A Stylish Gift Guide For Men Under $100

My husband can be really hard to shop for at times. I know roughly what to get him but always end up spending more than I would like. This year, due to the insane amount of children on our shopping list, our own gifts are put on a budget as well. After all, the holidays are about spending time together and, in my opinion, great food. It is, however, nice at our age to feel like a child again when all the gifts under the tree are opened and there is one hiding in the back that is yours. Well, in our home it is always my husband’s, simply because I love the genuinely surprised look on his face every year for the past 10 years and my daughter likes to give her daddy presents. Here are a few options for dad this year or any man in your life.

  • Gift Guide For Men 1 of 9

    Not sure what to get the man in your life this holiday season? This simple guide can help with that. 

  • A Printed Scarf 2 of 9

    My husband had a grey wool coat that I absolutely love. He also has a blue winter scarf I got him last year, but a print is something he doesn't have and would step up the looks just a bit.

    Available at Banana Republic, $69.50

  • Twisted Cufflinks 3 of 9

    I love a man who wears french cuff shirts. To me there is nothing sexier, hence why I married one. He likes his cufflinks basic but with a twist. The irony of these twisted cuffs right? 

    Available at Banana Republic, $39

  • Leather Dopp Kit 4 of 9

    I have my own set of cases to hold my skin care and my everyday makeup, so it would be nice for my husband to have a place to store his shaving essentials and his hair products. Perfect for travel or simple drawer storage. 

    Available at Banana Republic, $69.50

  • Bold Shades 5 of 9

    My husband loves and looks amazing in aviators but I'm not looking forward to spending a ton on the designer shades he loves so much. These are still higher end and just as stunning as any other pair, if not moreso. 

    Available at Nordstrom, $98

  • Striped Sweater 6 of 9

    I know sweaters seem such a basic gift to give and quite typical, but a nice striped sweater and one that is a cashmere blend is simply foolproof. 

    Available at J.Crew Factory, $39.50

  • A Holiday Tie 7 of 9

    My guy wears a tie 5-6 days out of the week and I never thought holiday ties, a la TV-stereotyped used car salesman, would be a part of the rotation. Then I found this red plaid tie, very modern and very sleek, I look forward to his holiday tie wearing season. 

    Available at J.Crew Factory, $24.50

  • Masculine Umbrella 8 of 9

    I'm sure beautiful umbrellas are not just a woman thing. No man wants to get his newly tailored suit and just-buffed shoes soaked in a downpour, but they wouldn't want to carry your zebra print umbrella either. Be a doll and get him his own. 

    Available at J.Crew Factory, $34.50

  • Designer Cologne 9 of 9

    I'm not big on women's perfume, even though I have a few myself, so I always end up with a spritz of my man's cologne. While he has a high end designer collection from Creed to Tom Ford, I've always been a fan of John Varvatos and who wouldn't want a special platinum edition? 

    Available at Bloomingdale's, $82

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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