10 Perfect Gift Ideas for That Friend Who’s Always Cold

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We all know that certain someone who’s always cold, no matter the temperature. (Hey, maybe we even are that someone.) They swaddle themselves in blankets at work, have an endless amount of fuzzy socks in their sock drawer, and are the proud owners of at least one or more Snuggies. And yet, they’re still always shivering.

Well, folks — fear not. We’ve rounded up some of the warmest and coziest gift ideas out there for people who are always cold. (You can thank us later.)

A pair of hands are held out to show they are wearing two large mittens, shaped like pieces of toast with smiley faces on them
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1. Wireless hand warmers that let everyone in the office know you have zero circulation.

This brings whole new meaning to keeping warm and “toasty” while you work.

Available on Amazon, starting at $39

A pillow shaped like a piece of toast with a smiley face on it
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2. A heated pillow for snoozing in comfort.

I mean if you’ve got the hand warmers, you might as well get the matching pillow!

Available on Amazon, $39.95

Woman wears knitted nose warmer shaped like a dog's face.
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3. A knitted nose warmer, because OMG how adorable is it?!

Who knew these things even existed? For those of us who can’t step outside in the fall or winter without the tips of our noses feeling like they’ll freeze off, this hand-knit accessory is hilariously perfect.

Available on Amazon, $15.95

A woman's feet are resting inside a heated foot pad comfortably
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4. A heating pad that acts as a sleeping bag for your feet.

If you’re a person who’s prone to coldness, chances are your feet have turned ice cold and purpley more times than you’d care to admit. This soft plush heating pad is literally here to save the day.

Available on Amazon, $48.19

At left, a woman stands outside in snow in her heated jacket; at right, we see the jacket's thermal lining heating up for added warmth
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5. A heated jacket that keeps you warm and toasty in all climates.

Building a snowman with your kids suddenly doesn’t seem like such a drag, now does it? This little baby is wind-resistant and waterproof, and can be set to one of three heating levels depending on the temperature.

Available on Amazon, $121

Cable knit foot socks
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6. Cozy, winter-ready slippers for wearing around the house.

Oh come on — you can’t call yourself winter-ready unless you’ve got a new pair of ultra-cozy socks or slippers in the house, amiright? And yes, they might be slightly ridiculous-looking and over-the-top, but hey, that’s all part of the fun.

Available on Amazon, $10.99

At left, a woman smiles while wearing a scarf and mittens. At right, the scarf is shown lit up where it's heated inside.
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7. A heated scarf to keep your neck warm from the chilly air.

Um, did you even know these things existed? Because I sure didn’t! But boy, do they look kind of amazing. This rechargeable heated scarf can be turned on or off as needed, and even sports little pockets to keep your hands warm.

Available on Amazon, $69.95

Woman wears plaid onesie with a hood
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8. A cozy adult onesie for wearing at home, because why not?

Come on, why should the kids have all the fun? These cozy adult onesies are super warm and even a little festive.

Available on Amazon, $39.99

A woman wears a soft velous cardigan
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9. A comfy cardigan that doubles as a blanket.

Full disclosure: I have one of these bad boys and I cannot overstate its coziness enough. It’s like being wrapped in a soft velour blanket that you never really have to take off. (Like a Snuggie, but not?) Plus, it has POCKETS!

Available on Amazon, starting at $24.99

A blue blanket sits folded with USB cords at one end.
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10. A heated shawl that also works as a lap blanket.

This little heated wonder can be draped over your shoulders or set in your lap to warm you up. It’s USB-powered, so it can plug into any laptop, desktop, or PC.

Available on Amazon, $29.99

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