Hot Trends in Tights & Hosiery Fall 2013 Guide

Tights for fall? Groundbreaking, I know, but they’re kind of a staple, right? What to do when you want to wear a skirt but it’s chilly outside? Tights. Want to transition your summer dresses into fall to get a bit more wear out of them? Tights. Still not ready to give up on your summer shorts just yet? Tights. Want to make a bold statement with relatively little effort? Tights.

Tights are to fall as sunglasses are to summer, and there are so many cute styles, you can wear a pair every day until winter if you like. And while Wolford is the brand to lust over and splurge on, my favorite alternative is American Apparel. They have just about every color and style under the sun, they’re comfortable, long and never droop, are relatively affordable… and they last forever! But there are plenty of other options as well and I’ve rounded up the Best Tights for Fall 2013 right here.

  • Hot Tights & Hosiery for Fall 2013 1 of 27

    From classic black to bold colors, dotted and geographic prints, here are the hot trends in tights and hosiery for Fall 2013.

  • The Classic Opaque Black Tights 2 of 27

    Classic black opaque tights are a must-have in any wardrobe. They go with everything, they keep you warm, they're slimming, and they can make an ordinary outfit look chic.


    My faves seen here are Opaque Pantyhose black by American Apparel for $16  

    See more outfit details at Black Tights, Light Dress


    Tip: if you don't want your skirt clinging to your tights and legs when you walk, stay away from 100% cotton hose and opt for a pair with some "sheen" to them.


  • Classic Black Tights 3 of 27

    For a while only opaque tights seemed fresh while more sheer versions felt outdated, but this fall has welcomed sheer black hose back onto legs.


    Worth Noting: Denier is the measure of density for tights and stockings. The higher the denier count, the more opaque they are. If you're looking for a very dark opaque look, search for a denier count of 80. The most sheer denier count is 5.



    1. Leg Avenue Pantyhose With Cotton Gusset Asos $20.25

    2. Spanx Tight End Tights Shopbop $28

  • Opaque vs Sheer Classic Black 4 of 27

    A bit more of a contrast in comparison here, you can see the sheer, low denier vs the opaque, high denier of these black tights and hose.


    1. Opaque Pantyhose black, American Apparel $16
    2. Sheer Black Pantyhose Asos $10.13

  • Rarr… Animal Prints 5 of 27

    Animal prints have been going strong for years now and have even become a new neutral. Tights fall more under the trend category but they're fun way to add a little print to any outfit.


    See more outfit details Leopard Print Tights


    Shop... Leg Ave Paper Print Leopard Tights Asos $13.50

  • New Animal Prints 6 of 27

    I love this abstract black and white pair of animal print tights, which at first glance may look like dotted confetti. They're fun and bold while these darker, giraffe print tights are a little more on the quite side of the animal kingdom.



    1. Monki Bibi Leopard Print Tights Asos $16.88

    2. Commando Serengeti Tights Shopbop $34

  • Sizzling Animal Print 7 of 27

    These snake print tights are sizzling! Not that they wouldn't be chic with the right outfit, but they've got Halloween written all over them.  I love Kate Spade's take on the animal print in on solid color.



    1.Rattle Tights Wolford $65

    2. Animal Tights Kate Spade $25 {also avail in bright pink}

  • Cat Knees 8 of 27

    These are such a fun option for the animal print category I just couldn't resist including them!


    Shop... Cat Knit Tights Asos $13.50

  • Bold Hued 9 of 27

    Bright and bold tights have been hot for a few years now, and they're such a fun way to make an otherwise plain outfit POP! My faves for fall are Burgundy as seen in this outfit Burgundy Tights, Burberry Trench and deep greens and blues as well.


    Shop... Opaque Pantyhose bordeaux, American Apparel $16

  • Deep Blue 10 of 27

    I love the look of these deep blue opaque tights with these fun gold-capped heels. Such a statement! Bold tights call for quiet outfits, or simple but loud prints like Merrick's fall look with fuchsia tights & a black and white chevron print dress.  Pair them with neutral solids or prints so you don't have too many focal points.


    Shop... Wolford Velvet De Luxe 66 Tights blue, Asos $37.13

  • Every Color of the Rainbow 11 of 27

    American Apparel has every color under the sun from bold to bright, soft pastels to deep woodsy fall hues. They're my favorite for so many reasons, but mostly they fit well and they last long.



