you want to stamp onto the onesie and use the knife to cut out said shape. It was my first time doing potato printing so I kept it super simple with a mini triangle. 

  • Paint 4 of 7

    Use the paint brush to apply the fabric paint to the stamp. A little paint goes a long way so go easy or you'll get smudgey prints.

  • Stamp! 5 of 7

    Start stamping away! I just eyeballed where I wanted the triangles to be but you could mark the fabric with a pencil if you want to be precise in your pattern.

  • Finish 6 of 7

    Continue stamping until the body piece is done. Once the front is dry, repeat on the back of the onesie and be sure to stamp the sleeves and under the snaps!

  • Hang up to dry! 7 of 7

    And there you have it, a super easy custom print onesie!  

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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