Easy Lace Pocket T-Shirt Refashion

One of my favorite things to do is refashion my clothing. I love making a simple piece stunning or an ill-fitting one perfectly tailored. There are some fixes that I do that take a lot of time, but a lot that are quick and easy. Today I want to share a quick and easy one with you — a way to take a simple T-shirt (mine’s a $7 one from Target) and make it something unique and fun by adding a lacy pocket!



  • T-shirt (mine is this one from Target)
  • matching fabric (I happened to have matching fabric on hand, but if you can’t find something that matches perfectly, just buy another tee and cut it up)
  • six inches of lace (I found mine in the trim section of Jo-Ann’s)
  • matching thread
  • pins

lace pocket tee

Step 1. Start with a plain shirt.

Step 2. Using matching fabric, cut out a pocket shape about 5 inches wide and 5 inches tall.

Step 3. Fold all the sides under, pinning in place, and then only sew along the top (we’ll sew the other sides in a minute).

Step 4. Once all the sides are pinned in place, pin the lace in place, matching the top of it with the top of the pocket.

Step 5. Carefully pin to the front of your t-shirt in your desired location and then sew around the sides and the bottom (about 1/8″ from the outer edge), securing the pocket and the lace into place.

And you’re done! An easy refashion to make a darling T-shirt for summer!

[Alternatively, if you don’t have matching fabric, use the closest you can find and then sew a second row of lace on the pocket, covering the entire pocket and making it a solid lace pocket!]





Article Posted 3 years Ago

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