Hey, Mr. Fancy Pants! 18 Printed Trousers For Your Super Stylish Man

While plaid and camo pants seem to be the only acceptable prints most men will wear, I happen to think we’ll be seeing more fancy prints and patterned fabrics on those masculine legs quite soon.

A cross between retro 1960s mens fashion, Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl and golfers everywhere, fancy pants for men are becoming mainstream fashion again. And while I’m not sure my husband, brother, or step-dad would wear them now, if these fancy prints stick around and gain a little more acceptance, I think most men will don them eventually. They’re all wearing skinny jeans now aren’t they?!

Here are 18 pairs of fabulously fashionable fancy pants for the most stylish guy on the block.

  • Hey, Mr. Fancy Pants! 1 of 20

    Flip through and see this kaleidoscope of prints!

  • Floral Print – Alternating Front & Back 2 of 20

    I happen to love these floral striped pants with alternating contrast colors from font to back. I think they'd be cute for the holidays especially, but printed AND cropped?! But my husband would never wear them!


    Bite by Dent De Man Floral Print Pants $117.97 at Asos

  • Holiday Special! 3 of 20

    These deep forest green floral corduroy trousers are another perfect-for-the-holidays-pants! Because of their deep, rich hue, they may be among the first to be accepted by the anti-fancy pants men.


    Scotch & Soda Slim Fit Corduroy Pants at $119 Nordstrom

  • Atari Prep! 4 of 20

    These Atari symbol embroidered pants are adorable and any nerd would happily pair a matching T and sneakers with them, even though they look a little preppy here.


    BAND OF OUTSIDERS Atariâ„¢ Icons Chino $350 at Barneys NY

  • Combo Print 5 of 20

    Take a walk on the wild side... that's what pops into my mind when I see this bold print. Or maybe bacon. Or combs cluttered with red hairs. They're not my favorite pair, but the cut is cute!


    Bite by Dent De Man Combs Print Pants $99.82 NOW $74.41 at Asos

  • Ikat Herringbone 6 of 20

    The surfer/skater feel of this ikat Herringbone print may be a bit more "manly" than a cropped pair of silk trousers. These styles may be the best bet for a trial run. If I bought these in a deeper shade, like black and gray, I think my husband would actually wear these.


    Altamont Chinos Straight Fit All Over Printed Herringbone $127.04 NOW $95.28 at Asos

  • Stone Age Print 7 of 20

    All I see are dinosaur eggs when I look at this print, though I do kind of like them, it would certainly take a strong man to pull these off. Do you think yours is up for the challenge?!


    Bite by Dent De Man Stones Print Pants $99.82 at Asos

  • Pseudo Camo 8 of 20

    These light green and brown floral print pants have a bit of a camo feel to them, making them acceptable for all the "manly men" out there, don't you think?


    Levi's® 'Better' Slim Straight Leg Chinos $68 at Nordstrom

  • A Little Bamboo 9 of 20

     I love the geo-bamboo print of these slim fitting trousers, but maybe they're best worn without the socks. Maybe while you're traveling Europe during the summer?


    Bite by Dent De Man Bamboo Print Pants $99.82 NOW $74.41 at Asos

  • Muted Zebra 10 of 20

    Even though these are zebra striped, the deep colors and the camo-like feel makes this an easy print for any man to wear.


    Hurley 'Corman 2.0' Chinos $59.50 at Nordstrom

  • A Little Aztec 11 of 20

    I like the color combo and print of these pants, which have a sort of urban, preppy vibe depending on what you pair with the look.


    Scotch & Soda Slim Fit Print Chinos $129.00 at Nordstrom

  • Abstract Floral Paisley 12 of 20

    I think these abstract floral paisley pants are quite pretty actually... maybe too pretty for men, because I want them for my own!


    GANT RUGGER Paisley Trousers $195 at Barneys NY

  • Geo-Friendly 13 of 20

    This dark aztec geo print are actually quite versatile. I might get my husband in these, pronto!


    Scotch & Soda Slim Fit Chinos $119 at Nordstrom

  • Fancy Camos 14 of 20

    Best to ease into fancy pants with a dapper pair of camos! Before you know it, they'll be asking for more interesting prints!


    Volcom 'Faceted' Tapered Chinos $45.00 at Nordstrom

  • Garden Party 15 of 20

    Another pair that may be too pretty for boys, these Marc Jacobs garden party pants are so fantastic that I want a pair for myself!


    MARC BY MARC JACOBS Floral Corduroy Trouser $169 at Barneys NY

  • Rawr! 16 of 20

    I'm not really entirely sure about the tiger print here, though I imagine men who are still into Ed Hardy would probably wear these in a second!


    KENZO Tiger Print $189 at Barneys NY

  • Cross Fit 17 of 20

    This cross print kind of looks like a computer or video game pant so me, which means again, nerd heaven!


    Bite by Dent De Man Crosses Print Pants $99.82 NOW $74.41 at Asos

  • Embroidered 18 of 20

    A preppy embroidered print with an '80s feel, proper enough for the holidays, but still super cute with Vans and a hoodie for a more casual look.


    Altru 'Pipes' Embroidered Straight Leg Chinos $108 at Nordstrom

  • Avant Garde 19 of 20

    These avant garde Givenchy floral pants with matching Birks probably cross the line, even for me. Though I definitely see Bryan Boy wearing a pair.


    GIVENCHY Appliqué Floral Drop-Rise Pants $1275 at Barneys

  • A Full-On Skirt 20 of 20

    This skirt costs $900. I'm pretty sure it exists just to really convince men that fancy pants aren't that bad... and things could definitely be worse.


    GIVENCHY Flame-Print Pleated Skirt $895 at Barneys NY

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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