Granny Style: Fashion Inspired by Grandma’s House

Was your grandma’s house anything like my grandma’s house? Full of tschotskes, patterned wallpaper, doilies, and glassware lining the window sills? There’s a lot of nostalgia nestled inside dusty shag carpets and old tablecloths, and some of that nostalgia actually translates well to modern fashion! Check out these granny-inspired pieces that might fit in well with your wardrobe.

  • Floral Jacket 1 of 7
    granny fashion

    This floral jacket is just like the pattern on your grandma's sofa, only it would look way cooler with your favorite jeans!

    Available from Anthropologie for $148

  • Brocade Jeans 2 of 7
    granny style

    My grandma had blue brocade wallpaper in her hallways with family photos hung all in a row. These black jeans are just like granny's wallpaper, but look edgy with a pair of black booties this fall.

    Available from Nordstrom for $79.50

  • Shag Vest 3 of 7
    granny style

    Admittedly, I have a shag rug in my living room right now, but my grandma's rust colored shag carpeting actually went wall to wall! This shaggy vest will look a lot better than worn out rugs though, when paired with a nice pair of jeans or leggings and a long sleeved top.

    Available from Forever 21 for $14.99

  • Floral Sweater 4 of 7
    granny style

    I learned how to cross stitch one afternoon at my grandma's house, and I was only in the fifth grade! You don't have to be a granny at heart though, to rock this oversized floral sweater this fall.

    Available from ASOS for $150.20

  • Doily Yoke Top 5 of 7
    granny style

    Under vases as table centerpieces, on top of sofa arms, and underneath table lamps- doilies were everywhere in my grandma's house! But I like lacy bits best as details on pretty tops, like this one!

    Available from Urban Outfitters for $59

  • Cat Dress 6 of 7
    granny style

    Alright, admittedly my grandma wasn't a cat lady, but I can't think of old lady living rooms without thinking about cats, cats, cats! This dress is a perfect homage to your inner old cat lady.

    Available from ModCloth for $89.99

  • Embroidered Fringe Scarf 7 of 7
    granny style

    No, it's not the tablecloth ripped from your grandma's dining room table- it's a très chic scarf to fancify your fall wardrobe!

    Available from ASOS for $35.44

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