Easy Lace Embellished Sweatshirt DIY

Sweatshirts are huge this fall, and I’ve fallen captive to this trend just as much as everyone else. I mean, a slouchy sweatshirt as appropriate everyday wear? What more could a girl ask for? I love just a plain gray one, but I’m also loving all of the embellished ones that I’m seeing in stores.

Over the next few posts, I’ll share a few simple DIY embellished sweatshirts! This one is super easy — it’s just adding a little pretty lace detail to the neckline of your sweatshirt!


  • sweatshirt (oversized or fitted) — mine is Hanes’ found in the men’s section at Target
  • lace (mine was found at Jo-Ann’s) — you’ll only need approx. 1/2 or 5/8 of a yard
  • matching thread
  • scissors

Click through for a simple step-by-step tutorial!

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    I bought my sweatshirt at Target in the men's section for $7. It's a size small, so the body was perfectly slouchy, but the neckline was incredibly high and the sleeves were enormously baggy.


    With a few easy steps, I took down the collar, added some lace embellishments, and took in the sleeves so it was perfectly fitted! 


    Click through for a simple step-by-step tutorial. 

  • Before 2 of 11

    Start with your sweatshirt. 

  • Cut Out the Collar 3 of 11

    First, cut out the collar ribbing. 

  • Resize 4 of 11

    If your sweatshirt is oversized, like mine, try it on and determine how much you want to take in on the arms. Then remove the sweatshirt, turn it inside out, and lay flat on the ground. Pin roughly where you want to sew, making sure you line up the armpit seams. 

  • Sew It Up 5 of 11

    Next, sew with a straight stitch from the wrist, up around the armpit, and then straight down, and subtly taper off of the side of the shirt, as seen in the photo. 


    Try your sweatshirt on to make sure it's fitted how you like, then cut off the extra fabric about 1/4" away from your seam. Cut notches in the armpit so you don't get bunching when you wear it. 

  • Add the Lace! 6 of 11

    I bought my lace at Jo-Ann's (you'll only need like 1/2 or 5/8 of a yard). Mine came with some bias tape along the edge. I left mine on, but once it was sewn on, it made the neckline a little bulky. So I'd recommend unpicking it and removing it.


    Pin the lace to right side of the sweatshirt... 

  • Fold It Over 7 of 11

    ...then fold it over the raw edge of the sweatshirt neckline and pin in place. 

  • On the Back 8 of 11

    When you reach the back, trim the lace down so that the two pieces only slightly overlap, and then finish pinning to the neckline. 

  • Done Pinning 9 of 11

    Here's what it should look like in the back. 

  • Sew It On 10 of 11

    With a straight stitch, sew around the very top of the neckline, attaching the lace to the sweatshirt. 


    Then sew around the very bottom of the lace, attaching it to the sweatshirt. Press flat. 

  • And Done! 11 of 11

    And you're done! A super easy way to embellish a sweatshirt!


    Watch for a few more simple embellished sweatshirt DIY's next week!

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