Fashion Trends: Love It or Leave It?

Keeping up with fashion trends can make your head spin. It seems like every week brings something new that has me shaking my head in confusion. (Why yes, I am a 90-year-old woman at heart.) But there are also lots of very wearable and flattering trends out there that are absolutely worth the space in your closet.

If you’re struggling to decide whether or not to adopt a trend, I’ve rounded up 6 of them and evaluated each on staying power, wearability, and versatility.


  • Love or Leave? 1 of 7
    Should You Love or Leave these fashion trends?

    Click through to see what I think about these 6 trends. Do you agree or disagree?

  • Mustaches 2 of 7
    Mustache Tee

    No one is more surprised than I am that this one is still going. It has definitely run its course, though, and it's time to LET. IT. GO.

    VERDICT: Leave It

    Find it on Forever 21 for $17.80

  • Camo 3 of 7
    Camo Pants

    I wore camo pants in junior high and, as a mom of boys, camo has a permanent place in our house. This is a trend I can totally get behind. Not sure about staying power however, so get as much wear as you can while it lasts!

    VERDICT: Love It

    Find these pants at Gap for $52.46

  • Wedge Sneaks 4 of 7
    Wedge Sneakers

    Oy. Wedge sneaks. They flatter very few people (if you're 6 feet tall with tiny legs then you have my permission to go for it). Not a trend with much staying power. Save your pennies!

    VERDICT: Leave It

    Find these sneakers at Zappos for $74.99

  • Patterned Denim 5 of 7
    Patterned Denim

    I adore patterned denim! The tonal print on this pair from Old Navy is perfect for the transition to fall and it's a lot more flattering to meatier legs than some of the lighter patterns. Also, a word to the wise—avoid python print jeans at all costs. Your legs will just look like giant snakes. This I tell you from experience.

    VERDICT: Love It

    Find these at Old Navy for $34.50

  • Chambray 6 of 7

    It took me by surprise the other day when a friend referred to chambray shirts as a "trend." This one has been hanging on for a while now! They're super versatile and widely flattering. This might be one trend that is dancing its way into "Classic" territory. You need one.

    VERDICT: Love It

    Find this one at Target for $22.99

  • Crop Tops 7 of 7
    Crop Tops

    Least mom-friendly trend ever.

    VERDICT: Leave It

    Find it at Charlotte Russe for $16.99

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