He Said, She Said: Date Night Outfit Showdown!

When I first started getting into style blogging a few years ago, I often asked my husband, Aaron, for his thoughts on my outfits. It quickly became apparent that he and I have very different opinions on women’s fashion. We’d end up playing a game of “He Said, She Said” with my clothes and shaking our heads at each other. He didn’t care for outfits I loved. He’d suggest things that made me raise an eyebrow. Our tastes rarely aligned.

Now, as a work-at-home mom, I wear a lot of sweatpants and French braids. Date night is often the one time during the week that I go all out, so I thought it would be interesting to pull out my favorite date night ensembles then let my husband raid my closet and put together outfits HE likes and compare our opinions.

Disclaimer: I PUSHED him for feedback and asked a lot of probing questions. He normally doesn’t say anything negative about my clothing and was really hesitant to give any kind of commentary. He usually just smiles and tells me I’m pretty and holds my hand. He’s a good one!


  • Him vs. Her 1 of 14
    He Said She Said

    Bring it on!

  • He Likes… Denim 2 of 14
    Tuck it in

    He said: I like the shirt a lot - a nice white shirt that's a little bit see-through. It looks good with those jeans and straight hair (my favorite).

    She said: I feel like a belt and tucked in shirt are totally classic BUT they also squeeze my middle. I feel like I can't eat (which is half the point of date night)! Also, I didn't realize this shirt was sheer. Oops.

  • She Likes… High Buns 3 of 14
    Vest and Heels

    He said: Not my favorite...I do like the vest though!

    She said: I know Aaron dislikes when I do my hair in a high bun, but I love it! It makes me feel tall and polished. And vests are practically my love language, so it's nice to know that he doesn't mind them.

  • He Likes… Maxi Dresses. 4 of 14
    Black and white dress

    He said: I love that dress on you! It's so flattering.

    She said: This one surprised me! I LOVE this dress (even with the super dated print). It fits me perfectly and I'm pleased to hear he likes it too. Something in my closet we agree on!

  • She Likes… Cobalt 5 of 14
    Black Dress

    He said: This dress feels a little Halloween-y to me but I like it. Especially with the blue shoes!

    She said: I'm glad he likes this one! It's new and I intend to get a lot of wear out of it this fall. Also, I'm pretty sure he only thinks it feels Halloween-y because the first time I wore it was with B&W striped witch tights and black mary janes because I was staffing a Halloween-themed table at a church function.

    eShakti dress, $69.95

  • He Likes… Pink (And More Maxi Dresses) 6 of 14
    Pink Dress

    He said: I like pink and I think this dress is really sexy. And I love that arrow necklace!

    She said: He likes my arrow necklace because he thinks it's suggestively pointing downward (yes, really). I don't dislike this dress, but I've had it for so long that I'm kind of over it. I was surprised to hear that he liked it as much as he does.

  • She Likes… Leggings and Leather 7 of 14

    He said: I really don't care for leggings. The jacket is nice though. Oh, and I see the arrow necklace!

    She said: I love this outfit! I love plaid with leather and the comfort that comes with a loose top and stretchy leggings.

  • He Likes… High Ponytails 8 of 14
    Vest and Henley

    He said: I love this shirt, but she usually wears it with sweats just around the house. I like it with this vest. And my favorite necklace, of course. And a ponytail!

    She said: Aaron LOVES ponytails. Not only that, but he's really specific about the ponytails he likes (hair brushed back. higher pony positioning) and I think that is one of my LEAST flattering hair styles. If I'm wearing a ponytail like this, then he knows I'm doing it for him. It doesn't happen often (sorry, honey). I didn't hate this outfit though! Well played, Aaron.

  • She Likes… Chambray 9 of 14
    Denim on Denim

    He said: I really dislike those jean material shirts. They look manly.

    She said: It's called chambray and it's awesome. Sorry, I will happily continue to wear mine. And this is MY preferred pony- low and with a part!

  • He Likes… Fitted Pieces and Straight Hair 10 of 14
    Ikat Skirt

    He said: Tight skirt, tight shirt, straight hair and my favorite jacket. This is perfect.

    She said: I look at this and want to curl my hair and add some lipcolor! It's fine but it's boring.

  • She Likes… High Waisted and Red Lips 11 of 14
    Leather and Ikat

    He said: I like the shoes and the necklace, but the skirt up to your boobs is kind of weird.

    She said: He's got a point. I keep trying high-waisted stuff but it rarely looks all that good on me.

  • He Likes… Leather Pants 12 of 14
    Leather Pants

    He said: I loved when you wore this on date night! This is so hot...what guy wouldn't want to see their wife in leather pants? I think you're missing a ponytail though...

    She said: This was a movie night ensemble (There was, indeed, a ponytail when I wore it the first time. See the original here). I'm glad he liked this one. Leather pants are fun!!

  • She Likes… Loose Tops 13 of 14
    Tribal Cardi and Red Lipstick

    He said: I don't like tribal print. And you know how I feel about red lipstick.

    She said: Another movie night outfit from a few weeks ago. I put it on knowing he would hate it. I think it's not real uncommon for men to dislike red lipstick (not kissable?) and he doesn't get my love of tribal print or looser tops. Oh well, I was comfortable!

  • We Still Like Each Other! 14 of 14

    This could have gone very wrong (he was super worried about hurting my feelings), but we've come out unscathed. Thanks for humoring me, Aaron!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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