Dress up Plain, Cheap Ballet Flats with This Peacock Feather DIY


The first time I ever saw personalized shoes was in high school when people started drawing with sharpies on their black and white Converse sneakers. I can’t pretend that I didn’t dabble in that trend a bit, but I’ve come a long way since then and I’m excited to show you a super easy and fun way to personalize a cheap pair of flats that isn’t as, um, ugly as those Converse embellishments.

I picked up this blue pair from Old Navy a few weeks ago, and although I intended to just embellish them with a simple polka dot pattern, the color kept bringing me back to peacocks and I just couldn’t resist. So with a gold paint pen and about 30 minutes, I embellished them with gold peacock feathers. I love how they turned out and think you probably need a pair of peacock shoes, too.

DIY Peacock Ballet Flats


  • basic suede or fabric flats (I used these ones from Old Navy, which were on sale for $9 in my local store.)
  • gold leafing pen (I used this one from Krylon because I already had it lying around, but you could use gold puff paint or any other gold paint pen.)


Step 1.

Grab your shoes and your paint pen.


Step 2.

Start at the back of one shoe and draw a line with an oval at the end, as shown. Then draw a circle inside of it.


Step 3.

Next draw a little upside down heart (or Pacman) inside of the inner circle. This is the base of all your peacock feathers.


Step 4.

Now draw soft curved lines coming out of the outer circle, all the way down onto the feather stem until it resembles a peacock feather.


Step 5.

Repeat steps 2-4 on other parts of your shoes until you have as many feathers as you desire.


Step 6.

Let paint dry completely before wearing.


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