5 Fall Trends You Already Have in Your Closet

fallfashion-copyThe last few weeks have been really busy. Between dropping kids off at preschool, trying to finish work assignments, church functions, and a perennially full inbox, I haven’t been able to catch up. With the holidays fast approaching (how is it November already?!), it’s only going to get worse. So let’s skip all the things you can go out and buy this season and instead focus on what you already have. Here are 5 fall trends that you already own and ways to wear them in a fresh, new way this fall.

1. Stripesstriped_shirt1

Striped shirts are one of my go-to options. They’re classic and simple, which makes it easy for them to pull double duty, dressed up or down. If you’ve been mixing your patterns the last few seasons, try it simplified this month. Pair it with jeans or a basic black pant — very Audrey Hepburn!

2. Blazerswork_blazer1

Work clothes get worn out pretty quickly when you’re working hard, but instead of donating your pieces that aren’t pristine enough for the office, mix them into your casual wardrobe. This blazer perfectly updates this casual look for fall.

3. Fancy SkirtsChristmas_Outfit1

Last year’s Christmas dress or a fancy skirt that you only wear to weddings might not be being used to its capacity. I love mixing fancy things with casual things to bring them into the everyday. Tie your chambray shirt over a silk dress or rock a vintage rocker tee with last years tulle skirt.

4. Skinny Jeansboots-624x8201

Your skinny jeans have been paired with sandals and ballet flats all spring and summer. If they’re not broken, there’s no need to fix ’em! Skinnies are still going strong. They’re a versatile part of your wardrobe, you can tuck them into your boots or wear them with socks and penny loafers. If you’re feeling especially ahead of the trends, try pairing a dress over them.

5. Chunky SweatersChunky_Sweater1

Every fall I look forward to throwing on a sweater, a pair of jeans, and sipping some hot chocolate! But that sweater doesn’t have to stop there. To freshen up this staple, pair it with a skirt. The chunkier the sweater, the more fitted of a skirt you should wear. Try a pencil skirt with your cable knit or if your skirt is fuller, pair it with a form fitted cashmere pullover.

Not everyone’s closets are the same, but the principles are. Next time you think it’s time for a shopping spree, maybe it’s just time to look at your closet differently. Look at what you haven’t worn in awhile and see if you can wear it in a new way. Seasons change, trends go in and out, but if you focus on classic style, you can look your best and spend your money on more important things like traveling or fancy restaurants, or let’s be honest, the latest toys for Christmas.

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