A to Z Guide to Summer Fashion Trends

While the standard tanks, sandals, and cut-off shorts are still summertime essentials, we’re seeing some unique summer fashion trends for 2013.

And unlike last year — which was all about the ’80s revival — 2013 is somewhat of a mash-up between pin-up girls of the ’50s and the nostalgic charm of the ’90s. All with a modern twist, of course.

Check out our guide to summer fashion, from A to Z:

  • The Trendiest Looks for Summer 2013 1 of 27

    All of the biggest fashion trends of the season, from A to Z...

  • A is for Ankle-Strap Sandals 2 of 27

    This is the shoe shape of the season, for sure. And it's not just limited to flats — the ankle-strap shoe is big in heels and wedges, as well.

    Buy these ankle-strap shoes from: 1. J.Crew ($110), 2. Old Navy ($25), 3. Madewell ($88), and 4. Piperlime ($95)

  • B is for Belly Shirts 3 of 27

    Love it or loathe it, the 90s-style belly shirt is everywhere right now — especially in the hipster-targeted stores like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. They range from subtle cropped top to daring bustiers, and are often paired with high-waisted shorts or flowy maxi skirts (very Carrie Bradshaw). 

    Buy these cropped tops from 1. Urban Outfitters ($16) and 2. ModCloth ($17)

  • C is for Cute Tie-Front Tops 4 of 27

    This trend combines the 90s cropped top with a retro 50s vibe — and it looks especially cute with high-waisted bottoms or full A-line skirts.

    Buy these tie-front tops from 1. Urban Outfitters ($39) and 2. ModCloth ($45)

  • D is for Denim Vests 5 of 27

    The denim vest is this summer's hot goes-with-everything essential — whether it's a button-down vest or a sleeveless chambray shirt.

    Buy these denim vests from: 1. Forever 21 ($17), 2. H&M ($30), and 3. Madewell ($60)

  • E is for Every-day Maxis 6 of 27

    A classic summer staple, regardless of the year.

    Buy from Old Navy, $27


  • F is for Full Skirts 7 of 27

    In the same vein as the retro pin-up girl look, full A-line skirts are super trendy this year — especially as a fun party look.

    Buy from ModCloth, $55


  • G is for Gingham 8 of 27

    The gingham trend is carrying over from spring to summer as one of the "it" prints of 2013.

    Buy from ModCloth, $90


  • H is for Holographic Clothes 9 of 27

    The summer is all about shiny, mirrored clothes and accessories.

    Buy these holograph items from: 1. Forever 21 ($17), 2. Melie Blanco ($64), 3. ModCloth ($35), and 4. Urban Outfitters ($145)

  • I is for Itty Bitty Shorts 10 of 27

    Itty bitty high-rise shorts are especially "in" — ranging from just a higher waist to a more retro-style (and seriously leggy) pin-up shorts. And printed shorts (like polka dots!) are everywhere this season.

    Buy from 1. Forever 21 ($20), and 2. Urban Outfitters ($39)

  • J is for Jeweled Belts 11 of 27

    Summer 2013 is all about wearing the bling around your waist. Trade in your brown and black leather for some jewels and rhinestones.

    Buy this belt from Anthropologie ($48)

  • K is for Kitten Heel 12 of 27

    Sky-high stillettos might be timelessly sexy, but this season is all about the kitten heel. (And my feet are happy about that.)

    Buy from J.Crew, $188


  • L is for Lucite Heels 13 of 27

    If you can see through the heel, then you're doing the trend right. Expect this trend to stick around, because it's getting bigger.

    Buy from ModCloth, $50


  • M is for Midi Skirts 14 of 27

    Once considered to be unflattering and matronly, the midi skirt is back in a big way. With modern styling, the midi skirt easily transitions into "wardrobe basic" status.

    Buy from, $40


  • N is for Neutral Nude Sandals 15 of 27

    By now we all now that nude shoes (in various shades of tan and brown, depending on your skin color) are extremely flattering — lengthening your leg and going with pretty much any outfit. So for summer we have the neutral nude sandal. An essential. 

    Shop Piperlime shoes.


  • O is for Overalls 16 of 27

    Once considered strictly for toddlers, the overall is BACK y'all. Except now they're more stylish than ever — with slimmer cuts and lighter-weight denim. If you've been secretly wishing to bring back the overall, now is your time. Now!

    Buy these overalls from 1. ASOS ($76) and 2. Free People ($118)

    See more about the overall trend.


  • P is for Panama Hat 17 of 27

     Move over, fedoras. The Panama Hat — channeling an early 19th-century vibe — is "in" once again. So much that it's the IT sun hat of summer 2013.

    See more about this summer fashion trend.


  • Q is for Questionable Culottes 18 of 27

    For those not down with the itty-bitty shorts trend, you'll be happy to know that draped trouser shorts are popping up on the racks. Although they are kind of channeling that 90s culotte/skorts look. Are you digging it this time around?

    Buy these culottes from 1. LOFT ($45), and 2. Zara ($40)

  • R is for Retro-Style Swimsuits 19 of 27

    The retro pin-up girl look is especially hot in swimwear (which is super flattering on us women who've housed a child or four in our stomachs).

    And this ModCloth retro-style suit ($90) is available in sizes 4 26! Yay!

    Check out 10 ways to dress like a retro pin-up girl.


  • S is for Statement Stripes 20 of 27

    Stripes have been in for, like, ever — and I swear it extends beyond the blogging world. But right now the classic thin-striped pattern is being replaced with THICK statement stripes. 

    Buy these striped clothes from: 1. J.Crew ($128), 2. Zara ($30), 3. TopShop ($12), and 4. Old Navy ($20)

  • T is for Tropical Prints 21 of 27

    Hawaiian prints add a fun, playful look to your summer wardrobe. According to Yahoo! Shine Fashion and Beauty Editor Joanna Douglas, this is one of the hottest trends for summer.

    Buy these tropical-looking clothes from 1. H&M ($24.95), 2. Old Navy ($25), and 3. Madewell ($280).

  • U is for Unseasonal Summer Knits 22 of 27

    Breezy summer knits are a must-have for chilly nights — and they don't look like they've been plucked from your winter wardrobe.

    Buy this summer knit sweater from Zara, $30.

  • V is for Vertical Striped Pants 23 of 27

    Hand-in-hand with the statement stripes, you'll find a lot of vertical-striped pants this season...channeling Beetlejuice? Which, I don't know; I think they're pretty rad.

    Buy these striped pants from: 1. J.Crew ($118), 2. H&M ($24.95). and 3. Forever 21 ($20).

  • W is for Whites 24 of 27

    It's all about the white, white, white this summer — from the LWD (little white dress) to the white sandals. But it's especially trendy with chic white pants. 

    Buy these summer whites from: 1. J.Crew ($125), 2. GAP ($60), and 3. Old Navy ($32)

  • X is for X-centric Sunglasses 25 of 27

    This summer is all about the bold sunglasses — bright colors, mirrored lenses, and eccentric shapes.

    Buy these glasses from Nordstrom, $99

    See the 4 biggest sunglass trends for summer.


  • Y is for Youthful Sun Dresses 26 of 27

    The classic strappy sun dress will never go out of style.

    Buy from, $53


  • Z is for Zany Trousers 27 of 27

    Dramatic pants have carried through Fall, Winter, Spring, and now Summer.

    Buy from Zara, $40



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