He Says/She Says: 10 Fashion Styles Men Can’t Stand

It all started this summer, when more women were wearing high-waisted bikinis — which I happen to think are cute and retro and pin-up sexy.

Yet almost every guy I knew wasn’t a fan — and that same sentiment was echoed all over the Internet. Men weren’t shy about their dislike of the new swimsuit trend, and it honestly surprised me.

What other trends do women love and men hate?

Not that I’d ever suggest dressing for a guy — or even caring that much, to be honest — but it’s interesting to know. What do they really think about our latest trends? What are they too shy (or scared) to say to our faces?

So I asked a group of guys in their 20s and 30s to weigh in on some of the more hated-on styles for women. And let me tell you — they didn’t hold back.

Here’s what guys are really thinking about these fashion styles — and why you should pay them no attention:

  • Fashion Styles that Women Love and Men…Don’t 1 of 11

    Here's what men are really thinking...

  • Harem Pants 2 of 11

    I couldn't find a single guy who thinks harem pants are attractive. Anyone? Anyone?

    He Says: "no no no no no NO. I can't listen to a thing you're saying — not with 'Hammer Time' playing in my head on a continuous loop."

    She Says: "Girl, if you can find something that makes you feel comfortable and stylish? Rock it."

    Forever 21, $17.80

  • Wedge Shoes 3 of 11

    Wedge shoes are a widely hated shoe, apparently. Like — widely hatedWhat the what?

    He Says: "They're just not as flattering as regular heels."

    She Says: "And do you know what else they're not? They're not as uncomfortable as regular heels. Sometimes we want to get dolled up for a dressy occasion and not have to hobble home with foot cramps at the end of the night."

    Piperlime, $70

  • Clunky Shoes 4 of 11

    When showed a variety of shoe types, the clunkiest shoes were almost always the men's least favorite.

    He Says: "They're ugly. They make your feet look bulky and clunky, and it's not attractive. Sorry."

    She Says: "Not all women want to fit neatly in the 'dainty and sprite-like' category. Sometimes we want some edge and attitude. Sometimes we want some chunk. Now tell me about your Air Jordans again..."

    Steve Madden, $100

  • Sky-High Stilettos 5 of 11

    Newsflash: Men like stilettos. (shocking) They just want you to be able to walk in them without looking like a newborn giraffe. To which I say: point taken.

    He Says: "I don't have a lot of insecurities, but a woman towering over me with giant heels is a big turn off. I like to be taller."

    She Says: "Get over yourself."

    Piperlime, $40

  • High-Waisted Jeans 6 of 11

    They're the hot new style, and women are digging them — especially the retro-inspired pin-up look. But men...?

    He Says: "The pin-up look can be sexy, but it's almost always an unflattering look. Especially from behind."

    She Says: "You know what else is unflattering? Bending down with your butt-crack peeking out of some low-rise jeans. Thank goodness they've brought back a stylish high-waisted jean that isn't the typical 'mom jean'. I love them."

    ModCloth, $90


  • High-Waisted Bathing Suit 7 of 11

    Considering I have some post-baby stretch marks on my lower stomach, I've been super excited about this retro bathing suit look — as are most women. But the backlash from men is very common.

    He says: "MAKE IT STOP. Don't take away the bikini!"

    She says: "Since when is a belly button such a big deal? Aren't I showing enough skin?"

    ModCloth, $90

  • Overalls 8 of 11

    While rompers are a similar style that men dislike, it was really the overalls that ignited the strong opinions.

    He Says: "Questions to ask yourself: Is this 1992? Are you a toddler? Do you spend your days tending to the fields? If you answered no to any of these questions, kindly step away from the overalls."

    She Says: "Sometimes they can look really cute — especially the most modern cuts, which aren't as baggy and frumpy."

    Forever21, $30

  • Menswear-Inspired Clothes 9 of 11

    Apparently not all men want you to shop in their closets. That goes for boyfriend blazers, big unisex watches, menswear-inspired loafers, and other masculine clothes for women. 

    He Says: "I want my girlfriend to look like a girl — is that a crime?"

    She Says: "It's not about dressing in head-to-toe menswear. It's about mixing the structured menswear with more traditionally feminine pieces. It's about the balance."

    J.Crew, $198

  • Big Oversized Glasses 10 of 11

    He Says: "You look like a bug."

    She Says: "I look like Audrey Hepburn." 

    Nordstrom, $365

  • UGGs 11 of 11

    Men don't like 'em. Never have, probably never will.

    He Says: "Their name is short for 'ugly' — need I say more?"

    She Says: "Unless you're wearing them for comfort or functionality, the men have a point here. They're pretty ugly."

Question: Which MEN styles do you hate, ladies?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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