Dressing for Cold Weather: 11 Stylish Women Share Their Must-Haves

To be honest, I’m pretty terrible at dressing for cold weather. I haven’t lived in an actual cold climate since college and even then I just sort of faked it, since I didn’t know snow boots were a thing and I thought beanies made my head look weird. I get a lot of inspiration from style bloggers in cold climes who manage to stay warm AND still look put together. Here are 11 stylish women talking about the things they can’t live without during the winter!


  • Baby It’s Cold Outside 1 of 23
    Dressing for Cold Weather: 11 Stylish Women Share Their Must-Haves
  • Layer A Vest Over Your Ensemble 2 of 23

    Vests are such a great element for adding both warmth and style to an outfit! Even better if you've got a fur collar for texture like Elaine uses here.

    See more Elaine at Elaine Much

  • Urban Renewal Drapey Cosby Vest 3 of 23
    Urban Renewal Drapey Cosby Vest

    Want to steal Elaine's darling maternity style? Check out this drapey, cozy long vest from UO.

    Urban Outfitters, $69

  • Bundle Up And Add Tights! 4 of 23

    "I'm always on the lookout for ways to dress festively for the holidays without looking ridiculous. it's such a short season! Take advantage of that red and green while you can! I'm going to a few parties this month, so I've been brainstorming some dressy-ish ways of hinting at the season without wearing a full-blown Christmas sweater and blinking Rudolph necklace. Voilá, festive tights!"

    See more Natalie at Hey Natalie Jean

  • No Nonsense Tights 5 of 23

    Keep cozy in dresses and skirts this winter with a pair of opaque, colorful tights like Natalie's!

    No Nonsense, $6.59

  • Wear A Well-Cut, Classic Coat 6 of 23

    Pea coats are timeless AND warm, especially when you go for a wool version in a neutral hue.

    See more Grace at Camp Patton

  • CALVIN KLEIN The Pea Coat 7 of 23
    CALVIN KLEIN The Pea Coat

    Wool blend with classic details! A perfect coat.

    Lord & Taylor, $156 (on sale)

  • Don’t Forget Those Snow Boots! 8 of 23

    "Having recently moved to Alaska from Georgia, I had no idea what real winter essentials included. A solid pair of boots are a must-have. I decided to invest in a pair of Sorel boots to keep my toes nice and warm. These boots with a warm socks certainly do the trick in below zero temps and feet of snow. Not to mention, I liked that they did not look like your average snow boot!"

    See more of Kelsey at Pardon My French

  • Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots 9 of 23
    Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots

    Sorel boots are a bit pricey, but if you live somewhere TRULY cold then they're well worth the investment!

    Sorel, $150

  • Use A Hat To Hold The Heat In 10 of 23
    Lacy Bennett

    "What would the world do without beanies? I don't remember the last time I did my hair or left the house without a slouchy beanie on my head. It keeps my ears warm, it adds color to my outfit, it keeps my baby's bald head warm, and it gives me a free pass from brushing my hair. What's better than a beanie?"

    See more of Lacy at Chevron Smiles

  • Free People Slouchy Beanie 11 of 23
    Free People Slouchy Beanie

    A slouchy beanie in a bright color is the perfect winter accessory!

    Free People, $28

  • Keep Those Ears Covered 12 of 23

    "We live in northern Indiana where winter likes to overstay its welcome all the way through March, sometimes April. I'm stubbornly clinging to my long hair, but in all reality, with a toddler who uses my hair to rappel off the bed and a newborn whose nose is always being tickled by my hair, it is often thrown up in a ponytail or topknot. Neither of those hairstyles allow for a hat to cover my head, so I love headbands and earmuffs. My ears stay warm while I fight the endless battle of keeping a hat on a little boy's head."

    See more of Katrina at Cedars and Tiny Flowers

  • Forever 21 Knotted Headband 13 of 23
    Forever21 Knotted Tribal Headband

    Keep your ears from getting frostbite while also looking super cute.

    Forever 21, $6.80

  • Snuggle Up In Socks 14 of 23

    "I rediscover socks each winter. Every year I'm like, 'My feet are SO COLD' and then I remember, 'Oh yeah, SOCKS!' Arizona is a barefoot kind of state, so I really don't wear socks except in the depths of December. I got this fuzzy pair for Christmas a few years ago. The package called them 'Socks to stay home in,' and that's my favorite way to wear them."

    See more of Kayla at Freckles in April

  • Brooks Brothers Fair Isle Socks 15 of 23
    Brooks Bros Fair Isle Socks

    Keep your toes warm in style!

    Brooks Brothers, $20

  • Thermals Are Your Friend 16 of 23

    "I love a good thermal shirt! They're essential for layering, obviously, but they're also perfect on their own for those in-between days that are chilly but not quite cold."

    See more Janssen (and a tutorial for that awesome scarf!) at Everyday Reading

  • American Eagle Thermal 17 of 23
    American Eagle Thermal

    This is my FAVORITE thermal shirt. I live in it this time of year!

    American Eagle, $17.99

  • Trapper Hats Are Tres Chic 18 of 23

    "I was slow to the hat train. I was slow to cold-weather gear in general, growing up in Alabama, but after moving to New York, I quickly acquired it all, except for hats. If you think hat-hair is bad when you have straight hair, can you imagine it on curly hair? Because I rarely straighten my naturally curly hair (even though the picture begs to differ), I shied away from the hats and made do with ear muffs during those long, cold New York winters. Well, I say "made do," but I'll be honest, I was suffering! You always hear that you lose most of your heat through your head, and it's so true. Finally, I bit the bullet last winter and got this great bomber hat from Forever 21. Hello, warmth! This hat was like the gateway hat, and since then, I've stocked up on beanies, bombers, and anything else to keep my noggin toasty. And you know what they say, the couple that wears ridiculous winter hats together..."

    See more of Erica at North Meets South

  • Express Faux Fur Trapper Hat 19 of 23
    Express Faux Fur Trapper Hat

    Keep your head super warm with this faux fur trapper!

    Express, $41.94 (on sale)

  • Keep Cozy, Warm And Stylish With A Patterned Scarf 20 of 23

    "Being from Wisconsin, my closet is full of cold weather items that I don't get to break out as much now that I live in DC (yet I still collect them for trips home). Despite an ever growing collection, scarves are always my favorite items to add. This scarf from Gap was a Hannukah present from my mom last year and quickly became one of my favorites. It meets all of my main requirements for a good winter scarf: soft, cozy, and warm. As an added bonus, it's also plaid!"

    See more of Dana at Something Good

  • Tartan Scarf 21 of 23
    Cejon Scarf

    Tartan is huge this winter! Grab a cozy and stylish scarf for yourself on sale!

    Macy's, $24.99 (on sale)

  • Don’t Forget To Add A Little Sparkle 22 of 23

    "I grew up in a lot of different climates, and experienced many snowy winters, but I do not remember owning boots as a child (admittedly, this could just be me).  My own kids (and myself) moving to Chicago prompted the purchase of boots for every season except for summer.  My daughter owns two pairs of rain boots (red and pink), and two pairs of winter boots (brown, and pink sparkles).  I love them, because she looks adorable, her feet stay warm and dry when she can't stay out of a snow bank or puddle, and she can put them on herself."

    See more of Katie (and her mommy Nicole) at Murrayed Life

  • Airwalk Girls’ Toddler Myra Boot 23 of 23
    Airwalk Girls' Toddler Myra Boot

    Snag Katie's sparkly style for your little girl with these fun and fuzzy boots!

    Payless, $22.99 (on sale)

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