22 Easter Dresses for Mamas and Toddlers!

easter dresses for mama and toddler

When I was a little kid, there were three things I could count on every Easter morning … candy, a new kite, and a pretty dress to wear to church. I always loved getting to wear a new special dress for the day, usually in spring colors and likely covered in flowers. Yet as I’ve grown older, I haven’t flown a kite in a while, and depending on the year and the finances, I haven’t always bought myself a nice new Easter dress. However remembering back on those few happy traditions and now having a daughter of my own, I am feeling pretty good about continuing them on in my little family. This year she will get her first kite, and ya know I kinda can’t wait to fly it with her. And the timing is perfect, as we currently watch Mary Poppins daily and her favorite song is “Let’s Go Fly a Kite!”.

Last year I realized that I didn’t have anything for London to wear, so I ran to Target just before they closed, grabbed a little basket, a book about Easter, a chocolate bunny, and picked up a cute little lace yellow dress with a little pink flower and an over-the-top flower head band. I came home and took out the seam ripper and took off the flower that seems to be sewn onto every little girls clothing item under the sun. We woke up the next day and I gave her the basket and she dumped it out and crawled away. But then I put her in that yellow dress, and slipped the headband over her head and I beheld an Easter angel, in her first Easter dress on her first Easter Sunday. She shattered my soul with her cuteness. That was likely the last time she’s worn a headband. She doesn’t do headwear.

So this year I got a little jump start and started looking for a dress earlier instead of doing a mad dash to Target just before closing time on Easter Eve. I even thought if I found the right dress for the right price, I would maybe even get one for myself this year, too. Well I was just in luck and happened to find two dresses that felt like Easter. Of course I bought the hat, in which I was kidding myself, because I couldn’t keep it on her head. It will likely be returned, but how cute is it with that striped dress?! Someday I pray she loves hats, too.

So without further ado, one for me, and one for my Loo, and hopefully we can find one for you, too! Easter Dresses here we go!

  • Me and My Loo 1 of 24
    Me and My Loo

    When dressing the two of us, I don't want to be too matchy-matchy, but I look for two complimentary looks that play off of each other in color, print, and style. I am especially excited about how these two dresses look together: the green stripes really play off the floral and leaves on my dress. Fun right? So here are dresses with that in mind — something for mom and something for the little lady.

  • My Floral Frock 2 of 24
    My Floral Flock

    I had my eye out for the right floral dress. Lately I've been on a real floral kick, like everyone else this season. The beauty of the bloom is what we look forward to every spring. Flowers just make me happy! So when I found this long sleeve flow-y flock, I knew it was mine. Plus it helped that it was rather affordable! Of course it's a little less traditional with the black backing the floral, but the colors were so bright that it provided a nice bold contrast, and yes I'm also a fan of contrast.


    Purchase my dress at Nordstrom, $58

  • London’s Green Stripes 3 of 24
    London's Green Stripes

    Anyone who knows me knows I have a major infatuation with all things stripes. That's why it's no surprise that I picked this mod shift dress in the springiest shade of green and crisp white. My favorite detail has to be that amazing little bow accent on the bodice. It was a no brainer. Of course she ditched the hat and shoes and went to play in the rocks. That's my girl!

    Purchase London's dress from Janie & Jack, $59 

  • Hats! 4 of 24

    If your little one will keep a hat on her head, unlike my Loo, then this hat is off-the-charts cute for an Easter finishing touch. Bonus: it's also useful for collecting eggs in! Pretty and practical! Happy Easter!

    Purchase this hat from Janie & Jack, $20.99

  • Blue Easter 5 of 24
    Blue Easter

    Blue is having a moment! You definitely won't feel blue in in this gorgeous flowing dress in florals of azure. This dress is a dream! Throw a cardi over to stay warm, or go more casual with a denim jacket to wear for an Easter egg hunt in the park with the littles!

    Purchase this dress from Nordstrom, $158

  • Little Bohemian Beauty 6 of 24
    Little Bohemian Beauty

    If money grew on trees, this is likely the dress I would pick out for London. This Stella McCartney kids flower dress is anything but frilly or what you would consider a traditional Easter dress. Nonetheless, this is SO perfect for a little bohemian beauty on a spring Easter day! 

    Purchase this dress from Nordstrom, $148

  • Detailed Darling 7 of 24
    Detailed Darling

    This dress needs to be seen up close to be truly appreciated! There are so many fine details in this ornate floral print. This is truly a goddess dress in every sense of the word. Of course it's from Anthropologie.

    Purchase this dress from Anthropologie, $248

  • It Was All Yellow 8 of 24
    It Was All Yellow

    Wow is all I have to say about this special little yellow wonder of a dress. Again, you will pay a high price for such a unique and delicate designer dress by Stella McCartney. But it's too beautiful to not include in this little Easter dress roundup. Loo would look so cute in this dress, however she would surely destroy it in a matter of seconds. So pretty to look at though, right?! Yellow is my favorite.