    1. Opaque Pantyhose Sangria, American Apparel $16

    2. Opaque Pantyhose Royal Blue, American Apparel $16

    3. Opaque Pantyhose Dark Teal, American Apparel $16

  • Stirrups 12 of 27

    Another fun option is stirrup tights. When fall is crisp enough for a coat but not chilly enough that your toes will freeze, stirrup tights open up new doors for wearing your summer shoes into fall.


    See more outfit details at Stirrup Tights Open Toes


    Shop... Shiny Stirrup Pantyhose American Apparel $4

  • Dotted Prints! 13 of 27

    Dots are huge for fall, and not just in spherical form. These bows and squares in dotted patterns are cute and sexy, with a big helping of 80's nostalgia.



    1. American Apparel Sheer Luxe Bows Tights $37.13

    2. Wolford Carre Square Dot Tights Asos $52.32

  • Bold Dots 14 of 27

    In light ballerina pink or black on sheer black, these bold dots go where no dots have gone before.



    1. Polka Dot Tights Urban Outfitters $14

    2. Sheer Luxe Polka Dots ballet pink, American Apparel $25 {also avail in black}

  • Dotted Hearts 15 of 27

    Dotted hearts go from sexy black on sheer to cute burgundy on gray in a heartbeat.



    1. Gipsy Sheer Hearts Tights Asos $11.81

    2. Heart It Opaque Tights Urban Outfitters, $14

  • Colorful Dots! 16 of 27

    So playful and fun with colors oozing of the 90's, wear these dotted tights with all the matching colors for an eclectic look.


    Shop... Gipsy Multi Color Spot Tights Asos $21.94 and in Plum Dots

  • Lace and Mesh 17 of 27

    Lace and mesh tights have come a long way... I like to pair them with easy neutrals, just like I do with all bold tights, but really, there are plenty of ways to wear them.


    Fun Option:  wear a pair of your ripped up boyfriend jeans over them so the lace peeks out here and there. A fun added detail and a little extra warmth.


    See outfit details at Lace Tights

  • Lace and Mesh Combined 18 of 27

    These lace and mesh tights create a fun striped pattern and distract the eye.


    Shop... Paisley Floral Openwork Tights Urban Outfitters $14 {also avail in burgundy}

  • Floral vs Fence 19 of 27

    Both with a take on the classic fishnet stocking, one with a floral mix and the other resembling a chain link fence, and equally as provocative.



    1. Emilio Cavallini Graphic Lace Tights Asos $28.69

    2. Wolford Amelia Fishnet Tights Asos $52.32

  • Geographic Netting 20 of 27

    With a geographical take on the classic netting, I love these stockings by Kate Spade.


    Shop... Geo Tights Kate Spade $30

  • Geo Grid 21 of 27

    These geo grid printed tights in white and black are a fun optical illusion on your legs.  With an 80's feel, they also read a bit like tall buildings.


    Shop... Sheer Luxe Grid Pantyhose pearl/black, American Apparel $25 {available in 3 colors}

  • 60’s Geo 22 of 27

    I LOVE these graphic black and white tights with a big nod to the 60's. They're just so fun. Wear them with a bright colored shift dress for the perfect 60's look.


    Shop... Emilio Cavallini 60's Print Tights $23.63

  • Major Shapes 23 of 27

    These bold angle printed sheer hose remind me of the 80's and power suits and I just love them.


    Shop... Graphorama Tights Wolford $62

  • Plaid 24 of 27

    Of all the looks and trends for fall, seeing plaid again is so refreshing and these tights are no exception. I want them in every variety and color scheme, though unfortunately, they're only available in one.


    Shop... Gipsy Tartan Tights Asos $15.19

  • Two Toned 25 of 27

    Chanel showed these two-toned black and white tights on the runway a few years ago, but they're still a fun option. They sort of fall under the bold colors and geo prints.


    Shop... American Apparel Two Tone Tights Asos $23.63

  • Punctuate! 26 of 27

    Another almost geo print, make a bold statement with these black and white punctuation pantyhose.


    Shop... Sheer Luxe Punctuation Pantyhose American Apparel $25

  • The Ultimate Black Classic 27 of 27

    The ultimate luxury on your legs, with the superlative elegance of the finest cashmere and silk. A unique feeling on your skin, providing the ultimate in comfort, these stockings must feel like heaven on.


    Shop... Cashmere/Silk Tights Wolford $255

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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