A Geometric Jeans DIY in 5 Easy Steps!

Geometric Jeans DIYEver had a pair of old jeans in the closet that you don’t wear much anymore, yet you can’t seem to let go of them either? I have a whole collection that fit into this category. Lately I have been trying to literally pair down my wardrobe only to the items that I truly love and wear regularly. However, I am struggling to do so.

So with the items that I don’t seem to want to give away or throw away, I have decided to give them a new life and challenge myself to buy less and use what I have. Repurposing your older clothes offers an opportunity to think creatively. Your DIYs can range from simple to more complex, but in the end it is always rewarding to see the outcome. I have had the idea to add a bit of a geometric triangle detail down the leg seams of some denim, so I did it and it was rather easy! There is no sewing required, just 5 steps and a bit of paint!

So are you ready to give your ol’ skinnies a little update? Here we go!

  • Gather Your Supplies 1 of 7
    What You Need

    Jeans I used this old pair of dark skinny jeggings, they worked perfectly. Technically, you could apply this detail to any pant. 

    Paint — You will want to use a fabric-friendly acrylic. I find Martha Stewart craft paints to be the most spectacular when it comes to colors and usability. You can find them at either Michaels or Joann's. You may pick whatever color you like. I opted for a light grey.

    Card Stock — You will need one sheet of card stock to create your triangle stencil.

    Sponge — This sponge is another Martha Stewart product that I love to use for stenciling. You may use a dense smaller sponge of any kind. 

    Pencil and Scissors — Used for tracing and cutting out the triangles on your stencil.

    *Also not pictured, some type for tape to hold your stencil in place while you're painting.


  • Step 1: Draw, cut, and trace triangle template 2 of 7
    Step 1: Draw, cut and trace triangle template

    First you will fold your card stock in half (short ways) and then starting at the top, draw your first triangle along the fold. You can create any size that you like. My triangle was roughly one inch in height. After drawing the first one, cut it out. Then continue to fold it over the fold and trace around it, leaving a bit of space in between each triangle. Continue this until you've just about reached the bottom of the paper.

  • Step 2: Cut out the triangles 3 of 7
    Step 2: Cut out Triangles

    Next you will cut out the remaining triangles that you traced, again leaving space between each one, this is important to keep the stencil from falling apart. Walah! You have a stencil! This will make the process quicker, cleaner, and easier!

  • Step 3: Iron the jeans and create a crease 4 of 7
    Step 3: Iron jeans and create a crease

    You need your jeans to be nice and flat to easily stencil on. Since you will be stenciling on the outside seam, use the iron to create a crease in the jean. 

  • Step 4: Line up stencil, tape in place, and sponge on paint 5 of 7
    Step 4: Line up stencil, tape in place, begin to stencil

    Now you are ready to begin your stenciling. Lay your jeans on a flat surface. Then line up the stencil up to the top of the waistband, you will want to tape it in place to keep it from moving too much while stenciling. Hold stencil in place, while adding paint with your sponge. Once you have carefully finished filling in each triangle, remove it, line it up, tape and continue down the pant leg seam till it is complete. 


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Always start with thin layers of paint when stenciling. If you use too much it gets goopy and begins to stray beneath the stencil! Take your time, pay attention to details for a successful DIY.

  • Step 5: Allow to dry then repeat steps on the other leg 6 of 7
    Step 5: Allow first leg to dry, then repeat steps on other leg

    Now that you have completed the first leg, allow it time to completely dry. Then repeat the steps on the other leg seam. Allow to dry, and you are ready to wear!

  • Get Geo-ing! 7 of 7
    Geometric Jeans DIY

    All that is left to do is wear them! 

Photos by Priscilla Chang

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