    Purchase this dress from Nordstrom, $350

  • Lemon Love 9 of 24
    Lemon Love

    I'm not sure lemons scream Easter, but they are bright and springy so I say go for it! I love this lemon fresh print by Kate Spade; it's so feminine and simple in another fit-and-flare style. Also, it's a perfect length! 

    Purchase this dress at Nordstrom, $318

  • Gingham Girl 10 of 24
    Gingham Girl

    My heart nearly stopped when I saw this dress. I desperately wanted this for London, and to my dismay they did not have it in her size. Isn't it the sweetest thing you've seen? So simple and yet bold in the yellow and white gingham. I adore it in every way.

    Purchase at the Gap, $34.95

  • Back to Black 11 of 24
    Back to Black

    Black definitely seems like an untraditional take on an Easter dress, but paired with this vibrant bold flower on the skirt, I think it works beautifully. And that bright pop of orange on the sandal? I'm sold!

    Purchase this dress at ASOS, $90.31

  • Cute in Coral 12 of 24
    Cute in Coral

    This airy pleated dress is lightweight and bright as poppy in a field. This color is just joyful and full of spring spirit. Watch your baby girl twirl and run through the grass in these pretty pleats!

    Purchase at the Gap, $38.00

  • Blue Beauty 13 of 24
    breezy and blue

    I have been dreaming of this dress by Free People and absolutely adore it in this shade of dew-drop blue. The subtle floral detail and white dots are gorgeous and simple, and it just looks like a breeze to wear on an Easter Sunday playing with the kids in the sunshine.

    Purchase this dress from Free People, $168

  • Eye on Eyelet 14 of 24
    Eye on Eyelet

    Eyelet is always a classic. This dress is timeless and subtle, organic and earthy. This is perfect for the mama and baby that don't go over the top but love to keep it simple and classic. It's the loveliest little thing for your lovely little one. 

    Purchase at the Gap, $39.95

  • Ivory Chic 15 of 24
    Ivory Chic

    Who says you have to wear color? Who say's you have to wear floral? This ivory lace shift dress is so fresh and yet has a throwback vibe that works so well for Easter. It is young, hip, and current — for the girl that likes to do things her own way. I absolutely love this look, and the hat? Yes, please!

    Purchase this dress from H&M, $29.95

  • Easter Egg 16 of 24
    Easter Egg

    This sweet embroidered dress reminds me of a decorated Easter egg. It is made by Peek, and I will tell you that when it comes to little kid clothes, Peek has my heart. They make such hip, pretty, simple, well-made pieces. They've got it right, especially in this dress your lil' lady can wear from spring to summer. 

    Purchase this dress from Nordstrom, $68

  • Mellow Yellow 17 of 24
    Mellow Yellow

    I can't contain my excitement for this yellow dress of sunshine! I knew Boden made fabulous clothes for babies and kids, but for women, too? Yes!

    Purchase this dress from Boden USA, $108.80

  • Stripes and Bows 18 of 24
    bows and stripes

    This dress isn't in the expected Easter pastels or bright pinks or yellows, but the neutral take is just as sweet! I love the navy bow around the waist. Such a classy little number for a classy little toddler. 

    Purchase from Carters, $15.99

  • Time for Taffeta 19 of 24
    Time for Taffeta

    Fit-and-flare is all the rage this spring, and this purple and green floral is no exception. The cut is flattering, and you've got to love a dress in taffeta. I know I do!

    Purchase this dress at Nordstrom, $158

  • Lovely Lilac 20 of 24
    Lovely Lilac

    If you are looking for something with just the right amount of frill for your little princess, this lilac piece is practically perfect in every way.  

    Purchase this dress from Crew Cuts, $78

  • Go Green 21 of 24
    Go Green

    Green is for spring! This dress is perfect for sitting on a blanket in the grass for a simple Easter outdoor picnic with your family. So charming, isn't?

    Purchase at Boden USA, $108

  • Colorful Cutie 22 of 24
    Colorful Cutie

    This mini Boden dress adds a pop of happy color to your cuties Easter ensemble. I love the simple cut with beautiful details on the bodice, the pin tuck, and the perfect spring floral pallet. This dress is amazing.

    Purchase this dress from Nordstrom, $44

  • Pleasant Peasant 23 of 24
    Pleasant Peasant

    It's rare to find a maxi dress with sleeves, so if you are on the hunt, I have found one right here for you! This pretty peasant dress is covered in pink and red roses, and it's incredibly affordable!

    Purchase at Forever 21, $24.80

  • Pink Stripes 24 of 24
    Pink Stripes

    This soft pastel pink is right on trend for spring and right in season for Easter. It's such a sophisticated little shape and print for your little Easter princess. I am in love!

    Purchase from Crew Cuts, $98

Photos by Priscilla Chang

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