Forget the Rules: You Can Wear Any Color, No Matter Your Hair Color

If you’re a redhead, you’ve probably heard your whole life which colors look best on you and which colors you’re not allowed to wear. Same goes for blondes, brunettes, and everyone in between.

But the reality is: you can wear whatever color you want, no matter your hair color!

The key is choosing the right shade of each color that best compliments your features. To do this, first you need to determine your skin tone. This makes much more of a difference in which shades look best on you — even more than your hair color does.

If you look at the inside of your wrist and your veins look greenish, you have warm skin tones. If they’re blue, you have cool skin tones. If your skin tans easily, it’s warm. If you burn, it’s cool. If your skin is more yellow or peach, you have warm undertones. If it’s more pink or blue, you have cool skin tones. Hopefully you get the idea and can figure out which one you are.

And for hair, if it’s more ashy blond/brown or blue-ish black without any gold or bronze highlights, you have cool-toned hair. If it’s chestnut, golden blond, or any kind of red, you have warm-toned hair.

Now it’s time for choosing the best shade of colors. A good rule of thumb is this: if your coloring is warm, stick with colors that have warm undertones. If your coloring is cool, stick with colors that have cool undertones. These will compliment your skin the most.


Any Hair Color or Skin Tone | True Bold Red: A true bold red like this gorgeous Felicity and Coco pencil dress looks gorgeous with any color hair and skin color. And how can you not feel super sexy in a little red dress?

Cool Skin Tones | Burgundy and Cooler Reds: If you have fairer skin, go for darker hues like this burgundy blouse from ASOS or cooler reds like this Gap maxi dress. The dark contrasts the lightness of your skin and hair beautifully.

Warm Skin Tones | Orange-Red: If you have warmer skin tones, go for brighter, bolder hues like this orange-red tunic from ASOS. They’ll make you look even more tan!

Tip: If you have bright red or bright orange hair, stick with hues that are as different from the shade of your hair as possible (i.e. wear dark red if your hair is bright red).


Cool Skin Tones | Bold Tangerine and Darker Oranges: If you have fairer skin, bold tangerine looks great on you, like this dress from ASOS. Darker oranges also look great because they create such a stark contrast, like this blouse from Michael Kors. It’s also a great color for warming up your complexion.

Warm Skin Tones | Bold Tangerine, Coral-Orange, and Light Peach: If you have warm skin tones, bold tangerine can also look good on you, but a coral-orange looks best since it compliments your skin tone, like this tee from Old Navy! Coral also looks amazing on blondes. If you have dark skin, all hues look good on you, but the bolder and brighter, the better. A light peach, like this dress from ASOS, also creates a beautiful soft contrast against your dark skin and hair.

PicMonkey Collageyellowd

Warm Skin Tones | Warm Yellow with Orange Undertones: If you have warm tones, try wearing warm yellow with orange undertones, like this dress from ASOS.  Neon yellow also looks great against dark skin tones.

Cool Skin Tones | Chartreuse: If you have cool skin or hair tones, try more of a cool yellow like chartreuse. This dress from Old Navy is one of my favorites!

Tip: if you’re a blonde, don’t be afraid of yellow — figure out your skin and hair tones and choose accordingly. Yellow can look amazing on a blonde!

PicMonkey Collagegreend

You’ve probably all seen a redheaded actress wear an emerald green dress, right? Well that’s because it has warm undertones and compliments her warm hair tones perfectly.

Warm Skin Tones | Olive Green, Kelly Green, and Emerald: Some of my favorite looks are these emerald, olive green, and kelly green dresses from ASOS.

Cool Skin Tones | Teal, Mint Green, and Forest Green: Some of my favorite looks include this teal top from Nordstrom, this mint green tank from Old Navy, and this forest green dress from ASOS.

PicMonkey Collageblued

Blue is pretty universally flattering, but there’s still a little bit of a breakdown.

Any Hair Color or Skin Tone | Cobalt: Cobalt looks good on anyone, and we’ll leave it at that. I’m loving this rich cobalt blue blouse from Old Navy!

Cool Skin Tones | Light Blue, Medium Blue, and Bright Blue: If you have cool undertones, pretty much any blue will look good on you. Isn’t this light blue scalloped tee from ASOS divine?

Warm Skin Tones | Bluish Purple: If you have warm undertones, try bluish-purple, like this dress from ASOS.

PicMonkey Collagepinkd

Any Hair Color or Skin Tone | Pale Pink: Pale pink is a color that is universally flattering, so it’s free game for everyone!

Warm Skin Tones | Bold Fuchsia and Coral: If you have warm tones, try wearing bold fuchsia, like this vibrant blouse from ASOS or this pretty tank from Old Navy. Coral is also a great color for you, too!

Cool Skin Tones | Pale Pink and Bluish Purple: If you have cool skin tones, try cooler options like this pale pink sweater or this blueish purple cardigan, both from ASOS.

PicMonkey Collageneutralf

Any Hair Color or Skin Tone | Black and White: These colors look good on everyone. Period.

Warm Skin Tones | Warm Tans and Grays: For tan and gray, stick with warm tones, like this brown sweater from Target.

Cool Skin Tones | Cool Tans and Grays: Likewise, go with cool tones to match your own coloring, like this cool gray T-shirt dress from Old Navy.

And after all of this, if you’re still unsure what shade to go with, good old-fashioned trial and error will be your new best friend. If you try on a blouse and the color of it brightens your complexion, leaving your skin and hair glowing against the color, then it’s a go! If it makes you look dull and highlights your imperfections, skip it and try a different shade.

Now go forth and wear any color you want!

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