Grumpy Cat Fashion: 25 Grumpy Cat Inspired DIYs and Buys

In honor of Grumpy Cat’s big year so far (a movie deal and exclusive Gramppuccino coffee) here are 25 ways to rock your Grumpy Cat fashion with DIYs and things to buy. Start by painting a pair of Grumpy Cat shorts complete with claws and hands on the front. Your Star Wars friend might absolutely love a Grumpy Cat turned Darth Vader tee. Bring out the scissors, paint, and glue for some great projects you can customize to reflect Grumpy Cat’s true personality – grumpy and yet oh, so adorable. Not the DIY type? Click through to also see the greatest Grumpy Cat finds (they even have footie pajamas)!

Check out Grumpy Cat Fashion: 25 Grumpy Cat Inspired DIYs and Buys…

  • Grumpy Cat Fashion: 25 Grumpy Cat Inspired DIYs and Buys 1 of 26
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  • Grumpy Cat Jean Shorts 2 of 26

    Give your plain jean shorts a total makeover with Grumpy Cat.
    Find out more at i Love to Create.

  • Antique Necklace 3 of 26

    Now, doesn't she look pretty?
    Buy it for $9.60 at Efficats.

  • Grumpy Cat Onesie 4 of 26

    Even baby can prance around with Grumpy Cat.
    Buy it for $16 at Little Lee Studios.

  • Bow Tie 5 of 26

    A lovely gent can sport Grumpy Cat in a bow tie.
    Buy it for $13.99 at Unique Chic Bowtique.

  • Grumpy Cat Hat 6 of 26

    Keep warm on cooler evenings with a Grumpy Cat beanie.
    Buy it for $25 at Made by Marji.

  • DIY Grumpy Cat Tights 7 of 26

    Check out this tutorial for how to put cat faces onto tights, turn the smile upside down to make them Grumpy Cat tights.
    Find out more at Fashion My Legs.

  • Grumpy Cat Meets Vader 8 of 26

    This is a special kind of Grumpy Cat for the Star Wars fans.
    Buy it for $12.99 at Sweatshop Inc.

  • Grumpy Cat Meets Moon 9 of 26

    Who needs wolves howling when you can have Grumpy Cat peering at the moon?
    Buy it for $21.95 at T-Shirt Outlet.

  • DIY Grumpy Cat T-Shirt 10 of 26

    Follow the video tutorial to learn how to add Grumpy Cat to any shirt you have.
    Find out more atYouTube.

  • Grumpy Cat Converse 11 of 26

    Rock Grumpy Cat on your Converse this school year.
    Buy them for $85.71 at Wordans.

  • Stitching Your Grumpy Cat 12 of 26

    Stitch your own version of Grumpy Cat right onto a shirt or sweater.
    Find out more at Kittenhood.

  • Bad Kitty Gloves 13 of 26

    Learn how to knit a very grumpy cat.
    Find out more at Just Crafty Enough.

  • All About the Ears 14 of 26

    Make your own cat ears to turn yourself into Grumpy Cat.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Grumpy Cat Footie Pajamas 15 of 26

    Snuggle up in a pair of cozy Grumpy Cat footie pajamas.
    Buy them for $69.99 at Cafe Press.

  • Hello Grumpy 16 of 26

    That's one not so happy kitty.
    Buy it for $20 at Busted Tees.

  • Grumpy Cat Hair Clips 17 of 26

    Send the little ones off to school with this trendy accessory kids are sure to notice.
    Buy it for $2 at Peek a Bow Boutique.

  • Messenger Bag 18 of 26

    Pick out your favorite messenger bag color and customize it with Grumpy Cat.
    Buy it for $110 at Zazzle.

  • Grumpy Cat Clutch 19 of 26

    Sew a strap onto this DIY Grumpy Cat phone case to turn it into a clutch.
    Find out more at Properly Lovely.

  • Grumpy Cat Tote 20 of 26

    Head to the Farmer's Market with a new tote featuring Grumpy Cat.
    Buy it for $18 at Society 6.

  • The Grumpiest Hoodie 21 of 26

    Choose out of the assortment of colors with this awesomely Grumpy Cat face.
    Buy it for $29.87 at Amazon.

  • Grumpy Cat Earrings 22 of 26

    Add these new Grumpy Cat earrings to your jewelry collection.
    Buy them for $19.90 at The Deer and the Bird.

  • Grumpy Cat Kicks 23 of 26

    Use your artistic skills to paint Grumpy Cat on a blank pair of canvas shoes.
    Spotted at Cheez Burger.

  • Cat on a Flat 24 of 26

    Follow the tutorial to learn how to make these cat heels and draw the face as grumpy as you'd like.
    Find out more at Kitten Hood.

  • Grumpy Cat Brooch 25 of 26

    Make your own Grumpy Cat brooch so you can bring her everywhere.
    Find out more at Cut Out and Keep.

  • Grumpy Cat Meets Bowie 26 of 26

    This is one pretty amazing looking Grumpy Cat.
    Buy it for $22 at Society 6.

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